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Bio: My favorite genres are the western, horror, and comedy. I am currently getting more into older and foreign films, and I'm not a big fan of musicals or rom-coms. Right now my favorite film is The Third Man (1949).

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100 96% The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970) - Rated 11 Apr 2024
"Peckinpah gifted the people with a wonderful and surprisingly moving comedy western supported by a great cast. It got rejected so he went to England and made one of the most disturbing movies ever. See what happens when you don't reward an artist for going outside their comfort zone? I loved this movie."
93 79% The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) - Rated 11 Apr 2024
"The title doesn't exactly make sense but you can sense the heat and desperation through the screen all the same."
74 24% Red Headed Stranger (1986) - Rated 11 Apr 2024
"Willie Nelson will have his revenge, in this life or the next."
91 73% Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024) - Rated 11 Apr 2024
"This is a bro cop monster movie that has good fights, keeps you entertained and then ends before you realize the plot was thin as usual. I hope they make Godzilla movies forever."
92 76% Late Night with the Devil (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"Creepy, well made and one of the best found footage mock documentary films I've ever seen."
100 96% Poor Things (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"Excellent film, one of the year's best."
95 86% Jungle Fever (1991) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"One of the most unflinching and brutal takes on race, also makes us all realize that even in the 1990s this subject matter was still taboo. Maybe it still remains so."
88 60% Oppenheimer (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"This movie channels Amadeus and has it's main character come across as an arrogant jerk who deeply regrets unleashing the means to destroy ourselves upon mankind. Probably could have been shorter, really."
96 90% Past Lives (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"This one surprised me and hit me in the feels, a lot. The two leads were fantastic."
85 52% The Great Race (1965) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"Lesser Blake Edwards is still better than many comedies. This one was lots of fun even if it goes on a bit too long."