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Bio: "The complete filmgoer is open to the movie on the screen, and asks it to work in its own ways for its own purposes. He does not fault one for not being the other, but is grateful for both if they are successful." - Roger Ebert, Review of "Keane" (2004)

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77 51% The Lake House (2006) - Feb 07, 2023
"Schmaltzy romance is a complete contrivance, but once you accept the time travel premise as a flexible, fuzzy device to keep Reeves and Bullock apart (and not designed to stand up to close logical scrutiny), it’s an enjoyable ride, with the two stars a convincing and likable couple, backed by a fine support cast (not to mention McCartney's Oscar fishing music). Might have had a greater impact with a more poignant and wistful finale, but the capitulation to corn and sentiment works good enough!"
63 22% Without a Paddle (2004) - Feb 07, 2023
"Passably silly, contrived spin on CITY SLICKERS (spiced with DELIVERANCE) has some decent chuckles, and coasts on the winning comic energy of the three stars, even if they are not particularly believable as life-long friends; suffers primarily from catering to both the on-the-lam plot, as well as the treasure hunt – cut one of these out, and the film might have been capable of better comic momentum. Ultimately a fairly painless watch."
43 7% Bubble Boy (2001) - Feb 06, 2023
"Strange, tonally odd comedy that uneasily mixes satire, grotesquery and gross-out; the unresolved tension between the competing styles means the film never sparks to life, despite some amusing ideas and a pair of terrific performances from Gyllenhaal and (especially) Kurtz, who seem to be the only people on either side of the camera who know what they're doing, and go for it with both guns blazing. Aggressive and mean spirited deployment of racial stereotypes drag the film down from a pass."
78 53% Colombiana (2011) - Feb 05, 2023
"Give me Saldana as the next James Bond and I won’t complain... as expected from the legendary Megaton, this is a loud, ugly, often incoherent actioner largely relying on Saldana to both deliver as action hero and hold the enterprise together, which she manages with great style and class; covers similar ground to the concurrent SALT and HANNA, but it is Saldana’s work that elevates the film above those; she even manages to make the finale modestly moving."
83 67% Navalny (2022) - Feb 05, 2023
"Better if taken as a straight up thriller than anything approaching a probing investigative piece, this is still an engrossing, immensely entertaining shallow dive into the nefarious wheeling and dealings in Putin’s Russia, with a few moments of chance happenstance which elevate the film a little further (the telephone conversation is a legitimately brilliant jaw-dropper which almost feels too good to be true). Helps that Navalny himself is such a seductive and engaging focal point."
79 56% Death Race (2008) - Feb 04, 2023
"Straight-up shot of action trash adrenaline pulled off with more style and bonhomie than expected from Anderson; expect no surprises here, but a fun cast seeming to enjoy themselves, and some absurdly over-the-top car wrecks (and gleefully blood-thirsty violence) makes this a minor winner, and further cements Statham as, if not this generation’s Schwarzenegger, then definitely a Norris. Try not to weep for a wasted Allen (though “shitting on the sidewalk” is a hilarious, if puzzling, insult)."
55 13% RRR (2022) - Feb 04, 2023
"Splashy, extravagant (typically Bollywood) production is fun for about an hour, with the film almost maintaining its tension between the absurdity of its scale and the emotional lives of its characters; becomes too much of a good thing, with some impressively staged action scenes becoming too noisy and hectic, and even starting to resemble a video game once the CGI becomes more noticeable in the later stages. Quite well performed, and Stevenson and Doody are a terrific set of hissable villains."
69 33% Valley Girl (1983) - Feb 04, 2023
"A noble effort to escape the doldrums of 80s teen comedies can’t hit the heights of say RISKY BUSINESS, but does endeavour to present its hormonally charged cast of characters as authentically as possible, helped by Cage and Foreman who make a likable pair. Frustrating that there is a lack of tension and conflict in the story as it plays out, spending too much time on vignettes involving Foreman’s friends, while neglecting the true stand-outs in Forrest and Camp as the hippie-ish parents."
70 35% Splinter (2008) - Feb 03, 2023
"Fast-paced horror workout is enjoyable and entertaining enough; outside of one well executed Chekov’s amputation, there’s not a great deal here that’s memorable; pulled off with requisite style by Wilkins (niggle: the queasy-cam at the climax makes it (deliberately?) difficult to see what’s going on) and performed well by its starring trio, though the screenplay never develops its characters particularly well, making their climactic sacrifices lack a certain oomph. Fun, disposable entertainment."
87 76% Belle de jour (1967) - Feb 03, 2023
"Fascinating, remarkably linear (and straightforward) effort from Buñuel serves as glossy tribute to Deneuve, as well as an excuse for Buñuel’s usual pot-shots at the “bourgeoisie”, especially their sexual mores and conservatism (personified in wily Piccoli’s brilliant support work). That it is so straightforward and accessible makes it a more satisfying film, though it arguably sacrifices the mystique of Buñuel’s more surreal efforts; beautifully framed and photographed."