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65 40% Vacancy (2007) - Rated 16 Oct 2023
53 19% I'm Not Scared (2003) - Rated 15 Oct 2023
76 82% The Cutting Edge (1992) - Rated 15 Oct 2023
41 10% Johnny Skidmarks (1998) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
73 69% Girl with a Suitcase (1961) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"Cardinale has the same thing Christopher Walken has, where you're never sure if there isn't some part of the character you didn't see coming lurking somewhere, ready to jump out and surprise you, just the feminine version of it. I assume it's (in both cases) not really a method thing, but that they're both actors who are able to bust out all kinds of moves, moods and vibes with ease, confidence and competence alike. Not necessarily coming from training, but raw talent."
36 7% The 5th Wave (2016) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"I think they let the intern edit this. And I sincerely hope the book isn't this whack."
76 82% Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs (2023) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
76 82% Mother (2009) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"The pacing is slower than it needs to be, as always, but the concept of basically making this a fairy tale of uncomfortability is really entertaining by itself already."
62 33% One Piece (2023) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"I'm not enamored with it like most everone else seems to be, just because it doesn't suck. It's fine. Some parts hit home, some parts are...:/ The lack of punch and brutality due to the shortened fights makes the villains less threatening, which weakens the drama, sadly. Same with the rewriting, especially Aarlong Park. Also the visual language of this show. Being way too close to everyone face so they look weird and wonky? What is that? Doesn't do most of them, and the show, many favors."
69 53% Cut and Run (1985) - Rated 13 Oct 2023