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Cinema Addict - 1019 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 30, 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bio: "When the movie is over and the movie goers have left en masse, the only sound you hear is the bang of chairs returning to their upright position"
...Then somewhere perhaps in a dark room, or in a flood of light returning to the living room, or with a flickering match in the belly of a whale, a laptop opens or a screensaver is dissolved. There I sit and expel my delight, my frustration, my indifference or any other subtle concoction of ambivalent and debilitating emotions into the glowing screen. A movie critic I am not, however like some sort of show-and-tell pride I hope that you are appeased by the little petrified morsels I have dug up from expeditions under the house. I enjoy sharing within this feedback community of other trout-people. Yell me any recommendations from your rooftop. Also, Luftwaffe.
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10 0% Kazaam (1996) - Jul 05, 2020
"Meth: not even once."
75 61% Star Trek (2009) - May 31, 2020
"Oh look it's a Star Trek thingy film with those thingies with the foreheads, the beams and the big saucepan in space. My eyebrows are very logical thank you. Stop trying to sound Scottish Simon Pegg ya wee clatty bastard. I don't care much for the franchise, but J.J. Abrams does. Enough to cash in on your nostalgia at every reference he digs out from beneath his piles of money."
50 13% Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) - May 24, 2020
"Never go back to watching this. Once is too much."
70 44% Happy Death Day 2U (2019) - Apr 29, 2020
"The first one was silly fun but this one is more silly with less fun. It starts with a bit of promise, but then the ultimate killer shows up: TIME TRAVEL. The whole thing becomes such a mess that it’s hard to suspend belief from the silly plot line because there’s no fun built around it anymore. Time travel sucks because you can’t build a movie around it. Trust me, I couldn’t cash in on my time-travelling Star Wars film because it was an abysmal flop."
80 73% The Cabin in the Woods (2012) - Apr 20, 2020
"An enjoyable self-aware horror with plenty of fun throwbacks to other franchises and horror films. Also, I have no idea why, but it felt like I watched Sigourney Weaver make a cameo and that that’s her actual daytime job."
50 13% S.W.A.T. (2003) - Apr 20, 2020
"It’s so by the numbers that my déjà vu became shallow and pedantic."
82 80% It Follows (2015) - Apr 12, 2020
"Pretty cool and creepy premise, descent enough acting, but the whole thing is sold with brilliant cinematography and some damn kickarse soundtrack work. Tense, but mellow, then tense... in my pants... in a bad (good?) way."
75 61% Happy Death Day (2017) - Mar 28, 2020
"It's no Shakespeare, but it is a pleasant mash up of several films/genres and has enough self-aware fun with it for me to feel entertained and climb into Tree's world. Wait, did that come out wrong?"
60 25% The Frozen Ground (2013) - Feb 26, 2020
70 44% Haunters (2010) - Jan 17, 2020
"It gets a tick for giving off quite a bit of that Korean-filmy-goodness buzz, but I do feel I needed to suspend disbelief and ignore the lack of fleshed out rules on the leads powers too often."