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Location: honolulu, HI, USA

Bio: High-school teacher in Honolulu.
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75 50% A Star Is Born (1937) - Oct 18, 2018
"A Star is Born looks and feels like the popular movies of its time, but with a smart, strong woman taking the lead. Norman is no tragic hero—he’s not a hero at all—but he’s a man loved by a woman. Could his demise have been reversed by a woman like this, or by anyone? The film seems to think not, and as Norman travels along his beautiful, downward spiral, Esther goes along with him because someone has to try. "
92 96% Eighth Grade (2018) - Oct 12, 2018
"Because most of us were eighth-graders millions of years ago, we’re like Kayla’s dad. We see what a bright, interesting, resilient young woman Kayla is. Unlike Kayla, we also see that the young people around her, the popular kids throwing pool parties at their huge homes and the nerdy cousins and the handsome (barely pubescent) jocks all have their own growing pains. Which makes Eighth Grade one of the realest looking movies about pre-high-school I’ve ever seen. "
90 91% Puzzle (2018) - Oct 11, 2018
"I saw Puzzle five days after seeing Juliet, Naked, and they are nice complements. Both feature middle-aged women questioning their choices, wondering if it’s not too late for a do-over on some of them. I like both, but I like Puzzle quite a bit more. Whether it’s because of its puzzles theme, because it’s considerably more anguished, or because it leaves a bit more to the viewer to interpret doesn’t really matter to me; it’s probably all three."
61 17% The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) - Oct 10, 2018
"Are Audrey and Morgan looking at their former selves, these vapid and giggly twenty-somethings, kind of disgusted with what they see but experienced enough to manipulate it? Or are they looking at the idea of young women in movies, nearly completely useless in a genre almost always dominated by men? There’s something here, but my brain was too bored by the third act to try and put it all together."
27 1% Pitcher and the Pin-Up (2003) - Oct 05, 2018
"The story isn’t just loaded with cliché; it’s an uninterrupted string of clichés from beginning to end. I recently declared The Room the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but at least The Room is packed with stuff you’ve never seen before. I’d much rather watch The Room again. You might have to pay me to spend another evening with The Pitcher and the Pin-Up."
50 9% The Equalizer 2 (2018) - Oct 05, 2018
"Denzel in badass mode is great if he isn’t allowed to ham it up. Alas, the film is directed by Antoine Fuqua, and I haven’t seen all of his movies with Denzel, but I’ve seen Training Day, a film I dislike because Denzel hams it up like an Easter brunch. There were a couple of scenes in this one where I was half-certain McCall was about to proclaim at the top of his lungs that King Kong ain’t got s*** on him. I tolerated these couple of scenes because I like the rest of this film just fin"
55 12% The Happytime Murders (2018) - Oct 04, 2018
"I discovered the day after I saw this film that I laughed a lot harder telling someone else what’s in it than I did actually watching it. It appears to be hilarious in concept and even execution while awkward or grim in performance. Or something like that. Totally worth a free stream but I wouldn’t recommend paying movie theater prices for this. And keep the kids away!"
64 21% White Boy Rick (2018) - Oct 02, 2018
"It’s difficult to know how to feel about what happens to Rick Wershe, Jr. at the end of White Boy Rick, and this makes it difficult to decide how I feel about the movie. If the film wants us to take a side, I can’t tell which it is. This makes me dissatisfied with the film, which is a disappointment because I like and care about this character, and Richie Merritt as White Boy Rick does a nice job playing him. "
80 65% The Wife (2018) - Sep 30, 2018
"It’s a pretty good story, but the reason to see it is the acting, which is excellent without being especially pyrotechnic. I was really pleased to see Christian Slater as a wanna-be biographer tailing the Castlemans despite their open dislike of him. Slater brings his slimiest best, all the sneaky, sleazy acting that made him a Gen X icon, minus the rebellious self-righteousness. I won’t be surprised if there’s some supporting actor love for him at Oscar time."
91 94% The Bookshop (2017) - Sep 25, 2018
"I love this movie. I love Emily Mortimer’s quirky but dignified performance as Florence, and of course I love Bill Nighy whose Edmund Brundish has all kinds of locks begging to be sprung. I imagine this is the film people are thinking of when they say they dislike British films (it’s Spanish, but whatever). For me, it’s a desperately needed scratch of my long-neglected Merchant-Ivory itch and I can’t wait to see it again."