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Celluloid Junkie - 3474 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 9, 2006

Bio: My favorite genres are the western, horror, and comedy. I am currently getting more into older and foreign films, and I'm not a big fan of musicals or rom-coms. Right now my favorite film is The Third Man (1949).

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92 76% Life of Pi (2012) - Mar 23, 2023
"A boy and his tiger, coupled with some awe inspiring cinematography. I dig it."
76 30% Killer Elite (2011) - Mar 22, 2023
"There are some good and solid action scenes, my biggest issue is that Jason Statham doesn't seem to fit in with the early 1980s aesthetic of the period. Clive Owen though rocks, too bad he never wanted to play James Bond."
63 13% El Camino Christmas (2017) - Mar 22, 2023
"Had some laughs, this should have gone full blown comedy yet it abandons that midway through for some reason."
87 58% Scream 6 (2023) - Mar 22, 2023
"Ghostface Takes Manhattan is a good fun time, even if the finale is a tad messy. There are some really great moments, and parts that were a bit lacking. Still one of the best in the series, though."
75 27% King Kong Escapes (1967) - Mar 22, 2023
"Goofy, fun, has Kong fighting MechaKong so that's neat. Doesn't really work as well as other monster flicks from that decade, though."
93 79% Surf Nazis Must Die (1987) - Mar 16, 2023
"Is it good bad trash? So bad it is actually good? Did I watch this while drinking? Was I taken in by wonderfully cheesy one liners, the actually fantastic score, and the eclectic gangs? Yeah. This could only have existed at the apex of 1980s low budget garbage cinema."
92 76% Drunken Master (1978) - Mar 16, 2023
"Funny, tons of awesome fights, and Jackie Chan showing the comedic timing and charisma that would make him a star. Apparently getting wasted can turn you into a kung fu badass."
70 19% Firewalker (1986) - Mar 10, 2023
"This would have worked a lot better had the movie featured more banter between the two leads. Poor Sonny Landham is barely featured in this movie at all. I think a sequel in the hands of a director not at the end of his career would have been a good idea. Oh well. I still enjoyed Firewalker anyways."
82 43% Aterrados (2017) - Mar 08, 2023
"I thought this one was creepy enough, some good effective moments, not sure the movie cleared up some things but that's fine."
90 67% Cocaine Bear (2023) - Mar 07, 2023
"Utterly hilarious"