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Criticker Zealot - 6114 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 23, 2008

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Bio: I love watching movies.
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57 43% Love and Other Drugs (2010) - Mar 31, 2011
"Anne thank you for looking so good."
20 12% Predators (2010) - Nov 16, 2010
"They tried coping so much from the original. Adrien Brody come on he is not a action star. The sword fight awful. The best part was Fishburne and they killed him off in ten minutes. "
45 31% Battle: Los Angeles (2011) - Mar 14, 2011
"Your my little marine lol. The action was great expect when they started talking then I started laughing. The writing was so poorly done."
80 86% A Force of One (1979) - Aug 07, 2009
"chuck is a force of one. "
60 46% Brothers (2009) - Mar 25, 2010
"This is a horror movie based on the nightmares of war. Maguire was great showing how war can change a man beyond control. The downfall is the kids dialog written for them by people who know nothing about kids. And they could have ended better than that."
80 86% Cop Out (2010) - Mar 01, 2010
"This movie was hilarious. Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott were great i laughed throughout most of the movie. The story was not that great but it was funny. "
83 90% nWo: The Revolution (2012) - Sep 12, 2013
78 83% The Rookie (1990) - Oct 16, 2008
"When Charlie Sheen goes back to the bar to get answers is great. Eastwood is great in every movie."
51 37% Fast Five (2011) - May 02, 2011
"No chance Vin Diesel will ever beat the rock in a fight."
10 6% Jennifer's Body (2009) - Jan 03, 2010
"If u are trying to see a good or even a ok movie you are out of luck. This movie sucks. But megan fox is hot and was the only reason I watched this movie to the end."