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Member Since: Aug 30, 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bio: "When the movie is over and the movie goers have left en masse, the only sound you hear is the bang of chairs returning to their upright position"
...Then somewhere perhaps in a dark room, or in a flood of light returning to the living room, or with a flickering match in the belly of a whale, a laptop opens or a screensaver is dissolved. There I sit and expel my delight, my frustration, my indifference or any other subtle concoction of ambivalent and debilitating emotions into the glowing screen. A movie critic I am not, however like some sort of show-and-tell pride I hope that you are appeased by the little petrified morsels I have dug up from expeditions under the house. I enjoy sharing within this feedback community of other trout-people. Yell me any recommendations from your rooftop. Also, Luftwaffe.
more Recent Ratings
70 43% We Own the Night (2007) - Jan 12, 2019
"I think I’m scoring this too high but, despite the quick cuts, I liked the car chase. The rest of the movie wasn’t much."
30 4% Beast of Burden (2018) - Jan 08, 2019
"Oh boy what a boring stinker."
60 25% Tomb Raider (2018) - Jan 08, 2019
"A quite predictable and by the numbers reboot. Vikander tries to get the most out of her role although she stops short of getting a boobjob of Croftian proportions. The dialogue, however, is atrocious and while some of the action sequences are decently entertaining and gritty on the whole this is a thumbs down from me."
60 25% Spider-Man 3 (2007) - Dec 17, 2018
"Mmmm, yeah, no."
50 13% Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) - Dec 13, 2018
"I worry that when my children grow up and ask me about the Resident Evil series and I tell them how terrible they are, that they’ll then pose the question “well why didn’t you stop at one daddy?” and I won’t know what to say."
75 61% The X-Files (1993) - Dec 05, 2018
"Not so great as a series, but there are some seriously good episodes out there. That’s the truth."
50 13% The Peacemaker (1997) - Nov 27, 2018
"Clooney aka’s as a cliche yippee ki-yay yank who makes his own rules alongside his partner Kidman who aka’s as a snotty white female intellectual who can defuse complex explosive devices, but squeals at loud bangs, squealing tyres and can’t wear a seatbelt properly during a high speed car chase. This movie is about as tense as me putting corn kernels on the stove and lighting the burner: there’ll be some bangs and a bit of a show, but nothing amazing."
40 8% Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) - Nov 24, 2018
"Yes it’s bad, but is it also good?"
75 61% Tootsie (1982) - Nov 24, 2018
"Is better than it has any right to be, but that’s to the cast’s credit for putting down some amazing performances to pull this out from the average 80s comedy cauldron."
60 25% Look Who's Talking (1989) - Nov 24, 2018
"This film annoys the crap outta me. "