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78 60% The Danish Girl (2015) - Feb 01, 2016
"apart from the script well done... Redmayne is so good in his transformation into Jessica Chastain:) "
90 88% Life of Pi (2012) - Dec 30, 2012
"one of the most satisfying visual experiences of my life. storytelling has some mishaps but overall it gives the pleasure of reading beautiful poetry...Use of CGI is beyond imagination"
35 3% The Host (2013) - Apr 22, 2013
"sci-fi version of Twilight; manipulative space slut seducing a bunch of cavemen"
92 92% Dark City (1998) - Apr 08, 2013
"a noir sci-fi's like the conceptual father of the Matrix series and Inception"
79 62% J. Edgar (2011) - Feb 11, 2012
"excellent performances from di caprio and hammer (even in their sloppy old age makeups), naomi watts and judi dench are simply great...good but a bit dry, most probably because of the poor editing.."
95 95% Vertigo (1958) - Mar 16, 2012
"easy to understand why it's considered one of the best movies ever..."
80 65% Men in Black III (2012) - Sep 06, 2012
"a great sequel, I didnt expect this much originality in this one but it has great effects, funny jokes and a lovely twist at the end that almost brings tears... "mom the president drank my milk... and didnt say please":)"
62 21% A Dangerous Method (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"some good acting is ruined by the "psychology 101" level dialogues between 2 great names of psychology... a movie on psychoanalysis must not mean that it should totally depend on endless dialogues with no action.. at times it looks like a documentary.. vincent cassel's role is very short but they are the only moments the movie shows a little energy... by the way i would never expect such facial mimicry from Keira Knightly, it's so rich that one thinks it may be CGI"
59 18% The Invisible Woman (2013) - Mar 30, 2014
"great cinematography and some good acting brutally killed by the terrible script and incoherent storytelling that focuses on all the wrong angles possible..."
74 49% The Giver (2014) - Sep 17, 2014
"good concept not used to its full potential... still it's amazing to see Meryl Streep in a sci-fi"