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Location: Italy

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38 20% Batman (1989) - May 25, 2019
"I believe it would have been better if it had fully embraced its silliness, Princess-Bride-style. Because it is all so extremely silly that the attempt at heroism rings hollow."
35 18% True Story (2015) - May 20, 2019
"For a blockbuster, there is a real effort on the pacing that I can only welcome. As for the treatment of the psychological confrontation between the two characters, I could be charitable if I didn't know the body of work of Hill and Franco. Why was Felicity Jones' character even introduced?"
1% The Dictator (2012) - May 19, 2019
"I smiled a couple of times, but this is real vile stuff. Having a half-clever "noble savage" discourse in the end does not redeem the vileness of it."
50 37% Born on the Fourth of July (1989) - May 18, 2019
"I'll be charitable and interpret it as essential at its time with the looming Gulf War. Everything else is half-baked in this movie."
39 21% The Maltese Falcon (1941) - May 16, 2019
"A cringeworthy movie. None of the characters' behaviors makes any sort of sense and yet a lot of its silliness is predictable (when and why did they fall in love? why would a super smart detective accept a glass from his enemy? No, seriously, nothing makes any sense at all). The hyperconvolution fails to hide the silliness. My harshest take would be that most of what went wrong with Hollywood cinema was already present in this movie. Points for a few aesthetically interesting takes. "
31 14% Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot (2015) - May 15, 2019
"Makes no sense and doesn't challenge at all the stereotypes of the superhero movie. The arcs are all very predictable. Direction was bland."
32 15% Duck Soup (1933) - May 14, 2019
"The first half-hour is barely watchable. It got a bit better later."
64 51% Cool Hand Luke (1967) - May 14, 2019
"It would be nice if not so binary between the cool handsome rebel war-hero caught-for-a-misdemeanor Luke and the coward fickle sheepish caught-for-manslaughter prisoners. Still very enjoyable if you raise your ideological shield."
24 9% Altered Carbon (2018) - May 13, 2019
"Very very silly. Most of it doesn't make sense, but the fast-pacing and plot-twist-revelations don't give the viewer time to think about the nonsense they're watching."
68 57% Cría cuervos (1976) - May 06, 2019
"How the memory of a traumatic childhood transcends time and space (Slaughterhouse 5 is not far). Some very nice ideas but rather poorly executed. I'm not convinced by the direction that was fairly bland to me."