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52 10% Battleship (2012) - Aug 04, 2012
"there are some good action scenes but overall there isnt a single bit of originality; such a big disappointment... lizard eyed ultra-high-tech aliens getting into fist fights, titanic moment of 2 captains, bad jokes, absolutely cheesy intro of 30 minutes, etc etc"
82 70% The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Feb 24, 2012
"captures the essence of Tintin books very well (Herge would be very happy to see this)...wonderfully choreographed action scenes (bird-car chase scene is one of the best)...I just wish Tintin looked more like Tintin and the movie wasn't motion capture..."
90 88% The Best Offer (2013) - Dec 07, 2013
"very original story, lovely soundtrack, great acting from Rush, beautiful cinematography... Right dose of mystery with a totally unexpected twist"
67 32% Shame (2011) - Oct 14, 2011
"Very strong acting wasted by this totally unnecessary movie. Great to hear Glenn Gould playing (and humming) throughout the movie; prevents you from leaving the movie theatre at moments of great boredom.. "
82 70% Young Adult (2011) - Mar 04, 2012
"Brilliant script, unexpectedly good acting from Charlize Theron, she could even be nominated for Oscar with this.."
90 88% Life of Pi (2012) - Dec 30, 2012
"one of the most satisfying visual experiences of my life. storytelling has some mishaps but overall it gives the pleasure of reading beautiful poetry...Use of CGI is beyond imagination"
86 78% Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) - Oct 21, 2012
"heartwarming and touchy little sci-fi comedy...Aubrey Plaza is great; she's playing almost the same role in Parks & Recreation...lovely end"
100 98% The Master (2012) - Feb 03, 2013
"a truly hypnotic and poetic masterpiece...very clever script, wonderful performances by Hoffman and Phoenix, beautiful cinematography..."
55 13% Tenet (2020) - Dec 20, 2020
"Inception yüzünden çok yüz verilen Nolan'dan yeni bir saçmal?k"
59 18% The Maze Runner (2014) - Nov 30, 2014
"Bunch of boys caught up in a maze trying to get out...Lord of the Flies, The Cube and the Hunger Games are piled up in one big mess..."