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40 T2 The Wheel of Time (2021) - Aug 26, 2023
"Although I read several (3? 7? no idea) of the books in the '90s, I do not remember a single thing about them. (Except that the magic system involves weaving? Maybe?) Anyway, I quit after 2 episodes. The characters are just really bad. Rand especially is insufferable, I couldn't watch any more of him."
95 T10 Heartstopper (2022) - Aug 13, 2023
"Seasons 1 & 2: Heartstopper portrays a medley of queer identities and relationships in a way that acknowledges and explores challenges but is ultimately about positive outcomes and happy endings. The type of presentation that has been sorely needed but usually lacking."
75 T7 Her (2013) - Jul 31, 2023
"The OSes had the opportunity to create the Culture and didn't. Very disappointing."
62 T4 Close (2022) - Jun 06, 2023
"This was a disappointment. I feel bait and switched. It is portrayed as being about the challenges of a childhood friendship torn apart in adolescence. That part of the movie is cut short after only a few minutes. Also, it should probably come with trigger warnings. If you think you might want to know those, you should read a spoiler before watching."
82 T9 The Sandman (2022) - Feb 15, 2023
"Intriguing premise with the Endless. Some arcs are better than others, but overall well done. Now I'm going to have to check out the graphic novels."
72 T6 The Babysitter (2017) - Jan 12, 2023
"I'm not really a fan of gore, but this movie does pull off a great Home Alone vibe."
78 T7 Wednesday (2022) - Jan 06, 2023
"A lot of very pigeon-holed characters in this, but I think that's part of what makes it work. Ortega really knocks it out of the park."
70 T5 Die Hard (1988) - Nov 27, 2022
54 T2 Don't Look Up (2021) - Nov 22, 2022
"Sadly, when aliens find this documentary in however many million years, it will be fairly accurate."
74 T6 The Adam Project (2022) - Jul 18, 2022
"It has more depth in its fatherhood and motherhood themes than expected for this type of "for the fun of it" tween entertainment. Scobell impressively holds his own sharing the screen with Reynolds. The weakest parts tend to be when it slips too far into special effects and action sequences, so it could have benefited from a lower budget."