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Seasons: 4, Episodes: 36|Episode List


2016 - 2022
Drama, Sci-fi
TV Series
1h 2m
A series inspired by the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings. (imdb)
Franchise: Westworld
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Man, I tried to get into this. Rating is based on the first three episodes. I will say this as positives : some great imagery and casting. But it disobeys every fundamental rule of decent writing - I'd be hard-pressed to find a single scene that doesn't feature tedious exposition and bloated, empty ideas. And there's zero humanity or humor in any of it. And total miscalculation in tone. There's absolutely no pleasure in watching this show, so here I stop. What a waste of actors and concept.
Much more horrific than the original film. It used to be that malfunctioning robots would just hunt you down and shoot you. Nowadays they slowly bore you to death with pretentious dialogue.
After a promising start, the only word I can think of to describe this series is: bloated. Watching most things attached to the Nolan brothers is like looking at something externally beautiful, but absolutely lifeless at its core. You can throw trite philosophical questions, some post-modernist leanings, and an amazing cast together, but it doesn't mean it will be wildly successful, and this endeavor is most certainly not. The pace is glacial, the stakes are low, and it's just boring¯_(?)_/¯
Tips over into taking itself too seriously at times, and some of the writing is shameless exposition dumping, but S1 is fantastic in large part due to Hopkins (S1 score is 85-90ish). I appreciated the nods to the original film, Jurassic Park, GoT and Trevor from GTA V. Would loved to have seen some billionaire griefer stalking Ed Harris screaming incoherent homophobic slurs. S2 is a disappointing mess but has a couple of episodes that are 10/10, S3 is as bad as GoT S8. Stopped watching after S3.
It's a bit overbearing and borders being pretentious but man is the acting directing and cinematography amazing. Probably the best pilot I have seen. We will see if the story holds up but good to go so far. Update through eight episodes, and it hasn't slacked off. Its thoughtful and dreamy, but clinical and cold. Best show on TV right now.
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