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Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Belgium

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Bio: I call the big one Bitey

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T6 Raw (2016) - Mar 27, 2017
T6 T2 Trainspotting (2017) - Mar 12, 2017
"Friendships are only as strong as the foundation they are built on. Years may pass and times may change, but that cloud of betrayal will always hang over your life, like a winter fog that never seems to clear. What remains is a lasting, if invisible scar; the memory of a shared past relived only through feelings of wistful longing and nostalgic contemplation. T2 skillfully taps into that well of memories with mostly pleasing results."
T4 John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Mar 07, 2017
"or: One more reason to hate Italians."
T1 The Happening (2008) - Mar 04, 2017
"It's only 11 am, but Marky Mark talking to a plastic plant has definitely been the highlight of my day so far."
T6 Silence (2016) - Feb 19, 2017
"We now return to INAPPROPRIATE MOMENTS DURING A SCREENING OF SILENCE: 1. Elderly woman 3 seats away from me dozing off after 40 minutes and snoring like an angry T-Rex 2. Ill-bred Neanderthal behind me masticating his popcorn like a starving camel 3. Devout agnostic (read: me) struggling to stifle a laugh as Jesus' voice is heard. Not even God could come up with such a perfectly ironic scenario."
T6 The Lego Batman Movie (2017) - Feb 18, 2017
"Everything is pretty okay!"
T6 The Salesman (2016) - Feb 12, 2017
"If I had to compare both, I'd say Kiarostami is the more challenging filmmaker, whereas Farhadi remains the superior storyteller. His direction is also something I've come to greatly admire ever since watching About Elly for the first time. From the actor's movement to the alternation of shots and efficient camera placements - every choice appears so effortless, when in fact it's so skillful. Somewhat ruined perhaps by a lazy ending but still worth a watch for any Farhadi enthusiast."
T9 American Honey (2016) - Feb 10, 2017
"A refreshingly authentic slice of teenage Americana, utterly compelling in its portrayal of a neglected youth living on the edge of the American Dream - an ideal not measured in terms of fame and fortune, but one that emphasizes community and independence gained by standing on one’s own two feet. The whole time, though, I kept waiting for that one all-encapsulating scene that would seal the deal for me, which luckily arrived by the film's ending. Loved the cast, and that soundtrack was dope!"
T3 Jackie (2016) - Feb 10, 2017
"Plays more like a straight-faced SNL episode than a sobering biographical drama, a mostly frivolous affair weighed down even further by a central performance that feels more like a surface-deep impersonation than a multi-faceted characterization. Much like that annoying party guest that does not know when to leave, Mica Levi's moody yet intrusive soundtrack added nothing but bloat to the already stale proceedings. Not sure why this character deserved her own movie to begin with."
T6 The Wind Will Carry Us (1999) - Feb 05, 2017
"My favourite parts of the film were Behzad's motorcycle rides with the doctor; short-lived scenes which in their brevity conveyed more truths and insights than most films do over their entire length. Unfortunately, the majority of the film left me with too much ambiguity for me to understand what happened exactly or why. Kiarostami light, if that's even a thing."