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Member Since: Oct 22, 2021

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

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74 31% Sleepers (1996) - Jan 19, 2022
100 98% Rumble Fish (1983) - Jan 16, 2022
99 96% Blood Simple (1984) - Jan 16, 2022
64 16% Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) - Jan 15, 2022
"I spent a lot of the movie being purely annoyed with this lady. She's approximately 60 and still folds her jammies for her son. Also, I don't think that guy deserved the scissors to the neck, he did her a favour didn't he?"
88 81% Serpico (1973) - Jan 09, 2022
"Al Pacino wears many funny hats."
92 89% As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (2000) - Jan 08, 2022
"Made me feel like life is so significant and yet so insignificant simultaneously. I watch this when I'm not feeling well. I could watch it again and again. So there's no reason why I can't fall asleep while watching and continue to wake up to something beautiful. "
72 28% The Lost Daughter (2021) - Jan 08, 2022
"I can't believe this film. Honestly. Wanted to slap her in the face during several scenes. Admittedly, when she let that older man into the apartment and she let him see the doll on the balcony table... the way she admitted that she stole the doll to the young mother... I can relate to her experience with PTSD though. Losing your temper during a flashback can feel like you've committed murder, when the reality is that you might have put a dent in the wall or broken a plate. "
92 89% Death Proof (2007) - Jan 02, 2022
"How on earth has anyone reviewed this as boring. Nothing makes me want to be with a girl more than this movie. "
25 3% Highlander (1986) - Jan 02, 2022
88 81% Lake of Fire (2006) - Jan 02, 2022
"Some of the most disturbing video footage I have ever seen in my life. Did make me rethink whether I could go through with an abortion if I needed to. Previously, I had thought, no problem, I can't handle a baby, the abortion would be best for everyone, especially baby who might not have a great life. Now I am not so sure. "