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Member Since: Oct 11, 2013

Location: Albuquerque, USA

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37 15% The Gun Hawk (1963) - Jun 18, 2021
"I didn't appreciate the acting from most of the characters. It didn't feel natural. The story had some potential, but having the sheriff camp on a ridge where he could look into town was too much."
42 33% The Jazz Singer (1952) - Jun 18, 2021
"I enjoyed Peggy Lee's singing but found the rest of the film below average, especially when Danny Thomas performed stand-up before singing."
60 76% Shanghai Noon (2000) - Jun 17, 2021
"The chemistry between Chan and Wilson made this film work for me. Because I like westerns, the setting also added to my enjoyment. "
79 95% Singin' in the Rain (1952) - Jun 17, 2021
"The strength of this film is the choreography of the dance scenes, and they were the best I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the plot is skinny and is used as a filler between musical numbers."
60 76% The Mind Reader (1933) - Jun 16, 2021
""The Mind Reader" is a morality play with an expert confidence-man at its center. The performances are strong, and the script is well written."
47 48% Show Boat (1951) - Jun 15, 2021
"As a remake, I liked the color, the opening scene, and the rendition of "Old Man River." But of the two, I preferred the 1936 version."
42 33% Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) - Jun 15, 2021
"Universal Monsters play straight man for Lou Costello's shtick. If you like his humor, then you'll enjoy the movie more than I did."
60 76% In Which We Serve (1942) - Jun 14, 2021
""In Which We Serve" is a wartime film meant to stir emotions, and it does. The first part of the film feels a little slow, but it's building a solid base to tug at your heartstrings at the end. "
75 93% Brief Encounter (1945) - Jun 14, 2021
"I'm not a big romance fan, mostly because they are usually silly or over-dramatic. "Brief Encounter" has skillfully written interchanges between the two main characters creating a genuine and believable story."
30 5% Two-Fisted Law (1932) - Jun 13, 2021
"This is a low-budget western with a weak plot and laughable acting. "