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80 T5 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013) - Mar 25, 2018
"i sorta liked this one and was disappointed it got canceled. they should have aired it during the breaks between the original ONCE instead of airing it later in the weeks during the same season. "
78 T5 The Flash (2014) - Mar 25, 2018
"overall i enjoy it enough to watch. some episodes are pretty well done. i like the overall cast and campy nature it occasionally embrasses. the legends of tomorrow spinoff is a bit more interesting though though. "
88 T7 Krypton (2018) - Mar 25, 2018
"i really enjoyed the pilot. dark and mature tone w/ interesting characters. writing is better than some of the recent big budget sci fi specticals out there (i'm looking at you ST:DIS and Star Wars)."
86 T6 Altered Carbon (2018) - Feb 14, 2018
"Completed S1. I really enjoyed it.. more so towards the last part of the season. very interesting concepts of life and mortality. i didn't like the lady cop that much but she warmed up a bit towards the end. the rest of the cast was spot on.. good acting. excellent story and world building, great fight scenes and visuals are amazing. very original and had me guessing and rewinding throughout to pick up on things i probably missed."
78 T5 Saving Capitalism (2017) - Dec 29, 2017
55 T2 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Dec 15, 2017
"The tone was all over the place.. pointless scenes. Yuck yuck humor. I felt like I was watching Austin Powers-like farce in places. Mark Hamill went full camp in the tree scene. All while against a LONG clock lets them travel the galaxy to find what they need. Take in the sights, play a few slots, then oh ya get back and save the day only to not and go off on another mission. Oi. Makes me appreciate the prequels much more. A total mess. "
73 T4 Assassin's Creed (2016) - Nov 20, 2017
"I don't understand the bad reviews. I rather enjoyed it. I thought they stayed true to the aesthetics and choreography of the games. I think the prologue could have used a tweak and Jasper Kyd score would have been awesome."
55 T2 Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) - Nov 20, 2017
"i think i'll go back and watch the original animated series. "
70 T3 Eraser (1996) - Nov 20, 2017
95 T10 The Untold History of the United States (2012) - Oct 20, 2017
"Stunning and shockingly depressing. This series should be required viewing but the power elites and bankers would never allow it, most Americans are taught some cartoon simple version of their history that reinforces a righteous narrative while in truth the blood of millions has been spilled for profit and ego."