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Celluloid Junkie - 2884 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 29, 2012

Location: Finland

Age: 34

Bio: "Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established." - George Carlin

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40 11% Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) - Mar 10, 2023
"Angela Bassett is a powerhouse. She commands every scene with such gravitas that it’ll be an utter shame if she doesn’t walk out of the Oscars holding that golden statue. There is very little else in this movie that’ll have a long-lasting effect. I wish this would have been an exploration of matriarchal power being passed on, and a human level story of mother-daughter relationship. But this tries to cram so much stuff in it, even the three hour runtime doesn’t save it. On the contrary."
58 44% Tár (2022) - Mar 10, 2023
"I found it very refreshing how Blanchett’s character makes an intellectually compelling and poignant argument for the separation of music from identity politics. Obviously it turns out that she was the villain of her own movie, as per the times. The script really reads as an anti-movie. We are told of or alluded to pivotal scenes that never actually are shown. The movie focuses on the mundane scenes and feels heavy and sluggish thereafter."
90 98% The Whale (2022) - Mar 05, 2023
"As a person facing many of the same issues of feeling absolute no self-worth as Fraser's protagonist in The Whale, I felt this movie on every conceivable personal level. I'm happy for fellow critickers who saw this only as a "boohoo sad flick" and soon forgot about. For me, this movie has resonated more than most of the cinema in the last decade. And I don't think there are many who could have brought the kindness and un-bitterness to the lead as Frasier did. Brava!"
85 95% The Boys (2019) - Mar 05, 2023
"The Boys shies from no topic in its universe that combines Superman with Mad Men. How do you market superheroes? Are superheroes inhuman in the sense that they don't get jealous, petty, scared, angry or horny? What if they do? Absolute brilliance in subverting expectations within the over-saturated genre. Seen up to season 3."
48 21% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Mar 05, 2023
"A dull period buddy-comedy that dissolves into a body horror jumpscare mystery. Inherently TBoI is a value debate between intelligence and empathy. Not mutually exclusive, but the empathic character here (Farrell) is as dull as dishwater. The movie tries to argue that empathy and kindness are more important than intellect or wittiness. I know I'm not perhaps supposed to side with Gleeson who's more willing to mutilate himself than to endure boring people - but I absolutely do."
67 73% Under the Banner of Heaven (2022) - Mar 05, 2023
"One of my favourite performances by Garfield. He looks JUST the part of a missionary with his baby-faced lankiness. Non-assuming, non-threatening bible-belter. Great casting. (No surprise he's typecasted in similar roles.) But what most grips me is where Garfield's super-duper-God-zealous character has to really reflect on his beliefs. No matter what the outcome of his reflections are, I think it is very healthy to go onto that journey."
60 52% House of Hammer (2022) - Mar 05, 2023
"The first episode had me honestly thinking that the whistleblower-lady was making a mountain out of an amateur hour molehill BDSM session. Ropes, German electro music and some heavy-handed ass-slapping. Oh dear me, what a trauma. But shit. Episodes 2 and 3 come with some convincing receipts. House of Hammer is filled with inherited abuse."
57 41% The Woman in Black (2012) - Mar 05, 2023
"I really liked the ending. Usually horror movies completely fall apart at the ending but this movie ties a bow on the package. A pity that it's not particularly scary before that. The horror is playing a second fiddle to some good mystery puzzling. But I didn't sign up for a period detective story. I wanted horror."
46 18% The Unholy (2021) - Mar 05, 2023
"Great cast, great idea for a story. Everything else falls apart."
50 26% Rumble (2021) - Mar 05, 2023
"G as in generic underdog story where a deadbeat underdog wins against a foe that is more talented, driven and better trained."