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Cinema Addict - 1471 Rankings

Member Since: May 2, 2014

Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Bio: I must be quite "avg" as my #1 TCI is avgcrtckr... My favorite genres are dramatic sci-fi and war, but that oftens means I'm an especially harsh critic of action films in those genres. I prefer story, dialog, and character development over explosions and special effects. I tend to gravitate to adult oriented content with profanity and violence - no surprise I'm a huge Tarantino fan. A great plot twist, mind fuck, or portrait of the human condition are the films that leave a lasting impression with me. As an agnostic, libertarian, objectivist, and slave to logic and science, I particularly detest films that glorify faith, irrational beliefs, and pseudoscience. So I dole out a fair number of goose eggs to agenda driven films in those categories. Otherwise I consider myself an EXTREMELY objective filmgoer who is open to almost any genre or era of film.

P.S. Except silent films. Too damn old for me...

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60 T7 Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - Dec 23, 2015
"Episode VI - A Newer Hope. Lucas ignored Gen Xers with the prequels. Now Abrams insults our intelligence by shamelessly pandering. The strong acting and superb "throwback" special effects just barely buoy this derivative "rip off" of itself that doesn't have a single original plot line... "
90 T10 The Imitation Game (2014) - May 06, 2015
"Great acting, great movie, great history. Another movie that made me want to barf when I consider it got snubbed in favor of Turdman. Sigh..."
90 T10 A Most Violent Year (2014) - May 06, 2015
"The best gangster movie of the 21st century. A travesty that Turdman won best picture and this wasn't even nominated..."
40 T4 Birdman (2014) - Apr 01, 2015
"Fitting that a bunch of self-aggrandizing nitwits, aka the Academy, that equate celebrity and wealth with significance, award a Best picture to a movie about one of their own trying to leave a legacy of being a real "arteest"... It's pretentious and over stylized right down to the mindnumbingly irritating jazz drumming soundtrack..."
60 T7 Promised Land (2012) - Mar 17, 2015
"Matt Damon is perfectly cast and Frances McDormand is sublimely brilliant as usual. They save an otherwise implausible corporate conspiracy plot that carefully dodges taking any stance on fracking itself. Instead the message is farmers are good, corporations are evil. It doesn't even matter if fracking is dangerous or not..."
40 T4 Big Hero 6 (2014) - Mar 02, 2015
"Disney is slowly ruining Pixar. This is basically a Marvel super hero flick given the Disney treatment. Sigh..."
55 T6 Boyhood (2014) - Feb 27, 2015
"It's hard not to applad Linklater for the unprecedented chronicaling of a boy growing up into a man over a dozen year period but it's really a one trick pony that is neither compelling nor the least bit interesting otherwise..."
50 T5 42 (2013) - Feb 25, 2015
"About as dull to the modern day moviegoer as the erstwhile American pastime. It's a well acted, must see chapter in American history made toothless by a safe, by-the-numbers, made-for-TV presentation."
55 T6 Get on Up (2014) - Feb 25, 2015
"By the numbers biopic of James Brown. Not a bad film but hard for me to believe that such a crazy and iconic legend as James Brown makes for a less compelling story than Johnny Cash or Ray Charles..."
40 T4 Snowpiercer (2014) - Feb 25, 2015
"A mostly effective dystopian social commentary utterly ruined by a moronic ending. U2 guitarist, the Edge, decides to kill everybody rather than allow child labor or first class passengers to live better than steerage class. Yet another idealistic bullshit Hollywood ending that offers no answers to very real problems..."