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Member Since: Dec 5, 2017

Location: Italy

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58 42% Confidentially Yours (1983) - Nov 13, 2018
20 6% Passengers (2016) - Nov 12, 2018
"It could have been a wonderful foray into human condition but it never takes time to ponder more than superficially the psychological and philosophical aspects of the story. Mostly nonsensical and silly."
64 48% Ariel (1988) - Nov 09, 2018
26 9% First Man (2018) - Nov 08, 2018
"Does Ryan Gosling have facial muscles?"
42 24% Cesar and Rosalie (1972) - Nov 06, 2018
"A cynic love story in a bourgeois setting. It's like Rohmer without the grace and without the good direction. A forerunner of what a large fraction french cinema has (unfortunately) become. "
72 58% A Place on Earth (2001) - Oct 31, 2018
"Some beautiful moments, but it does not quite hold together. "
28 10% The Wing and the Thigh (1976) - Oct 30, 2018
"Goofy and silly all along. Sometimes cringeworthy. "
33 14% Gisele Kerozene (1989) - Oct 23, 2018
88 89% Ashes and Snow (2005) - Oct 21, 2018
"The closest to poetry a movie can be. The photography is absolutely wonderful, among the best I've ever seen. The pacing is perfect. I appreciated the content of the narration, but the delivery is too serious, it's trying too hard to be deep."
38 18% Sulla Mia Pelle (2018) - Oct 20, 2018
"A very important topic, but an overall bad movie. I watched it at an antifa meeting and could not wrap my head around the failure it is. My main issue with it is that's it's politically empty, there is no systemic thinking. Anybody along the political spectrum could see what they want to see. Stefano Cucchi is only presented as a drug dealer before being arrested, which is a massive mistake from the director. The abuse of the police is personified in a single policeman. It is all wrong."