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Location: Germany

Bio: Rapefruit
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61 29% Taking Stock (2015) - Apr 16, 2019
"cheap and cute"
66 41% Love, Death & Robots (2019) - Apr 15, 2019
68 48% Aquaman (2018) - Apr 15, 2019
"So...only Atlantian royalty can breathe above water? And Willem Dafoe? This movie wants to be so retro even the secondary villain gets a 80s montage. :D Has its weaknesses and structural problems. But at least as many good moments. Good casting choices were made and the score is nice. Could've done without the meet-cutes. Or touch-cutes. Or drop-cutes. And could've used more action scenes like the one in Italy. Also Amber's hairpiece looked stupid. And the underwater voices were pretty silly."
63 34% Juggernaut (1974) - Apr 13, 2019
"I mean, I like the look and all, but that 70s dry, grounded semi-documentary style is just a weird choice for any kind of genre movie, I feel. No music, no suspense, no structure... And the minor characters are really uninteresting in this one. Especially the captain and his lady friend."
61 29% Night of the Running Man (1995) - Apr 13, 2019
72 62% Us (2019) - Apr 05, 2019
"Mystery on top of mystery on top of metaphor on top of metaphor...but in the end it's just a heap of half-cooked things. Music, sound, cinematography and editing were great (as was Lupita). It feels like a movie that's trying to say something. But doesn't really know what or how. So in the end you're left with a good, atmospheric, weird home-invasion horror-thriller that's a little too long and has a little too little to say. But it's fun, cool and damn entertaining. That's the important part."
65 38% Triple Threat (2019) - Apr 05, 2019
"Nett gemacht, nur storytechnisch leider zu belanglos um wirklich spannend zu sein. Mehr von dem 90er-Flair, was im Ansatz da war, wäre gut gewesen. Gerade was musikalische Untermaltung und emotionalen Kitsch angeht. Ein paar John-Woo-hafte emotional aufgeladene Momente mit der richtigen Musik...."
72 62% Welcome to Marwen (2018) - Apr 03, 2019
"Muchos kitsches und clichéjos, but hella good."
52 17% Mary Poppins Returns (2018) - Apr 01, 2019
"It's a very gimmicky movie. Mary's mannerisms (although Emily Blunt's timing is pure gold), every story/emotional beat, the songs, their messages, the themes, balloon lady, Lin-Manuel Miranda, everything feels like it's supposed to remind you of Mary Poppins, instead of actually reminding you of or feeling like Mary Poppins. It's like they forgot that Mary Poppins is a fun and playful film. There's really no-one I could recommend this movie to. Except people who like boring things."