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Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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15 90% Happiest Season (2020) - Nov 25, 2020
"There was a long period in the second half that I thought the movie had totally lost me with how thoroughly unlikable Harper and her family were but somehow writer-director Clea Duvall managed to reel me back in. (I can't figure out what she did to get me to like the movie again.) This is an unusually competent Christmas rom-com with a likable cast, worth a watch even if you don't like such fare."
21% The Burning (1981) - Nov 19, 2020
10 35% The Witches (2020) - Nov 18, 2020
12 55% Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street (2019) - Nov 17, 2020
"Vanity documentary project thinks its bitter subject is more interesting than he actually is. But it is a somewhat interesting queer lens on the 1980s."
27% The New Mutants (2020) - Nov 17, 2020
"Anya Taylor-Joy as Magick was really cool but was given nothing to do for most of the movie. Too bad we'll never see her as the character again. The only setpiece, a 15-minute fight at the end, is also the only reason to watch this. Feels like just the first act of a story stretched out to feature length."
21% The Empty Man (2020) - Nov 03, 2020
"Almost a total failure as a story. Some novel themes are not enough to redeem an otherwise mostly generic, overpadded horror flick. The protagonist discovering a [redacted] on the bridge was cool. The chase scene at the end of the second act was cool. But my appreciation for those rare, interesting moments is overwhelmed by boredom. Also, the muddy and confusing third act "reveal" completely lost me because I don't know what the filmmakers were trying to convey."
15% All the King's Men (2006) - Nov 01, 2020
12 55% Aquamarine (2006) - Oct 31, 2020
"It's fine. Its target audience, tween and teen girls, should like this movie but there's not much here for anyone else."
15% The Craft: Legacy (2020) - Oct 28, 2020
"There's a lot of glitter and sparkles. There's a lot of talking about feelings. Evil (of course) cis straight old white men will be defeated when a group of young diverse self-identified grrls stand together against The Man instead of fighting amongst themselves. The Craft but for woke tweens, it's inferior to the original in every way. Probably the worst thing David Duchovny's been in."
15% Friday the 13th (2009) - Oct 21, 2020
"I forgot I'd already watched this. It's too somber. Somehow the movie manages to be really boring despite some grotty kills. If I dwell on it, I start to suspect it's the muddy color grading doing the bulk of the damage. Even in broad daylight, the video is bizarrely dark. The sameness of the visuals demands disinterest. Side note: the race-baiting black guy was okay in 2009 but has aged very poorly by 2020 and is now just unbearably aggravating. It doesn't help it's his only personality trait."