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100 90% Toy Story 3 (2010) - Rated 25 Jun 2010
"Prepare for one emotional trip. Throughout the years Pixar has made us part of Woody and the gang. And seeing Andy all grown up affects not just the toys, but us as well. Non-stop laughs, and moments where you'll wanna cry. Fantastic. Worth the 10 year wait. So worth it."
86 42% G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"I remember my younger brother and i yelling "SNAKE EYES!" as he jumped, no wait, DOVE, out of a chopper into battle. It touched my childhood soft spot. There were some weak points. But in the end it played out good. YO JOE!"
90 54% The Descent (2005) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"Solid on every level. You'd thing it's crud till you actually start to feel the claustrophobic feeling of the film and it's setting. And to make things worst, mutated mofo's get in on it and try to chomp everyone up. Solid Thriller. Heck of an adventure. Don't miss out!"
10 3% Elektra (2005) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
85 36% Horton Hears a Who! (2008) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"Man, sometimes you just gots to lend a helping hand. No matter what people say to you, or of you. Props to you Horton! you hella funny too"
1% Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"Transformed into a trashcan. A shiny shiny shiny shiny traschan! But you know, that all that lies inside is utter garbage."
95 71% Ponyo (2008) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"A beautiful story told in such a way any age could appreciate and enjoy."
89 44% Apocalypto (2006) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
0% House of the Dead (2003) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"The first zombie movie that will turn you into a zombie. In the sense that you'll turn brain-dead."
100 90% Shutter (2004) - Rated 24 Jun 2010
"FUCK DAT SHIT! This turned me and the 2 biggest dudes you can imagine, into school yard girls."