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66 41% The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) - Feb 21, 2019
"Looks great, sounds great, has too much plot and wastes too much time on shenanigans instead of following its emotional core (also called "story"). Which is unfortunate especially, whenever this is accomplished with silly-looking, boring fight scenes. Casting someone who can act for the part of Phillip would have also been helpful. Or just getting rid of that utterly useless character as a whole. "
71 58% Still Alice (2014) - Feb 21, 2019
"The universally tangible family dynamic does a great job of holding this movie together. With the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore being the key element. I don't know if this was planned from the beginning or if it was a post-production decision based on how well they worked together, but...either way it's a good one. Making it a movie about family as much as this one does is necessary, I think, when it comes to telling a story about a disease like this."
78 85% Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) - Feb 17, 2019
"You gotta wait a substantial while for the heart of the movie to kick into gear. And, when it does, the arc smells a little too familiar at first. But does its own thing in the end and is really good. Worthy sequel. Also: nice mid- and post-credits scenes. :D"
59 25% Robin Hood (2018) - Feb 15, 2019
"It's one of those big budgeted B-movie types. But at least it's a fun one. Probably due to its generic, fun "OMG THIS IS RAD" score. And its general dulled-rebellious aesthetic direction. Most things are badly motivated and underdeveloped, especially Robin and John's vendetta scheme and how quickly Rob's convinced. Let alone their characters. And their ultra-manly über-cool shenanigans, which are ridiculous, silly and fun. Eve Hewsons is easily the best thing about this movie."
71 58% Sky (2015) - Feb 12, 2019
"It's really cliché-based and predictable, but also made it so easy for me to dive in an drift along that I actually would have been disappointed, if these things hadn't happened. No matter how many miles afar you could see them coming from. The movie could've been 3 hours and shown her taking a crap and I would've been into it (not like that). I assume that's due to Kruger's performance, which is, as I will take the liberty to presume, one of her most personal ones, if not the most personal."
77 83% Suspiria (2018) - Feb 10, 2019
"More horror would have been nice. Tilda Swinton in old guy makeup looks exactly like that, but her performance makes you forget that on a regular basis. Mainly because of Madame Blanc's accent when speaking German."
69 50% Prospect (2018) - Feb 10, 2019
"This makes a good case for digital video. Either that or shooting with more than 4K."
75 77% Leaving Las Vegas (1995) - Feb 08, 2019
"It's a bit too cliché-stricken for my taste, when it comes to plot and overall direction, but the performances really make this movie work. Nicolas Cage is good (altough I think a performance like this comes relatively easy to him), but Elisabeth Shue really carries this movie."
70 54% Appointment with Death (1988) - Feb 06, 2019
69 50% Alex and Emma (2003) - Feb 03, 2019