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Cinema Addict - 1003 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 30, 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bio: "When the movie is over and the movie goers have left en masse, the only sound you hear is the bang of chairs returning to their upright position"
...Then somewhere perhaps in a dark room, or in a flood of light returning to the living room, or with a flickering match in the belly of a whale, a laptop opens or a screensaver is dissolved. There I sit and expel my delight, my frustration, my indifference or any other subtle concoction of ambivalent and debilitating emotions into the glowing screen. A movie critic I am not, however like some sort of show-and-tell pride I hope that you are appeased by the little petrified morsels I have dug up from expeditions under the house. I enjoy sharing within this feedback community of other trout-people. Yell me any recommendations from your rooftop. Also, Luftwaffe.
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86 86% The Holy Mountain (1973) - May 31, 2019
""I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate..." "I've seen The Holy Mountain." "Mother of God! Time to die.""
0% Foodfight (2012) - May 21, 2019
"Sometimes I crave to search for and view films with a reputation for being complete and utter garbage. Sometimes I'm a total idiot."
75 60% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Mar 31, 2019
"A bit of a strange beast. Uneven and sometimes tedious the segments succeed and fail to varying degrees. But westerns do make for mighty fine storytelling, so saddle up with your partner and find a story you like."
40 8% Taken 2 (2012) - Feb 25, 2019
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard your subpar action film script for the evening, as we climb slowly through the plot and dreary dialogue we hope you enjoy the 30-million-quick-cut action sequences our serving director has on offer for you today. Short answer: no."
80 73% Donnie Brasco (1997) - Feb 22, 2019
"A competent mob film. Depp did well for Depp, but perhaps it shouldn’t have been Depp to begin with. Pacino was a good choice. The film tries a mob story without as much rose-coloured Hollywood glitz, but that makes the dialogue, characters and casting even more crucial, which doesn’t always come off here. Pistone’s real life story is pretty cool though."
80 73% The Hateful Eight (2015) - Feb 22, 2019
"The score is for Tarantino doing well at being Tarantino and making the whole thing ooze with Tarantino-ness. And for Leigh, Russell and Goggins’ performance. The rest when unpackaged is a bumpy ride of pacing, script, acting and unsatisfying violence issues. I have a problem with a western setting for “coolness” factor when there is nothing that really keeps the screenplay from being transported to another time. Like the violence, they both have more impact when they have more purpose."
50 13% Focus (2015) - Feb 19, 2019
"Riveting film. I fell asleep at some point, woke up and fuck all had happened."
60 25% Taken (2008) - Feb 18, 2019
"I’m sorry can someone explain to me why a 17 year old daughter who looks 35 acts like a 6 year old?"
84 83% Free Solo (2018) - Feb 09, 2019
"Cool, cool, awe inducing cool. I enjoy climbing, well bouldering, and have seen and heard a bit of Alex Honnold in the past so this was keenly anticipated. However, two gripes holding the score back significantly: 1 don’t put music over EVERYTHING in his free solo footage and 2. LINGER on a point of his free solo climb. Honestly I would find it thrilling to watch the entire footage of his climb, but at least give us 5-10min of privileged bliss into his solo world without camera cuts or music."
70 43% We Own the Night (2007) - Jan 12, 2019
"I think I’m scoring this too high but, despite the quick cuts, I liked the car chase. The rest of the movie wasn’t much."