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53 13% Mommy Mommy (2014) - Rated 14 May 2015
70 63% A Most Violent Year A Most Violent Year (2014) - Rated 21 May 2015
"It's a better "American Hustle". A film about the illusions of the American Dream & Values, but this is not the best part. It's incredibly tense from start to finish, Morales always carry a burden, litterally: a bag of money, a contract, a baseball's mace, a gun. Well, not always, often, but i think it's a part of the costruction of suspense. Stylish directing, with a gorgeous images composition, some good ideas in the few action scenes, and a love for the '70s classics in the heart."
90 98% Seven Samurai Seven Samurai (1954) - Rated 21 Dec 2014
"The point where should start every director that wants to make an action/war/epic movie. A cornerstone in film history. It's all brilliant, but i think that the best thing is the perfect pacing: we have time to know people introduced to ourself, care about them, and then feeling sadness or happiness for them in the end. K. is like a farmer that let grow epicness before harvesting."
97 99% Barry Lyndon Barry Lyndon (1975) - Rated 21 Dec 2014
"This film can be analyzed on 3 layers: 1°, the historic reconstruction; 2°, the society of the XVIII century, that hide envy, greed, classism, under bonton and powder; the 3°, the deeper, is the one more related with the Kubrick view on life and mankind: Redmond, after all his journey, return exactly in the condition where he started, but having lost all his moral qualities trying the social climbing. We are never really in control of our life, and history watch our weary with delighted eyes."
85 94% Bicycle Thieves Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Rated 21 Dec 2014
"Remember: this film, and neo-realism, start from a marxist point-of-view, opposed to the unrealistic fascist propaganda-movie where Italy laid for 20 years. Antonio is a proletarian, with even a sympathy for communism. So, all that journey throughout Rome is not useless, is a "society picture" of a post-war Italy. The end, is the cry of pain of the people. The guilty is the social injustice. I think that in the mind of De Sica, all this came first, above the eternal story of a father and a son."
90 98% There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood (2007) - Rated 21 Dec 2014
"Set in the early '900, a powerful metaphore of the fight between the old America - that has faith in religion - and the new America - that has faith in money. But both were born from blood. A rivarly between two men that is a mirror of bigger historical changes."
80 89% eXistenZ eXistenZ (1999) - Rated 06 May 2016
"What many people don't understand it's that the cheesy lines, the unlikely situations, it's because your are watching a twisted and self-ironic RPG game. It's Cronemberg, so it's not simply a film that play on virtual reality plot-twists, but on what define life, what makes us enjoy disconnect from reality and why we feel it like a taboo (see the asshole - bioport ref.), why we can't really disconnect from our eXistenZ even if we call it transCendenZ. The impotence of humans and cinema."
90 98% Ai no mukidashi Ai no mukidashi (2008) - Rated 29 Aug 2015
"This film has everything: kung-fu, revenge, comedy of error, romantic drama, religious satire, Japan culture satire. But in the center of all of that, there is one big statement: love is an erection, and it's not a perversion."
88 96% Once Upon a Time in America Once Upon a Time in America (1984) - Rated 21 Dec 2014
"When i think about epic story-telling, i think to Once Upon a Time in America together with very few other films. We feel nostalgy and melancholia because we can feel the passage of time, an accelerated look on a world in continuous changing that will leave us behind like an inappropriate tool, that destroy what we thought eternal. We really live few years of our life, passing the rest of the time remembering or exploiting or regretting these vital years, these few fundamental decisions."