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90 T10 Zootopia (2016) - Mar 07, 2017
"Important, fun, and astonishingly well-told. The plot is Standard Disney Structure, but on story, character, and humor levels, the beats are hit rapidly, efficiently, effectively. Visually, there's a well-used sense of scale, lots of vertical motion, and lush and detailed animation that brings atmosphere to every scene. Plus, it really nails the point about police profiling and racism, in a way that gets across to kids without watering down the pain and anger. Recommended."
69 T5 Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Mar 07, 2017
"A dish that mixes together good elements and overcooks them, giving you what the flavors are supposed to be without letting you sink your teeth in. It's very conscious of its cool, stepping back from human emotion to let the spectacle shine, but making it hard to invest in the characters, the danger, or the thrills. (And it's so damn *straight*.) The few moments where the plot gives you a moment to feel what's going on, it really works. But for the most part, you're just along for the ride."
61 T4 Next (2007) - Mar 07, 2017
"This is, in a sense, the platonic Fun Bad Nic Cage Movie. It's got a plot that only exists to string cool moments together, lots of reasons to overact, stage magic, ridiculous lines delivered sincerely, and a light sprinkling of terrible CGI. It hangs together surprisingly well despite the story making next to no sense, and has enough intentional humor to grease the wheels. Definitely recommended for Bad Movie Night."
73 T6 Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie (1993) - Feb 23, 2017
"Imperfect but fascinating. Kind of repetitive, kind of simplistic, but uses its simple setup for some amazing spectacle. Damn good animation - you can really feel the scope of the battles. Ikuhara's predilection for queer narratives and complicated, destructive, redemptive relationships really begins to show itself here. It even manages to complicate the Miracle Romance a bit. Fun times. (The Viz dub has some really excellent performances; sadly, the voice direction isn't as good.)"
73 T6 Commando (1985) - Feb 19, 2017
"Nothing less than a perfect wheel of the finest cheese. This is what every self-consciously over-the-top lone-hero action movie is trying to be. Why does this one succeed where far too many fail? It's willing to go all the way, be melodramatic, excessive, overblown - to not worry about being too ridiculous. Plus, both Rae Dawn Chong and Alyssa Milano get badass moments, which, while minimal, are better than at least 90% of action films of the decade. Very much a Fun Movie."
16 T1 Bee Movie (2007) - Feb 15, 2017
"Terrible, in a fascinating, educational way. It's half Jerry Seinfeld ego vehicle, of course, but the other half is a slapped-together mash of things that worked in other kids' movies, taken out of context and used without regard for theme, coherence, or sense. Often, this mashup puts across fairly disturbing morals, that I'm sure no one who worked on this movie intended or even considered. The epitome of "movie as money-printing device, without care for audience, purpose, or meaning"."
84 T9 Deadpool (2016) - Feb 12, 2017
"Surprising! This movie has as much murder and dark humor as I expected, but the best and most unexpected parts are the most positive. And as someone who's been a fan of Deadpool for a long time, the movie not only felt like it was picking out the best bits to synthesize together, but often, doing them better than the comics had. The fourth-wall-breaking black comedy action movie I expected, with the honest emotion I didn't."
77 T8 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Feb 06, 2017
"Solid. Fits snugly in the backstory of the original movie; unlike many prequels, it gives the original more life, more energy, in its context. The new characters work well, even if they don't feel super fleshed out. (Others seem to see more depth - maybe I'm just not looking from the right perspective?) In particular, Alan Tudyk's K2-SO is a delight, taking the appeal of C3P0 and fusing it with uninhibited snark. A few moments feel strained, but overall, it comes together in a neat, fun way."
54 T4 Paprika (2006) - Feb 04, 2017
"Deeply frustrating. It wants to be a complex, thoughtful work about dreams, reality, fiction, and what's really driving us. But it doesn't have the understanding that it pretends to; not on dreams and reality, not on genius and science, not on maturity and immaturity, and definitely not on men and women. The characters are flat stereotypes, bringing no new understanding of how people work to the table. Excellent animation, excellent soundtrack, lovely imagery, but none of it *means* anything."
22 T1 Mighty Jack (1968) - Oct 23, 2016
"I'm not sure how many of the problems of this movie are in the bad, careless dubbing and editing - apparently, this is made from the very first and very last episodes of this series - and how many are due to the problems of the original show. Either way, it's confusing, sloppy, and difficult to follow, with some really messed-up plot points about race and Hard Men. Not *terrible*, but pretty bad."