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80 85% Another Year Another Year (2010) - Rated 05 Mar 2011
"Mike Leigh probably though that we didn't undestand what he tried to explain with Happy-Go-Lucky, now he tells the very same thing with a much tougher and disturbing way in Another Year."
70 43% The Invention of Lying The Invention of Lying (2009) - Rated 07 Dec 2010
"Really creative idea where the audience can easily adapt to a completely different & weird world. But has a weak and stereotype story."
75 65% Sarmaşık Sarmaşık (2015) - Rated 13 Dec 2015
"Great naval fiction with solid references to modern-Turkey and classic naval literature -which were harmonized nearly flawless-"
65 27% Alps Alps (2011) - Rated 04 Oct 2012
"One of the characters says; "I'm only hard on you for your own good." in the movie. And I'm asking Lanthimos; "Why are you so hard on us?""
76 71% The Adventures of Tintin The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Rated 05 Nov 2011
"May be there was a little unnecessarily redundant action but applauds to Spielberg and his fellows for preserving and reflecting Herge's spirit to the motion picture almost flawlessly with this postmodern Tintin."
75 65% Before Midnight Before Midnight (2013) - Rated 17 Feb 2014
"This stupid so called feminist protagonist is gonna make me a real feminist, she's only humiliating the feminine part of the puzzle with her poor and cliche arguments against male."
72 52% Zikkimin Koku Zikkimin Koku (1995) - Rated 22 Jun 2011
"A nice adaptation from the memoirs of Muzaffer Izgu with the succesful portrait of local town."
80 85% Dark City Dark City (1998) - Rated 12 Mar 2011
"Regretfull for the days I've passed without watching this one. Yes."