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67 33% One Hour Photo (2002) - Rated 12 Jul 2012
"I loved the twist and Robin Williams was just superb!"
78 67% No Country for Old Men (2007) - Rated 12 Jul 2012
"Quite possibly the only Coen Brothers film I like"
84 82% Snatch (2000) - Rated 12 Jul 2012
"D'ya like dags?"
75 57% Spun (2002) - Rated 27 Mar 2012
"This is spinny. I watched this film and I thought it was excellent, the acting was brillaint! The plot however, was okay but seemed a bit meaningless."
82 78% Clerks (1994) - Rated 27 Mar 2012
"Kevin Smith, what a man! I heard he had to sell all his comic books to get this film, well filmed! What a great job he did of it. Although I prefer Clerks II, this one was better, it was the original and was 12 years before the sequel. I honestly can say that I love everything that Kevin Smith does! He's a genius."
10 1% Jennifer's Body (2009) - Rated 27 Mar 2012
"Tried to give it a chance, but it didn't happen. Me and my mate turned it off in the 45th minute I believe. It's just an awful film, with the overrated Megan Fox starring as Jennifer. The lesbian scene is the only reason this gets high enough to 10. A shocking film!"
80 72% Man Bites Dog (1992) - Rated 27 Mar 2012
"I've got to admit, I didn't enjoy this film. However, that doesn't take away the fact that it's a masterpiece of a film. I've never seen a film like this. It's comical, gritty and disgusting...I'm glad I've watched it, but I won't watch it again!"
72 49% American Psycho (2000) - Rated 27 Mar 2012
65 27% Diary of the Dead (2008) - Rated 27 Mar 2012
"I went into watching this thinking 'another lame-ass zombie flick' Oh how I was wrong! It's called 'Diary of the dead' for a reason as it's filmed in the way the blair witch was. I honestly thought this was a pretty good flick, not excellent but good. Give it a watch when you can."
75 57% The Visitor (2008) - Rated 26 Mar 2012
"Richard Jenkins, bravo! I went in to watch this film thinking it was going to be good, and it delivered. I see it's labelled as 'comedy' before 'drama' at the top. Hmmm, I'm not too sure about that as I didn't get many laughs out of this, just a raw performance from Richard Jenkins and a brilliant, at times feel good, drama. Very good, watch it!"