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Member Since: Nov 28, 2019

Location: China

Age: 26

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60 44% Get In (2019) - Oct 21, 2020
"Some mysteries. Hard to tell whether some things have happened or how they've happened. Scenes at the end kind of interesting."
80 61% Autumn Sonata (1978) - Oct 18, 2020
"Not a masterpiece, but showing as always Bergman's talent in exposing the complexity and ordeal of psychological drama and emotional tensions between people. And noticeable that in Bergman's dramas of this kind, the ending never easily boils down to a "happy" resolution. People with an unhappy family life might feel quite some resonance with this film: so much pain and desperation in the impossibility of connection and mutual warmth, and such a late parrhesia."
97 97% The Century of the Self (2002) - Oct 16, 2020
"Penetrating narrative of how industrilization and capitalism have been making profits out of people by manipulating the mechanism of desire and consumerizing the idea of democracy and freedom, which has led to the destruction of socio-political milieu. Adam Curtis is very good at provoking a feeling of terror inside people with the combination of music and footage."
91 79% Mulholland Drive (2001) - Sep 17, 2020
"Fascinating psychological drama about the guilt, fear and discontent of a murderer. A typical Lynch suspense in the sense of diving into not just psychology but also what cinema is and how it constitutes human psyche, a theme interestingly suggested by the film's being loosely set in the cinema world of Hollywood. The box seems like an echo (a reversed one in a sense though) of the ear in BLUE VELVET."
55 40% Groundhog Day (1993) - Sep 16, 2020
85 69% The Collector (1967) - Sep 04, 2020
"Funny (and understandable) how men guard against a girl's sexual attraction with all the psychological and conceptual (ideological) tools they can find, which actually interestingly act as the detour of mutual attraction and seduction, and end up being drawn out of their withdrawal by this little game that who knows who starts and which always has a tint of monologue."
55 40% Little Women (2019) - Aug 27, 2020
"Given the length of the source material, it would have been hard for a film adaptation to give each sister adequate attention, so the (socio-psychological) images of the other sisters except Jo seem a bit vague. And without knowing anything about the director, I suspect some simplistic "feminist" tint prevents the film from exposing well how female independence is not an empty slogan but a question whose resolution lies in the interaction between the socio-psychological and the biological."
92 81% Stalker (1979) - Aug 27, 2020
"Unusual combination of a very (almost excessively) slow pace and intense, sophisticated unfolding of questioning about meaning and religion, and about religion as a Zone in which people's conflicting impulses and wishes play out surrounding a Room of magic."
80 61% A Good Marriage (1982) - Aug 10, 2020
70 50% Ballet mécanique (1924) - Aug 08, 2020
"Showing how people felt ecstatic when cinematic technology came along: they got to realize it not only made it possible to "repeat" our perceptual experience over again (though there's no repitition of experience in a strict sense), but also contained a potential to create and present images, combinations and rhythms that used to be impossible, through which a new world of (dis)enchantment could be opened up and whose psychic and noetic effect people like Légar were eager to experiment on."