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Member Since: Dec 5, 2017

Location: Italy

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50 35% Gauguin (2017) - Mar 19, 2019
15 5% Knock (2017) - Mar 19, 2019
32 14% Minority Report (2002) - Mar 19, 2019
"Mostly very silly. It follows narrowly all the tropes of Hollywood cinema: the sad love story that ends well, the one cop who lost his child against all the other cops, the stupid action scenes, the "happy" ending and the many many plot holes."
40 22% Um Século de Energia (2015) - Mar 14, 2019
"I could have watched these dancers for tens of minutes... But the rest is bland to say the least. "
42 25% Zombieland (2009) - Mar 13, 2019
"A few funny situations. But it's still cliché overall (the mandatory supermarket scene, the weird love story, the very silly behaviors, etc...). Points for not trying to find a chemical/physical 'solution' to the zombie problem. "
61 46% Jules and Jim (1962) - Mar 11, 2019
58 44% Mors Elling (2003) - Mar 07, 2019
"A nice unassuming movie about mental illness and inadequacy. It could have explored the issue more than that, have been more subtle at times, and could have portrayed Elling's inner turmoil in more details. But it's a decent portrayal anyway."
55 42% Vertigo (1958) - Mar 06, 2019
"I guess it's fine but overpraised. It could have been interested psychologically but chooses not to be so. Very flawed. The plot is extremely contrived and gets very silly at some points. It is also an introduction to all the ills of modern Hollywood: the massive age gap, the immediate inane love story, the need for overexplanation with the letter... And damn was the third part creepy. The last scene, albeit interesting, is stupid in the face of it. Too many lighting mismatches between cuts."
26 10% Nous trois ou rien (2015) - Mar 05, 2019
"In the end very shallow, which is a shame given the topic. The ending is ridiculous."
61 46% Ty i ya (1971) - Mar 05, 2019
"A movie about depression, mid-life crisis, search for meaning. It's unfortunately a bit too desultory and abstruse to get something meaningful out of it."