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55 70% Bambi (1942) - Rated 22 Apr 2024
""Bambi" employs music almost as a narrator in its simple yet poignant storyline. It weaves a tale of fantasy about animal relationships while confronting the harsh realities of human threats with stark honesty."
62 83% The Blues Brothers (1980) - Rated 21 Apr 2024
""The Blues Brothers" expands on characters originally from "Saturday Night Live," creating a full-length film centered around their antics. The film enlists the talents of Blues music legends to accompany the duo on their self-proclaimed "mission from God." While the action sequences are exaggerated and overdone, the soundtrack is exceptional, featuring numerous unforgettable numbers."
51 62% The Wolf Man (1941) - Rated 21 Apr 2024
""The Wolf Man" unfolds leisurely, interspersed with creepy romantic exchanges that add a touch of drama. Nevertheless, the storytelling is decent enough to make it a watchable film."
46 50% Paradise Lagoon (1957) - Rated 21 Apr 2024
""Paradise Lagoon" critiques class-based society, contrasting it with individual capability and talent. As someone unfamiliar with this rigid class mentality, I initially found the movie somewhat absurd. Nonetheless, it is well-crafted and effectively communicates its message without overtly advocating for change."
49 56% One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942) - Rated 19 Apr 2024
""One of Our Aircraft Is Missing" recounts a true story, yet it unfolds slowly and unexpectedly with minimal action for a war film."
75 93% The Asphalt Jungle (1950) - Rated 17 Apr 2024
""The Asphalt Jungle" presents a compelling narrative crafted through detailed characters, each brought to life with distinct motivations and histories. This depth of character development casts the seemingly perfect heist plan in a new, intriguing light. Marilyn Monroe epitomizes the allure of a sex kitten in her role. Though her screen time is limited, her presence is undeniable and captivating whenever she appears."
58 75% Caddyshack (1980) - Rated 17 Apr 2024
""Caddyshack" pokes fun at elitism through exaggerated characters with a country club golf course as the backdrop, where the caddies symbolize the everyday person. The film is renowned for its memorable one-liners that have resonated with and defined a generation."
60 78% Last Days in Vietnam (2014) - Rated 16 Apr 2024
"I was alive during these events, and my most vivid memory is of helicopters being pushed off the boats. The documentary "Last Days in Vietnam" provided comprehensive details, highlighting the unsung heroes who navigated through these dire circumstances."
33 11% Sniper: Reloaded (2011) - Rated 15 Apr 2024
""Sniper: Reloaded" is a loosely connected sequel to its predecessor. The film offers a thin narrative, predominantly featuring scenes of characters succumbing to sniper fire."
54 67% Coyote Waits (2003) - Rated 14 Apr 2024
""Coyote Waits" is a TV movie shot in New Mexico. The film utilizes the state's breathtaking scenery as a backdrop for its story. The film's incorporation of Navajo culture adds an intriguing and engaging element to the viewing experience."