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Cinema Addict - 1040 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 30, 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bio: "When the movie is over and the movie goers have left en masse, the only sound you hear is the bang of chairs returning to their upright position"
...Then somewhere perhaps in a dark room, or in a flood of light returning to the living room, or with a flickering match in the belly of a whale, a laptop opens or a screensaver is dissolved. There I sit and expel my delight, my frustration, my indifference or any other subtle concoction of ambivalent and debilitating emotions into the glowing screen. A movie critic I am not, however like some sort of show-and-tell pride I hope that you are appeased by the little petrified morsels I have dug up from expeditions under the house. I enjoy sharing within this feedback community of other trout-people. Yell me any recommendations from your rooftop. Also, Luftwaffe.

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70 44% Strange World (2022) - Jan 05, 2023
"Feels like the product of a pc-driven corporate think-tank rather than a magical animated family adventure. It’s a pity because that makes the themes from past films/stories come off as derivative in this."
70 44% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Jan 02, 2023
"Despite decent acting aplenty it’s the story that falls to pieces on this one. Weaving and twisting it struggles into a flashback/rehash before the third act crescendo hits me on the head with a stupid thud. After giving my noggin a good rub I’m forced to exclaim “was that the whole shebang?!?” As the obvious song choice rolls in the credits. “How’d it end up being so dumb?”"
70 44% Top Gun: Maverick (2022) - Jun 24, 2022
"“Talk to me, Goose.” “Let the force guide you, Maverick”"
98 98% Knives Out (2019) - Jun 13, 2022
"I just find this to be such a delightful mix of mystery, humour, tension and character-driven plot I can’t help but give it a fantastically high score. It’s just fun rolled up into a tight ball that I wanna toss into the wild expanse of my estates garden."
70 44% Wind River (2017) - Apr 29, 2022
"Competent enough as a crime thriller, but is there supposed to be more to it than that? If you’re trying to make social and racial commentary out of this than what’s with the whitewashing? And I’m not talking about the snow."
70 44% Nobody (2021) - Apr 21, 2022
"Something something John Wick mutter mumble Odenkirk uhhh fun yet ho hum guns and violence rabble rabble this is what action movies have… skrig skrig skrig"
70 44% Free Guy (2021) - Apr 02, 2022
"Is it dumb entertainment or just dumb? It’s a real moral quandary for me. Do I want to sit down and enjoy Jodie Comer’s Millie running around with her bubbly carefree bubblegum ice cream eating face all up in Ryan Reynolds quips or do I want Jodie Comer’s Millie sitting down next to me while I watch anything else?"
60 25% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Feb 20, 2022
"Completely derivative T2 film. And pointless. And an insult to the T1/T2 storyline which captivated audiences. Oi Cameron, weren’t you fucked off by what they did to Ripley after Aliens? Why you do the dirty on JC?"
80 73% Luca (2021) - Jan 31, 2022
"A comfortable Pixar adventure which doesn’t overreach with the story but gives good bang for its buck with a quaint Italian seaside adventure."
70 44% Red Sparrow (2018) - Jan 08, 2022
"I’m not at odds with the slower pacing and grittier approach but once you strip the film bare of (the also frequently bare) Jennifer Lawrence there’s a script that could’ve used a few more drafts and supporting characters who needed to be fleshed out or recast."