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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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70 75% A Quiet Place (2018) - May 09, 2020
"Tight and pretty tense at times. Probs for trying something new, but some of the stuff simply doesn't make any sense. A shame because this could have been a modern horror classic like 'The Descent' had it not been for these mistakes."
76 84% American Honey (2016) - May 09, 2020
"The editing could have been more tight and left out a couple of unnecessary scenes, but other than that this is a thought-provoking, well acted and - in terms of toying with audience expectations - pretty original film. LaBeouf is magnificent."
68 67% Ad Astra (2019) - May 09, 2020
"Great first half and a strong performance from Pitt in the lead. Second haft can't live up to the beginning, primarily due to the lack of emotional impact what so ever."
68 67% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Apr 12, 2020
"Clearly a step down from the previous three and very highly regarded films. Not without its moments and charm, but lacks originality and memorable new characters. "
65 61% Bombshell (2019) - Mar 01, 2020
"Well-acted, well-written and an important story to tell. Especially Theron is a stand-out! No doubt we will see more movies with gender equality and harassment issues from Hollywood the upcoming years."
64 59% The Gentlemen (2020) - Mar 01, 2020
"A nice return to form for Ritchie that is very entertaining, but not as funny as it should be. Grant and Farrell are standouts among the fine cast."
55 40% Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020) - Feb 09, 2020
"Better than 'Suicide Squad', and Margot Robbie delivers, but the script is just not funny enough."
75 82% The Cave (2019) - Jan 24, 2020
"Ouch. Very hard to watch but also an important film about the war in Syria. "
65 61% Hors normes (2019) - Jan 24, 2020
"Vincent Cassel is magnificent in this thought-provoking, but also really straightforward feel good film."
65 61% The Two Popes (2019) - Jan 24, 2020
"What a joy to see these two actors doing their thing. The film in itself is a bit "small" and - especially in the beginning - slow moving, with the last 20 minutes being the best."