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Member Since: Oct 24, 2014

Location: yucca valley, California, USA

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40% Dr. Stone (2019) - Jul 26, 2020
"Its an extremely good premise delivered cornily, even for anime. Its both very good and terrible at the same time. "
12 95% When the Wind Blows (1986) - Jun 29, 2020
11 84% Padak (2012) - Jun 28, 2020
40% The Accountant (2016) - Jun 27, 2020
11 84% Extraction (2020) - Jun 26, 2020
"Absolute balls out action in the best way. In fact, the only thing that seams to cheapen this movie is the attempts at humanizing the protagonist with emotional backstory that kinda comes off very cliche. Very run of the mill eyeroll backstory. But despite that, absolute great fun. This is meant for that time you dont want to think anymore, this movie is purely just to give your brain a rest and just soak in some beautifully stupid catharsis. "
10 63% Wheelman (2017) - Jun 25, 2020
"A lot of comparisons to locke, but this is fundamentally different enough not to warrant calling it any kind of rip off, that style that both films share should really be considered a "genre" over all, because the style could be used so broadly it shouldnt be held down to only one narrative. Think less locke, and more pure individual in a real time situation focused crime action. I look forward to many more "follow this one person around the whole time" movies. "
10 63% Rope (1948) - Jun 22, 2020
11 84% 1917 (2019) - Jun 21, 2020
12 95% Jeremiah Johnson (1972) - Jun 09, 2020
22% From the New World (2012) - Jun 08, 2020
"I feel like this was a really great attempt at something wonderful that unfortunately missed the mark. A lot of ideas, concepts and narrative threads that felt not quite fleshed out enough, no given enough flavor, drama, action to really suck you into what was going on. Just felt like watching events happen for no reason. Something great, delivered very poorly. seamed to neander thoughtlessly at times like it was made up on the spot almost. Not ALL terrible, but not fantastic either."