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Celluloid Junkie - 4815 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 21, 2010

Location: Australia

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Bio: "The complete filmgoer is open to the movie on the screen, and asks it to work in its own ways for its own purposes. He does not fault one for not being the other, but is grateful for both if they are successful." - Roger Ebert, Review of "Keane" (2004)
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71 31% Intouchables (2011) - Jun 29, 2020
"Unfortunately for this viewer, THE UPSIDE planted its flag first - this is still an enjoyable if too leisurely buddy-movie which never really digs into the class (and race relation) ideas that it timidly raises - using a character's sexuality as an awkward payoff to a laboured running gag is another detriment. Cluzet and Sy work well together, but don't share the same chemistry of Cranston and Hart in the remake. Hard to tell if this would get a higher score without the remake so fresh in mind."
98 93% Santa sangre (1989) - Jun 29, 2020
"Far more coherent and disciplined than TOPO or MOUNTAIN and all the better for it - this masterpiece feels like the ultimate distillation of all AJ's creative obsessions and cinematic influences - this unholy mix of Hitchcock and Fellini (shot through with Almodovar sensibilities) still stands as its own twisted, ghoulish thing. The style is everything here, with the actors largely left to merely inhabit their scenes, though Guerra's imposing presence is impressive work by any standard."
90 77% Contratiempo (2016) - Jun 27, 2020
"Nimble and twisty thriller is great fun, taking direct cues from Hitchcock (even if the slavish imitation during one key disposal scene is a little distracting); performers are largely captive to the machinations of Paulo's dense plotting, though Casas, Wagener and Coronado all bring flair to their plot pawns (would love a remake with Affleck-Mirren-Giamatti, make this happen!) Plays reasonably fair, even if it skirts the truth on the "objectivity" of some plot points."
82 58% The Last Waltz (1978) - Jun 27, 2020
"Intensely monotonous filming of less a "farewell" concert than a "fuck off" one; coming at a bleak time in everyone's life, this is still a fascinating portrait of the final chunder from the hangover of the "Summer of Love", with Scorsese going to great pains to depict the coldness between all involved, even while spotlighting some great performances (Muddy Waters bringing down the house is the highlight). Not a pleasant experience, but a very evocative one so on that basis it is a success!"
37 4% Shaolin Soccer (2001) - Jun 27, 2020
"Obnoxious, over-stated sports saga has an intriguing premise, but is projected by Chow and his cast at such a LOUD volume that its featherweight story and characterisations buckle and eventually become tiresome. Some impressively balletic soccer stunts liven things up from time-to-time, leading to the inevitable "gag-reel" - an awkward assemblage of actors flubbing their lines and screaming. That's entertainment!"
89 75% 2040 (2019) - Jun 27, 2020
"On the face of it, this may prompt the question "do we need another climate change documentary?" but Gameau's effort deserves lauding (and distinction) for taking a page from Michael Moore's WHERE DO WE INVADE NEXT by presenting practical and appealing solutions to the dystopic questions raised, and employing a range of equally enthusiastic (and optimistic) talking heads to walk us through the implementation of such ideas. Well-filmed and truly heartfelt, this is a real treat."
83 61% Years and Years (2019) - Jun 27, 2020
"Novel sci-fi spin on the typical historical family saga starts exceptionally well, with an appropriately bleak and grim tone (an unsettling, unrelenting score sets the mood perfectly). At its best contrasting the horrors of this future with the mundanities of domestic life, but loses its way somewhat in later episodes, becoming too obvious (a man having an affair can't stop his head from turning?) Well performed by a fine cast; Thompson's Trumpesque rabble-rouser predictably steals scenes."
69 27% Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995) - Jun 27, 2020
"Spirited horror film is too derivative of other iconic works, and takes an eternity to get moving, but once it kicks into gear, it's a fun, wild ride, even if some of the wildness feels pinched by its surrender to 90s TV tropes (minus the profanity and awkward tit shots, this could be an extended BUFFY episode). Distinguished by its performers, with Zane the highlight as the ruthless, flamboyant villain; proves the adage that any movie with Dick Miller is better than one without!"
72 34% Nekrotronic (2018) - Jun 26, 2020
"Entertaining sci-fi/horror mashup, through an Edgar Wright lens, starts very well, with O'Toole and Savea a well-matched team and a close to perfect balance of wacky comedy and horror from Roache-Turner's steady hand to keep things interesting. Loses its spark and becomes more familiar at the mid-point, becoming a more standard action film, with some awkward exposition inserted to cater to hurried "world building". Still an effective taster to be curious as to what comes next from Roache-Turner."
73 37% The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) - Jun 26, 2020
"A weak Hitchcock is still usually as strong as others' better entries, but a curious feeling of malaise hangs over this film from behind the camera, dulling the generally fine performances (Stewart and Day make a terrific team, with Day especially proving her dramatic chops). Sluggish pacing means the significant MacGuffin of the kid feels low-stakes, and a final act shoe-horning "oh, did you know my wife can sing?" brings film to a shuddering halt when it should be building steam."