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Member Since: Oct 21, 2010

Location: Australia

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Bio: "The complete filmgoer is open to the movie on the screen, and asks it to work in its own ways for its own purposes. He does not fault one for not being the other, but is grateful for both if they are successful." - Roger Ebert, Review of "Keane" (2004)
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64 20% Battle of the Bulge (1965) - Oct 18, 2019
"So-so entry in the all-star war film lacks a "starry" cast (though heavy hitters Fonda and Shaw are a welcome presence); epic scale battle sequences are impressively mounted but go on forever, leaving its cast largely overwhelmed. Tellingly, the best moments come in the first hour when Shaw and Peters create a wonderful tension as they talk out the approaches to the battle itself; more of this may have made the film a little more compelling."
24 1% Hulk (2003) - Oct 18, 2019
"An utter misfire; mystifying given the considerable talent on both sides of the camera - Lee tries to bring some high-end prestige to this comic book adaptation but pretentious, irritating gimmicks grow old fast (I imagine the controversial split-screens are designed to emulate comic book panels). Badly performed by all and sundry; Elliott and Nolte seem to be competing for who can be the shoutiest, but at least they are present, compared to Bana and Connelly's complete disengagement."
92 81% Netemo sametemo (2018) - Oct 18, 2019
"Beautifully crafted saga tells an unusual (if not always credible) tale of romantic obsession and infatuation, making some pertinent and interesting observations along the way on the notion of fantasy vs ideals, and how projections of the personalities of others can often clash uneasily with our own; Asako's uncertain journeying through her relationships with Baku and Ryohei are certainly intriguing and thought provoking. Beautifully performed by both leads, and stunningly photographed at times."
73 36% 3 Mile Limit (2014) - Oct 17, 2019
"Low-key but likable comedy dealing with the personal and political machinations of a New Zealand "Pirate Radio" lacks a certain fire and energy that would have made it more memorable; it never quite manages to evoke its era in the way Rob Sitch's THE DISH does (which this tries to emulate in its way). While not technically accomplished, the cast are fine, with Whelan striking the right notes as the "gang leader" matched against Aston's supercillious Government minister. Predictable but fun."
28 2% Anuranan (2006) - Oct 16, 2019
"Weak and ineffectual meditation on love, romance and fate is hampered by a dull and meandering first half, laboriously setting up Bose and Sengupta's relationship (with a lot of domestic details which don't seem necessary); the second half dealing with some significant disruptions to their connection is more interesting, but still pretty contrived and melodramatic. Hurt by some poor post-dubbing (especially the "Eastern" cast members) and generally dull performances."
70 28% The Flintstones (1994) - Oct 16, 2019
"With its mix of kid-friendly sensibilities and relatively risqué adult content (Halle Berry wtf?), this endearingly strange adaptation of the iconic TV show does a lot of things right - cast to perfection (Goodman is ideal), and Bedrock is a beautifully designed practical location. The best elements (scene-stealing comic relief from Taylor, satirical points about middle management) are also the most incongruous, especially in this ostensible "kiddie" film. Runs out of steam in the final third."
62 17% Adventure (1945) - Oct 16, 2019
"Odd, lurching film packs enough dizzying plot points into its prologue to satisfy five movies; becomes more enjoyable once it settles down into the not-quite screwball romance between Garson and Gable, who are well matched but struggle with the slapdash, sprawling story-telling (with one shot clearly meant to invoke Fleming's own GWTW!) Ultimately fun enough to watch these two at work, but the film itself is a lumpy, unsatisfying mess."
45 6% Fantastic Four (2015) - Oct 16, 2019
"Retool and reboot of the franchise is not especially *bad*, just a very dull and uninspired film, especially surprising coming as it does in the cycle of "peak" MCU films. Everyone here is going through the motions, missing even the modestly clever repartee from the Gruffold/Chiklis cycle (Bell is a particularly bland incarnation of The Thing). There's something about these GUARDIAN-lite characters which remain engaging, but the shoddy CGI and listless performances make this a bit of a snooze."
71 30% Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) - Oct 14, 2019
"Enjoyable sequel is a bright and cheery entertainment, tightly and efficiently made (coming in at under 90 minutes) and served competently by its cast. Some clunky one-liners, and an ugly and illogical characterisation of Alba's character and mind-set in the early stages, are minor missteps for this otherwise benign and zippy piece of entertainment."
71 30% El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Oct 13, 2019
"What boils down to an unnecessary and redundant capper to a masterpiece of television is done with the first-class spit and polish you would expect from both Gilligan and Paul, but this really plays more like a "lost episode" rather than a fully fledged feature, which ultimately goes too long to a foregone conclusion. Still it's entertaining and extremely well acted by its support cast; lovely sequences with Forster (RIP) and a genuinely tense western-style showdown are highlights."