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87 81% August: Osage County (2013) - Jan 09, 2014
"a family drama couldnt be put better than this, so realistic and yet cinematic. clearly the best ensemble of the year"
87 81% Hugo (2011) - Feb 21, 2012
"visually magnificent...incredibly naive (almost idiotic) screenplay and disturbing children who try to act like adults make the first half a bit disappointing. However later, references to old classics and George Melies movies are so very elegant and fun to watch.."
95 95% Vertigo (1958) - Mar 16, 2012
"easy to understand why it's considered one of the best movies ever..."
93 93% Barbarella (1968) - Oct 02, 2012
"great set design, incredible make up & costumes and a very wild imagination all over...a psychedelic kitsch sci-fi masterpiece..."
62 21% A Dangerous Method (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"some good acting is ruined by the "psychology 101" level dialogues between 2 great names of psychology... a movie on psychoanalysis must not mean that it should totally depend on endless dialogues with no action.. at times it looks like a documentary.. vincent cassel's role is very short but they are the only moments the movie shows a little energy... by the way i would never expect such facial mimicry from Keira Knightly, it's so rich that one thinks it may be CGI"
88 84% Carol (2015) - Jan 03, 2016
"the movie is perfection in every sense, great chemistry between the lead ladies, wonderful directing and cinematography supported by an excellent soundtrack.. However its a bit dry, distant and never caught me on an emotional level."
76 55% Sleeping Beauty (2011) - Feb 01, 2012
"I have no idea what this film says; however directing is real interesting and captivating... some bed sequences are real disturbing, this movie is definitely not for everyone"
73 47% Tarzan (2013) - May 20, 2014
"very very good quality, sharp animation, good action, interesting storyline; however the unnecessary narrative disrupts the entire dramatic flow.."
76 55% Margin Call (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"if you manage to get your eyes off of Zachary Quinto's out of this world, ridiculous eyebrows its a pretty solid movie with great acting from Kevin Spacey and specially Jeremy İrons...however lacks the full dramatic structure the topic deserves"
82 70% Arrival (2016) - Jan 25, 2017
"Apart from the rushed ending its a great sci fi.. Amy Adams is perfect as always"