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Member Since: Aug 11, 2015

Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Bio: I'm great fan of movies & music. I have my personal library of films collection.

Movies! Talk about them and I go crazy. I simply love watching movies and talking about them. Surely, there are numerous movie buffs around. If you're the one movie maniac who loves all the filmy gossips then you just gotta give it a start and believe me you'll get amazing stuff.

I like Action » Adventure » Animation » Comedy » Documentary » Drama » Family » Fantasy » History » Horror » Music » Musical » Mystery » Romance » Sci-Fi » Sport » Thriller » War » Western genres.
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100 89% Red 2 (2013) - Sep 02, 2015
"Former CIA black-ops agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his old partner, Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), are caught in the grip of retirement -- but that soon changes when a powerful Cold War weapon known as Nightshade resurfaces decades after its disappearance. With assassins hot on their trail, Frank and his team set out to find the one scientist (Anthony Hopkins) who can unravel the mystery of Nightshade and help them save themselves -- and the world."
95 60% Madagascar (2005) - Aug 27, 2015
" When penguins sabotage the ship, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria find themselves washed ashore on the exotic island of Madagascar. Now, these native New Yorkers have to figure out how to survive in the wild and discover the true meaning of the phrase "It's a jungle out there."
98 76% Ransom (1996) - Sep 15, 2015
"Tom Mullen a multi-millionaire whose son is kidnapped, while he starts following the instructions he figures out that there is no plan for him to get his son returned, so he goes to extreme levels to out play the kidnappers. Good performance from Gibson showing great intensity against the kidnappers."
93 45% All You've Got (2006) - Sep 12, 2015
"R&B star Ciara plays troubled teen Becca in this comedy, which follows in the footsteps of BRING IT ON. A volleyball player at her upscale private high school, Becca is troubled by her famous father's absence at her games. Moreover, when the school burns down and all the privileged girls have to transfer to a "ghetto" school, the volleyball team really has to earn its stripes."
95 60% Universal Soldier: The Return (1999) - Aug 29, 2015
"Jean-Claude Van Damme returns as cybernetic warrior Luc Deveraux in this sequel to the 1992 action hit. After barely surviving his experiences as apart-human/part-robot Universal Soldier, Luc has opted to stay out of the front lines and work with a military project to refine and perfect the system. However, something goes wrong, and S.E.T.H. (Michael Jai White), the android supercomputer leading the new breed of soldiers, suddenly develops a murderous mind of his own. Luc only can stop them."
95 60% Home Alone (1990) - Aug 26, 2015
"Comedy starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister's wish to be free of his family is realised when they accidentally set off without him for a Christmas break in Paris. Suddenly finding himself home alone, Kevin's efforts to cope with the household chores are hindered by two inept criminals attempting a robbery."
100 89% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Aug 30, 2015
"The Dark Knight Rises is not so much a superhero flick as it is a tense crime drama--grounded in a strong semblance of reality despite the flapping capes. For the most part, Christopher Nolan eschews CGI whiz-bang for gritty realism here, and the result is a compelling but not altogether "fun" piece of cinema."
100 89% Mulan (1998) - Feb 04, 2016
"The period from 1989 to 1999 is generally regarded as the Renaissance decade. Released towards the end of it in 1998, Mulan was another great success. Its winning combination of beauty and brains- lavish animation, stirring songs and a solid story- have made it another Disney classic today."
100 89% Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) - Sep 02, 2015
"A princess learns the truth about a toxic forest and battles an evil ruler's plans to destroy it."
95 60% Out of Sight (1998) - Aug 25, 2015
"George Clooney a career bank robber who prides himself on never having robbed a single bank with a gun. Of course that doesn't prevent Jack from getting arrested and thrown in prison over and over again. When Jack plots a jailbreak from his latest incarceration, he encounters U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez), who has come to the same prison to pick up a prisoner for transport. After interfering in the jailbreak, Karen is abducted by Jack."