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Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Belgium

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Bio: I call the big one Bitey

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88% Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997) - Jul 20, 2018
"Dengler's survival tale is an amazing one, and it's told through the thoughtful and compassionate eye of a considerate and impassioned filmmaker. I say impassioned as Herzog's directorial choices in terms of storytelling, editing, and music were all great, at least compared to his later work like 'Into the Abyss' which I happened to have seen a few days ago and had left me somewhat disappointed. A definite must see!"
35% Into the Abyss (2011) - Jul 18, 2018
"Not sure what Herzog was going for here but talking heads documentaries can only hold my interest for so long, not to mention, this felt more like a crime investigation rather than a truly in depth look at life on death row and the issue of the death penalty itself. Not one of Herzog's strongest efforts but still worth a watch for fans of his work."
35% The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) - Jul 13, 2018
"I'd like to think this was supposed to be about the dark aftertaste of what war does to soldiers and how it affects them long after they've left the battlefield. Instead, we're saddled with some aimless antics of Stephenson getting wasted all the time, Homer learning a piano tune and a meandering romantic subplot that takes a hell of a long time to amount to anything even worthwhile. A respectable but mostly unremarkable effort from Wyler, of whom I was never a big fan to begin with."
76% Incredibles 2 (2018) - Jul 01, 2018
"Sequels are often hit or miss; creative bummers designed for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. Luckily, this long overdue sequel builds upon its predecessor's style and themes in such incredible fashion (no pun intended), it makes for what's undoubtedly the most entertaining movie so far this year. Despite a villain twist you can see coming a mile away and a somewhat underwhelming climax, this is a good time at the movies. Jack Jack will probably go down as the comic relief of the year."
35% The Holy Mountain (1973) - Jun 30, 2018
"While irritatingly on the nose, the film's major themes and ideas appealed to my personal sensibilities far more than a film of this sort has any right to. Call it a soft spot for the confrontational and thought-provoking. As impressive as it is exhausting, however, the fruit of Jodorowsky's insane vision will undoubtedly remain an acquired taste, but there's plenty to chew on here."
35% Rampage (2018) - Jun 26, 2018
"Incredibly stupid and fun, but it takes a while for the film to drop the serious act and revel in its glorious stupidity. The Rock for president 2020."
22% The Strange Thing About the Johnsons (2011) - Jun 13, 2018
"Not sure why this is being hailed as the shock of the century. The subversion of traditional family dynamics makes for a provocative and amusing watch, yet much like Munchausen, the initial impact eventually wears off as it leaves you with more answers than questions. The melodrama also becomes overwrought by the end. Despite shoddy production values, I'll take a weird and radical short like Beau any day over this."
35% Munchausen (2013) - Jun 12, 2018
"Not as memorable as Beau - despite me having a weak spot for silent films - but it's a well-crafted short with some nice visual touches. Featuring Bonnie 'Holly' Bedelia and Richard 'hey, that guy from all those movies!' Riehle."
56% Beau (2011) - Jun 11, 2018
"Regardless of whatever interpretation suits your own agenda, Beau is an engaging, puzzling and at times funny 6-minute short that provokes an undeniable fascination in the situation as it unfolds. This viewer is definitely hungry for more."
88% Planet Earth II (2016) - Jun 09, 2018
"I got the face-planting bobcat on repeat. THE FACE-PLANTING BOBCAT ON REPEAT. Constant y'all!"