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65 19% 25th Hour (2002) - Rated 21 Dec 2012
"Everything about this film is colloquial and nuanced-from Norton's unchecked performance to Seymour Hoffman's apparent crippling and acute social anxiety. There was also a handful of unforgettable moments-ranging from Norton's rancorous monologue on the NY's state of society to the denouement wherein a hypothetical suggestion from Norton's father to book it for Canada and live happily ever-after was proposed. Very loose and restless editing bogged down the power this film might have had."
73 38% The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - Rated 13 Dec 2012
"Although the plot device and character development of the film isn't crystallized and refined as it could've been, the comprehensive premise of the direction it advanced down fared onwards undaunted and unencumbered. Woven into the web of late 90's simulated reality films engaged in an wholly vicarious nature; it unfortunately was bestowed under the imperious shadow that The Matrix seemed to cast upon other films that define this particular era. However, it still stands as a rousing narrative."
75 44% Cashback (2006) - Rated 02 Sep 2012
"Capricious in it's execution, it managed to maintain a pleasant glibness that accompanied a equanimity of metaphysicality and corporeal realism. The film wasn't molded to a succinct identity, and instead decided to take on a manifold of distinct personalities and gyrated around a pendulum of a blackened artisan comedy orbiting the crass orthodoxy of a vacuous kitch. In essence, it's a visually bursting film with a uniquely moving perspective of the female anatomy and form ."
73 38% The Science of Sleep (2006) - Rated 28 Aug 2012
"Gondry definitely carried on the light of his childhood spirit here, haphazardly guiding us through a confounding panoply of Stephane's underlying dream psychology and created eclectic and exuberant milieus of quirky "in the clouds" playhouses whilst unveiling a perplexing disconnect between reality and dreams altogether. Although the film is delightfully imaginative and compelling in deducting the ramifications of unrequited love, it was addled with a lack of focus detracting from its' charm."
80 53% Hoffa (1992) - Rated 17 Aug 2012
"While stylistically the film isn't contextualized to procure a inner-directed window into the background motivations of Jimmy Hoffa's tireless character; it devotes the bulk of it's content to the unrestrained verbosity and the astutely ossified efforts of Hoffas onerous ultimatum: A man who not only sheds blood, sweat, and tears for the Union; but his conviction to the Teamsters transcends the safekeeping of his own family and self-interests. Jack Nicholson glows with an halo of arrant passion."
93 85% Andrei Rublev (1966) - Rated 11 Aug 2012
"Andrei Rublev is a roughly concocted and unadulterated monolithic personage of Russia's putatively known greatest iconographic painter. It artfully renders a loose juxtaposition via a chronological chapter-based plot arc with a contoured approach to Rublev's artistic triumph's and religiously-affiliated transgressions superimposed by an adroitly crafted chronicle of medieval Russia's tumultuous episodes and chaos-laden trajectories. A visionary tale of the incessant mutiny amid art and religion."
75 44% To Die For (1995) - Rated 04 Aug 2012
"Kidman stars as a woman sharply attuned to her own needs and dreams, projecting herself into the role of a ruthless seductress feeding a young mans' sexual and emotional attachments while simultaneously furthering her own and crude and insidious interests. The mockumentary framework worked surprisingly well despite its porously allotted pattern. An otherwise traditional drama that engaged rather unconventional elements in the vein of the dark humor elicited from a "black-widow" archetype."
80 53% Valhalla Rising (2010) - Rated 03 Aug 2012
"Valhalla Rising seamlessly floats in a stasis of silence and the incorporeal; it extrapolates an indissoluble tryst between man and civilization, Pagan polytheism and sycophantic Christian Crusaders collide in a thematic primeval allegory. The misty eldritch imagery conjures aberrant visions of an ascension into the vaporous Macabre underworld of OneEye's clairvoyant prophecies. It's a numbingly experimental trip into an altogether verdant hallucinatory universe."
74 41% Examined Life (2008) - Rated 02 Aug 2012
"The setting of New York City for philosophical discourses concerning life on realist introspections proved applicable. In this circumstance all speaking segments weren't treated equally and there was a clear emphasis on the more compelling interviewées. The art direction adhered to a condensed approach and wasn't as aesthetically cultivated juxtaposed to other documentary films with dialectic philosophical substance. Nonetheless, it's a construct that I would like to see pursued more often."
62 14% Dead Poets Society (1989) - Rated 02 Aug 2012
"After achingly awaiting for the film to roll out its ostensibly predictable conclusion, I had a revelatory contention. The crux, the zenith, the crest of the stilted arrangement comprised only the first hour of the film. In a mawkish flash after absorbing an outburst of substance, the film for me ended, period. Laterally, the sole purpose in any continual viewing was to observe through an aperture remaining factors of fecundity. The rest was a glib and mottled plunge into glossed inertia."