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72 T5 Tokyo gomi onna (2000) - May 10, 2017
"The acting by Mami Nakamura is good, and I like the way director Ryuichi Hiroki frames a lot of his shots. Some may find it unnecessarily voyeuristic (Miyuki’s preferred alone-at-home attire is underwear and t-shirts), but it seems appropriate given the themes. Hiroki also lets things descend into unquestionable ickiness and (worse) meanness, but the film is mostly a hopeful experience."
62 T2 Citizen Ruth (1996) - Dec 18, 2016
"For all its effort to make Ruth a real character among real people in a real social struggle, it doesn’t do very much to develop anyone else as more than a person serving a cause, so that what’s really mild stereotyping comes across as full-blown, thoughtless stereotyping with no imagination. A film that begs its characters to get to know the person huffing that paint should make some effort to present those characters also as real people."
91 T10 Finding Dory (2016) - Dec 17, 2016
"I freaking love this movie. It’s got just about everything the first movie had. The sequel doesn’t wow me quite as much as the predecessor, but it makes up for that with an emotional punch I didn’t see coming. There’s one amazing gasp-inducing emotional payoff that comes close to the lanterns scene in Tangled or even the library scene in Beauty and the Beast. This is rarefied air I’m talking about here, a comparison I don’t make lightly."
87 T9 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) - Dec 06, 2016
"I wouldn’t put it up there with the greats because it either shoots for the heart and is off by a little, or it never really wants to go there. Not every animated movie can be Beauty and the Beast, and that’s okay. It’s more than enough as an exercise in super-creative silliness, and it is the first movie to make me regret not seeing it in 3D on a big screen. I’m probably going to have to buy this."
60 T2 Midnight Cowboy (1969) - Nov 27, 2016
"I can see why it’s something that sticks in people’s brains. The performances by Hoffman and Voigt are strong. The cinematography is gritty, grimy, dark, bright, and warm, a look I associate with the great films of the 1970s. It looks like a film that should be on the AFI list. But man, the material just isn’t good enough. "
47 T1 Stripes (1981) - Nov 27, 2016
"This is a mostly terrible movie with a great cast."
51 T2 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) - Nov 25, 2016
"This is the second Kendrick-Plaza movie and the third Kendrick-DeVine movie, and these are good team-ups, and this is where the film mostly works, because goodness knows there aren’t a lot of genuine laughs. There’s a happy pleasure in seeing this young talent get a little crazy and have fun, and if one can forgive the characters for promising more than they deliver, shallowly motivated by a trip to Hawaii, one can certainly excuse the actors for doing the same thing."
82 T8 Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Nov 19, 2016
"Different combinations of crew members drive home the message that they respect, admire, love, and count on each other, and that this is why Enterprise has endured for these many decades. Add the real-life death of actors Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin, whose Checkov will not be recast in future films, and a lovely voiceover on the “Space: the final frontier” intro, and it’s nearly impossible not to feel a warm nostalgia or an almost urgent desire to see more films with this cast."
73 T5 Song of the Sea (2014) - Nov 16, 2016
"The story, art, and larger themes are perhaps just a click or two below The Secret of Kells, but Song of the Sea spends more time than its predecessor on character development, offering a slightly more satisfying experience. This may be nitpicking, though, because both are lovely to look at, although this film is a lot cutesier, which may be an improvement or not."
68 T3 New York, I Love You (2009) - Nov 16, 2016
"There’s a lot of potential here, and while the majority of the eleven short films is fairly satisfying, none inspires a real wow, none really hits you in the gut in the manner of several chapters in Paris, je t’aime. A few, like the Hasidic jeweler scene and a Fatih Akin scene involving an aging painter and a Chinese herbalist, deliver some nice, romantic arrows to the heart, but most don’t swing hard enough for the fences, eliciting more of a “that’s nice” than a “holy moly.”"