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76 55% Sleeping Beauty (2011) - Feb 01, 2012
"I have no idea what this film says; however directing is real interesting and captivating... some bed sequences are real disturbing, this movie is definitely not for everyone"
59 18% The Invisible Woman (2013) - Mar 30, 2014
"great cinematography and some good acting brutally killed by the terrible script and incoherent storytelling that focuses on all the wrong angles possible..."
93 93% In a Better World (2010) - Mar 27, 2011
"a deeply emotional at its best; great story, clever script, beautiful color palette/photography, lovely acting (the child actors are simply amazing)... Apart from the story itself, the contrast between Kenya and Denmark gives the movie a whole other depth."
69 37% Anna Karenina (2012) - Dec 02, 2012
"terribly cold and distant.. There must be a law against ruining such a beautiful masterpiece in cheap circus esthetics... I simply hated Vronsky who looked like a boy band singer and Keira Knightley with her fake emotions and irritating mouth..."
67 32% The Iron Lady (2011) - Dec 17, 2011
"once again great acting from Streep.. I wish they had used a simpler way of storytelling, there are too many flashbacks that dont work, the editing is so much calculated and engineered, emotional flow is a bit ignored"
56 14% 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) - Jun 06, 2014
"blood, blood, blood, pep talk, blood, muscle, muscle, blood, blood, muscle, muscle, pep talk, muscle, muscle, blood, blood, blood, boobs, muscle, muscle, pep talk, blood, blood, blood....."
78 60% The Danish Girl (2015) - Feb 02, 2016
"apart from the script well done... Redmayne is so good in his transformation into Jessica Chastain:) "
53 11% Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) - Oct 17, 2011
"Now I got it! This great cast must be CRAZY to take part in this STUPID movie...I LOVE Ryan Gosling`s suits though..."
82 70% The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Feb 24, 2012
"captures the essence of Tintin books very well (Herge would be very happy to see this)...wonderfully choreographed action scenes (bird-car chase scene is one of the best)...I just wish Tintin looked more like Tintin and the movie wasn't motion capture..."
69 37% Ironclad (2011) - Jan 18, 2012
"not even Tarantino has this much blood throughout a movie.. apart from the brutal fight scenes great visuals, nice costumes and beautiful scenery... script is boring and not creative"