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Location: Italy

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72 67% Evariste Galois (1965) - Sep 21, 2021
52 44% Zang-e Tafrih (1972) - Sep 21, 2021
"Although it is touching and has its simple beauty, it's probably less interesting per se than as a prefiguration of some of Kiarostami's future recurring themes, such as loneliness, and the feeling of smallness in way too big a world. Particularly foreshadowing "Where is the friend's home"."
85 89% La classe américaine (1993) - Sep 11, 2021
"Just legendary. Any french person I know can quote at least half the movie."
74 70% OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) - Sep 11, 2021
65 58% Mondo cane (1962) - Sep 11, 2021
"It sometimes feels like a flow of consciousness, but very often the jumps clearly aim at showing the viewer their own hypocrisy, forcing them to second guess their reactions to these images that range from "well, ok" to "disgusting" via "weird". Rather than forcing us to look at the world, it invites us to examine/second guess our reactions with all their biases and prejudices."
44 32% Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (2016) - Sep 07, 2021
"Tries hard to be slick and somewhat managed. It doesn't try to offer answers, and barely asks questions anyway."
51 43% A Single Girl (1995) - Sep 05, 2021
"A very dynamic movie for being socially oriented and real-time. But it plays a lot on the beauty of Virginie Ledoyen with so many close-ups on her face. It is also extremely frustrating with its two very unpleasant leads who are abysmal at communicating."
82 84% The Elephant Man (1980) - Sep 02, 2021
31 16% Le daim (2019) - Aug 25, 2021
42 31% Princess Cyd (2017) - Aug 12, 2021
"Fairly generic indie romcom. Heavily plays on the beauty of the main character, which always bothers me, even moreso when said character is an underage girl and the director an older man."