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93 93% Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) - Jul 07, 2011
"Mean gummy bears, a spagetti tornado, father trying to send an email with attachment, clever gastronomical jokes... simply brilliant... loved every minute of this `disaster movie`"
45 7% Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"After all the great reviews i gave Nuri Bilge Ceylan another shot but no, i just cant stand it, i onlu could survive till the 63rd minute... unnecessary dialogues, long pauses... "
79 62% J. Edgar (2011) - Feb 11, 2012
"excellent performances from di caprio and hammer (even in their sloppy old age makeups), naomi watts and judi dench are simply great...good but a bit dry, most probably because of the poor editing.."
86 78% Fruitvale Station (2013) - Dec 30, 2013
"Such a powerful drama... Michael B Jordan & Octavia Spencer have spectacular performances"
88 84% The Awakening (2011) - Mar 19, 2012
"one of the most spooky "I see dead people" movies I've ever seen (almost as unexpected as The Sixth Sense)..As a bonus it's wonderfully acted and the photography is high quality.. It builds to a terrific ending with wonderful twists one after the other..."
67 32% The Iron Lady (2011) - Dec 17, 2011
"once again great acting from Streep.. I wish they had used a simpler way of storytelling, there are too many flashbacks that dont work, the editing is so much calculated and engineered, emotional flow is a bit ignored"
56 14% 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) - Jun 06, 2014
"blood, blood, blood, pep talk, blood, muscle, muscle, blood, blood, muscle, muscle, pep talk, muscle, muscle, blood, blood, blood, boobs, muscle, muscle, pep talk, blood, blood, blood....."
63 23% Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) - Apr 25, 2014
"very cheesy sci-fi in which a stupid young boy hops on to his scrotum shaped spaceship (which has a bitchy computer) and collects the worst costume fighters in the galaxy to help him save his planet...I wont give spoilers, guess the end:) "
67 32% Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) - Sep 08, 2012
"great CGI, more than average art direction and Theron is the best evil queen ever... however one needs a good actress as Snow White and a good actor as Huntsman if you're shooting a picture called "Snow White and the Huntsman"..its as simple as that"
94 93% Moonrise Kingdom (2012) - Oct 22, 2012
"absolutely wonderful, the cinematography and the color palette are simply amazing... the cast and especially the kids are doing a great job, the script is a lot of fun and the use of Britten's music is so very fitting this fun little adventure."