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75 56% I Dismember Mama (2000) - Apr 17, 2022
"Saul Kent seems to be among the first ones to reveal and explore in the context of modern technology the technical character of people's relation to life in their mortality and how technological developments could change this relation, though without being able to think about technics as both cure and poison."
85 71% House of Tolerance (2011) - Apr 12, 2022
"Prostitution has probably always been in general a system that makes sure men's violent potentials get contained by keeping women under strong power, but undeniably, there was a time when this containing was patially a direction of those potentials towards expenditure and aethetics, before this task was massively taken over by consumerism, online porns and Belle Delphine."
85 71% Tiresia (2003) - Apr 09, 2022
"About how human craves and suffers from their (de)faults and the desperate joy of (de)faults. Very interesting and unusual."
65 45% The Tinder Swindler (2022) - Mar 31, 2022
95 93% The Killer Inside Me (2000) - Mar 04, 2022
"It's not about a woman falling in love with serial killers, but about her loving - without excusing - a man who has the balls to expose his shame and to let her grip it and help him live in it, even if the shame is absolutely unacceptable in the eye of many others: that draws the difference between Schaefer and Rolling for Sondra. And with what's happening now, this call from Sondra seems more critical than ever: 'Vengeance demands the killer die: when will we stop and wonder why?'"
91 81% Mr. Personality (2001) - Mar 04, 2022
"Interesting connection Stone draws between the increase in the number of killers and the feminist movement, but the end is the most fascinating part."
80 63% In the Kingdom of the Unabomber (2000) - Mar 04, 2022
"A good thing about this episode is that Gary Greenberg actually has enough shame to analyse and admit his own intentions and psychology. And Kaczynski's criticism of modern technology seems to have become more right with the changes we've witnessed since it was written."
90 77% Stairway to Heaven (2000) - Jan 11, 2022
"Temple Gradin's a fascinating person with singular characteristics and perspectives."
85 71% Harvesting Me (2001) - Jan 11, 2022
65 45% West Side Story (2021) - Dec 13, 2021
"Gangster conflict goes over-violent with racial resentment emphasised, ruining the aesthetics of both the dance and the costumes, and the Romeo-Juliet tragedy regresses to syrupy love-at-first-sight crap without the romantic will to resolve resentment. I was stunned to find Spielberg removed the key ending line exposing the shame of resentment and delivered through Maria: seems like he totally missed the core of this Shakespeare classic. Lucky he wasn't allowed to change any singing in WSS."