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T6 Embrace of the Serpent (2015) - Jan 16, 2017
"Ignorant western explorers ditch married life in search of the Amazon's most sacred (read: awesome) hallucinogen, only to lose their sanity and cause the decay of the native culture in the process. 10/10, would ditch again."
10 T10 Close-Up (1990) - Jan 15, 2017
"A brilliant and deeply insightful exploration of identity and identification, and the often thin line between reality and fiction. Watching it, I was immediately reminded of what Roger Ebert famously once said about movies: It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it. Loved, loved, loved this film."
T9 Rosetta (1999) - Jan 15, 2017
"Driven by an unquenchable will for a normal existence, Rosetta reveals herself as a likeable character with clear, understandable motives and the harsh reality from which she desperately wishes to escape allows us to recognize, although not condone, her extreme behavior and questionable morals. Although their familiar formula has become stale and repetitive by now, it's nice seeing it executed so well."
T8 When the Wind Blows (1986) - Jan 15, 2017
"Jesus fuck, this movie just creeps up on you, like a dark, foreboding storm cloud on a summer afternoon. Not having read the source material, I thought I'd be witnessing this naive old couple foolishly react to some sort of mock government drill, rather than the actual scenario unfolding around them, a tragedy rendered all the more devastating through the sincere and honest depiction of its hopelessly oblivious characters. A sad little gem."
T8 Nocturnal Animals (2016) - Jan 11, 2017
"An engaging, well-told story of long-gestating revenge, not the kind of callous, violent retribution as apparent in the film's seamlessly integrated framing device, but one that is rooted in a more solemn, psychological sentiment. Performances are top notch across the board, notably Gyllenhaal who deftly navigates dual roles and Taylor-Johnson - words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence - as a depraved and vile maniac. Along with A Single Man, that makes it two for two for Ford so far."
T6 UHF (1989) - Jan 10, 2017
"Not the laugh a minute riot I was hoping for - which might've been the case had it gone full blown parody - but still a harmless, enjoyable romp with a handful of laugh out loud moments. [FLIPPING EAGERLY THROUGH THE YELLOW PAGES] Now let's see: spatula, spatula,..."
T6 Hardcore Henry (2016) - Jan 09, 2017
"Accomplishes the not so easy task of being both incredibly fun and incredibly stupid at the same time. So while the movie will most likely gain a following among scruffy-haired pubescent boys who have just discovered the opposite sex, it's all done in good fun, with a surprising amount of panache and deceptive simplicity that belies its inventive and technical complexity. Rock on!"
T1 Foodfight (2012) - Jan 08, 2017
"Because what better way to teach your kids about the atrocities of the Holocaust than having your favourite household brands duke it out with their Third Reich inspired counterparts. But even if you look past its shameless propaganda, blatantly offensive racial stereotypes and thinly veiled sexual innuendos, this is an utterly joyless and godawful looking pile of junk that made me want to gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty spork. You've been warned."
T3 Home (2016) - Jan 06, 2017
"In expectedly toothless fashion, Troch strips bear the ambivalences, anxieties and parental tensions inherent in our contemporary perspective, yet the reality presented - most of which seems to involve mopey characters going about their dull lives - feels excessively exploited for the sake of dramatic effect. Ironically, the end result is distinctly underwhelming, despite the challenging fusion of both experienced and fresh talent involved. A shame about that awesome Johnny Jewel soundtrack."
T1 The Skydivers (1963) - Jan 05, 2017
"We'll fix it in post! – Coleman Francis"