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Member Since: Jun 23, 2008

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Bio: I love watching movies.
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10 6% The Purge (2013) - Nov 08, 2013
"Can't stand when they make people so dumb. Throw the guy out and beat the hell out of both the kids."
3% The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) - Apr 02, 2010
"This movie was awful. Some of the worst writing and story ever. At some point it was painful to watch. Kristen Stewart acting was just the worst. This movie felt like the longest 2hours ever."
45 31% Santa's Slay (2005) - Sep 10, 2010
"Bill Goldberg as Santa was pretty damn funny. "
83 90% nWo: The Revolution (2012) - Sep 12, 2013
80 86% Cop Out (2010) - Mar 01, 2010
"This movie was hilarious. Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott were great i laughed throughout most of the movie. The story was not that great but it was funny. "
51 37% Fast Five (2011) - May 02, 2011
"No chance Vin Diesel will ever beat the rock in a fight."
47 33% The Change-Up (2011) - Dec 07, 2011
"Skip the first scene. Just warning you because no one want to see that in real life or a movie."
10 6% Jennifer's Body (2009) - Jan 03, 2010
"If u are trying to see a good or even a ok movie you are out of luck. This movie sucks. But megan fox is hot and was the only reason I watched this movie to the end."
98 99% Unforgiven (1992) - Jun 23, 2008
"The beginning was ok but the last hour is awesome!!!! One of my favorite quotes. You just shot an unarmed man! He should have armed himself if he's gonna decorate his saloon with my friend. awesome!!!"
10 6% Bitch Slap (2009) - Mar 16, 2010
"The movie sells itself with boobs, yet it never shows any nudity except a quick shot of some random stripper. Also poor script and long overdone fight scenes. But this girls are hot as hell."