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95 T10 The Untold History of the United States (2012) - Oct 20, 2017
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely. "
95 T10 Half in the Bag (2011) - Oct 14, 2017
90 T8 re:View (2016) - Oct 14, 2017
92 T9 Mr. Plinkett's the Star Wars Awakens Review (2016) - Oct 14, 2017
"very insightful and hilarious. makes me want to vomit in terror at what disney is doing."
89 T7 The Gifted (2017) - Oct 11, 2017
"off to a great start.. likeable and engaging cast"
48 T2 Inhumans (2017) - Oct 06, 2017
"meh.. episode 3 is a bit better than 1 and 2 when we start learning motivations for the leads actions. this should have been in flashbacks in the premiere. "
44 T2 Will & Grace (1998) - Oct 01, 2017
"In 2017, it seems so dated and ridiculous to showcase everything through some stereotypical "gay" lens. There are dozens of shows now with characters, that just happen to be gay - like having red hair. In the 2017 restart premiere, Jack gets them into the White House because "all secret service members are gay" and has slept with many of them. Wakka Wakka folks! GLAAD should be outraged."
25 T1 Star Trek: Discovery (2017) - Sep 25, 2017
"[Based on 4 episodes] As a life long fan, this is so terrible that I'm personality insulted. It's like a TV version of ID4 resurgence with TNG sound effects and more clich├ęs than you can imagine possible in 46 minutes. Terrible performances. Boring and unlikable fake smarty pants lead. Go watch The Orville instead. Update: upping score 1 point cuz it's fun to "hate watch" it. Positive reviews of this garbage are on the payroll or don't want to start a culture war."
94 T9 DuckTales (2017) - Sep 23, 2017
"Love the art style. Each frame is like a comic strip. Loving the adult level jokes and irony. The pilot had more character development in the first 30 minutes than I've seen an most recent movies. The nephews now have their own distinct personalities and are true main characters instead of side kicks. "
87 T7 The Orville (2017) - Sep 18, 2017
"Revisiting after 5 episodes. After an initial silly pilot episode, starting with ep2, it really really gets into the TNG vibe. Each episode gets better and better and they quickly found a good balance of compelling character development, story telling, likable cast, humor, and heart - all things Star Trek: Discovery is severely lacking. Mischaracterized as a spoof or satire, this an loving homage to Star Trek's optimism, humanity, and regular people in extraordinary situations."