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Member Since: Oct 11, 2013

Location: Albuquerque, USA

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40 24% Captain Caution (1940) - Aug 14, 2020
"Pirate movie repurposed into the war of 1812 flick with pirate overtones. "
30 5% One Million B.C. (1940) - Aug 13, 2020
"Lots of ways they could have told this story without the bad special effects. "
40 24% The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939) - Aug 13, 2020
""The Housekeeper's Daughter" seems to be a lighthearted gangster film with romance added as an afterthought. It's watchable and forgettable. "
48 47% Gorky Park (1983) - Aug 13, 2020
"I enjoyed how the sets and interactions made me feel like I was in Moscow, but hated the English accents or bad accents that destroyed that illusion. In a couple of scenes, it's so bad it became a distraction, however despite this flaw, its still a very watchable movie."
30 5% The Delta Force (1986) - Aug 11, 2020
""The Delta Force" is "Airport" with bad action scenes and Chuck Norris."
45 40% We're Not Married! (1952) - Aug 11, 2020
"Lighthearted comedy made up of several stories tied together by a silly technicality."
55 65% Lee Marvin: A Personal Portrait by John Boorman (1988) - Aug 11, 2020
"This movie is a glimpse into the life of Lee Marvin by a director that made a couple of his best films."
35 11% The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission (1985) - Aug 11, 2020
""The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission" is a poor imitation of the first mission with a couple of over-aged actors to connect the two movies. "
51 55% Dog Day (1984) - Aug 11, 2020
"This movie has no good guys, and each character is competing for the most flawed. While I wouldn't call this film good, it did hold my attention with each twist and turn."
58 71% Death Hunt (1981) - Aug 10, 2020
"Two hard men forced into a conflict neither wants, one flees while the other chases him across a fantastic landscape. Bronson and Marvin, both known for hardcase personas, are well cast in their roles."