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Bio: My ranking guide:Over 50-I'd recommend it. Some on the lower end in the 50's and 60's maybe only for certain occasions.
50-hilariously bad. so bad they need to be seen. the kind of film that deserves a 0 and a 100 at the same time.
Under 50-would not recommend most of these films. Some would be ok in a certain situation, like with rifftrax or if your lady is all into it and you have no spine.

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48 T3 Mary Poppins Mary Poppins (1964) - 01 Mar 2012
"Magical. When it's on tv I disappear from the room."
71 T6 The Witcher The Witcher (2019) - 28 Jan 2022
"Nilfgaard is for losers. I only travel to Milf-gaard, and if a Witcher doesn't protecter her from my 'monster' we might have a Child Surprise. Maybe I'm reading the show wrong thinking a Witcher is a metaphor for a condom, but I feel pretty confident. Why else would the Witcher protecting the Child Surprise be a central plotline? How many fucking times can you seriously say Child Surprise before I start reading to much into it show? Huh? Tell me again, dramatically, about the Child Surprise."
94 T10 Adaptation. Adaptation. (2002) - 12 Dec 2011
"People made a big deal about Nolan's dream within a dream within a dream. That however is amateur shit compared to Kaufman's movie writer on a movie set in a movie within a movie about a movie writer writing the movie that is in the movie that is the movie that you are watching."
65 T5 Thor: The Dark World Thor: The Dark World (2013) - 11 Nov 2013
"It's always fake Loki. It was fake Loki a bunch of times and I called it every time. Knowing that it is fake Loki is like curling up under a warm blanket. Thor will leave you to protect the nine realms but fake Loki will fake Loki fake Loki. See Thor saw fake Loki but knew it was fake Loki so he told fake Loki to real Loki to not fake Loki. Then real Loki real Loki'd, but then fake Loki'd while being real Loki so Thor thought fake Loki fake Loki...aw fuck it."
85 T9 The Legend of Drunken Master The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) - 16 Apr 2017
"I too am a drunken master. Except instead of the art of kung fu I practice the art of being depressed and lonely. It's really taking a toll on family and work life actually. I should probably call my sponser."
49 T3 Akeelah and the Bee Akeelah and the Bee (2006) - 28 Dec 2013
"I was in a spelling bee once, I won't tell you about it because spelling bees are boring."
90 T10 The Elephant Man The Elephant Man (1980) - 12 Dec 2014
"Maybe I missed the point of the film, but I don't see the problem with exploiting grossly oversized physical features for profit. Well, guess I'm off to Hooters for their world famous chicken wings!"