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80 65% The Shining (1980) - Jun 24, 2011
"definitely a good horror movie with brilliant directing and spectacular performance by Jack Nicholson. the stupid story (like most others) by Stephen King and `overuse` of suspense music makes it a bit boring at times... "
65 28% The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - Jan 30, 2012
"completely unnecessary remake of the Swedish movie with a crappy Hollywood ending that doesnt fit the rest of the story...maybe because of the very recent well done movie, seeing the same shots with different actors has no effect at all; even the very disturbing rape scene.. "
74 49% Never Let Me Go (2010) - Feb 20, 2011
"Depressing, slow and dull version of The Island... Mulligan and Garfield act great. Knightley trying to catch up with them with her fake and forceful acting; but cant succeed. Very good movie visually but lacks the overall sentiment we should be feeling for these naive young people..."
84 73% Europa Report (2013) - Jul 01, 2013
"a sci-fi much beyond my expectations; realistic, exciting, has great suspense and a lovely end"
56 14% 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) - Jun 06, 2014
"blood, blood, blood, pep talk, blood, muscle, muscle, blood, blood, muscle, muscle, pep talk, muscle, muscle, blood, blood, blood, boobs, muscle, muscle, pep talk, blood, blood, blood....."
71 43% Thor (2011) - Sep 10, 2011
"goof combination of fantasy and sci-fi.. visually great... however the story and the characters are pretty dull and undeveloped (quite natural for stupid Natalie Portman, but all others also...) I wish there were no earth scenes..."
92 92% Submarine (2010) - Aug 10, 2011
"we were all 15 at some point... brilliant storytelling and acting to make you remember those days..."
52 10% Battleship (2012) - Aug 04, 2012
"there are some good action scenes but overall there isnt a single bit of originality; such a big disappointment... lizard eyed ultra-high-tech aliens getting into fist fights, titanic moment of 2 captains, bad jokes, absolutely cheesy intro of 30 minutes, etc etc"
72 45% Gravity (2013) - Oct 11, 2013
"It's so frustrating when you expect to see a masterpiece but you end up with an average movie. Dialogues and Bullock's monologues are simply unbearable, characters are totally incoherent and the dramatic depth is at the level of earth which is kilometers below... However it's visually mindblowing, a must see for everyone who are curious about how it feels like to be up there in space"
82 70% The Dark Crystal (1982) - Aug 05, 2013
"genre bending & incredibly imaginative "