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Location: Albuquerque, USA

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50 50% Island of Lost Souls (1932) - Dec 06, 2019
"All the men wear white linen at all times, and I found it pacing very slow but still enjoyed it. My wife, on the other hand, fell asleep watching this 70-minute film."
38 16% The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) - Dec 05, 2019
"It has potential, but everything from the sets to the special effects comes up short, making it watchable, but nothing special. "
38 16% Airport (1970) - Dec 04, 2019
"This disaster film didn't age well, and the only reason I can think to watch it now is to give some context to "Airplane!""
31 6% 3 Sailors and a Girl (1953) - Dec 02, 2019
"There are a couple of dance scenes that are worth watching; otherwise, this film completely forgettable. Burt Lancaster doesn't star in this movie. He has a walk-on as himself at the end, don't be fooled."
42 31% Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981) - Nov 30, 2019
"Watchable western where people get killed without consequence, and the bad guys are too lovable to dislike. "
41 28% Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) - Nov 30, 2019
""Twilight's Last Gleaming" is driven by conspiracy theories and ideological terrorism, making it hard to distinguish who you want to succeed. Should it be the idealist threatening the world with destruction to expose a secret, or the group willing to destroy earth to keep their secret?"
48 45% Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976) - Nov 30, 2019
"Altman's pacing drives the movie, but the cynicism was too strong for me to like the film. It's worth watching. "
40 23% The Midnight Man (1974) - Nov 30, 2019
"Decent cast with a below-average script, the story started so slow I almost quit watching it. "
60 73% Conversation Piece (1974) - Nov 30, 2019
"Sometimes the film is too chaotic, making it hard to follow. However, it's chaos that drives the movie, and the character interaction it creates makes "Conversation Piece" worth watching."
31 6% The Cassandra Crossing (1976) - Nov 28, 2019
""The Cassandra Crossing" is a star-studded gimmick film that made money at the box office. Unfortunately, the gimmick is all there is to this film."