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95 T10 Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) - 14 Jun 2015
100 T10 Far from Heaven (2002) - 06 Jun 2015
"A truly tremendous picture. Pumped for Carol now."
90 T9 The Great White Silence (1924) - 05 Jun 2015
"This documentary really switches gears at the hour mark. After watching the delightful rompings of penguins and seals, I was not prepared for the film's dour final third. The Great White Silence is a powerful historical record of courage and daring."
T1 Screwed (2000) - 05 Jun 2015
80 T6 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) - 04 Jun 2015
"Lehman and Albee's script is extremely tight for the first two thirds of the film, but just as the movie begins to climax, it loses some of that glorious nuance in favor of broader theatrical notes that, while interesting, don't ring quite true to life."
80 T6 Jupiter Ascending (2015) - 31 May 2015
"I guess the only way to describe this movie would be that it's like if you took all five seasons of Game of Thrones and condensed it down to two hours of dragons, white walkers, and battles with no attempt to tell any sort of coherent story or explain how these elements connected within the universe. That being said, the movie is really entertaining in the "how is this actually a movie" sort of way."
90 T9 Chappie (2015) - 30 May 2015
"So bad it's great. A big budget clusterfuck of an adventure."
85 T8 After Hours (1985) - 26 May 2015
"What a strange, strange film."