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99 99% Dersu Uzala Dersu Uzala (1975) - 29 Jul 2009
"Incompareable to other Kurosawa's and my most favorite ! One of the few Films I couldn't hide my tears. Just beautiful and moving."
100 99% 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - 11 Sep 2008
"It's a great movie that was his time ahead and my most favorite movie ever. The effectd in "2001" are better than todays Hollywood crap. 40 years after "A Space Odyssey" starts in cinemas, the movie losts nothing on its fascination. A dark future prophecy that's not so unreal, and it's more than just science fiction. Machines will replace doubt. Today and even more in the future.So which roll play's humanity in 100 years ???"
100 99% Terminator 2: Judgment Day Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) - 11 Sep 2008
"1991..the year Cameron made the best SciFi-Action movie of all time. With a monster budget of 94. Million $ ( that was a record in 1991 ) he created a movie that stands for a whole generation. Dark, brutal and dystopian. A movie with no hope and no happy end.130 thrilling minutes full of action you've never seen before. Terminator is an inherent part of the 90's. Judgement day will come, it's just a matter of time"
96 95% City Lights City Lights (1931) - 12 Mar 2011
"This was the most charming romance I've ever seen on screen. Chaplin is a phenomenon. I guess no artist can carry so much feelings with his mimic and body language than Mr. Chaplin. The box fight taken by the short "The Champion" is my personal fun highlight in this movie. No one should miss "City Lights" in his movie collection. A rare and "silent" gem!"
90 79% Greenberg Greenberg (2010) - 07 Jul 2010
"Love the movie, because I feel like Greenberg, the whole fuckin'day. Living in a world full of hypocrites and stereotypes make me lonely but happy, because I don't need that kind of people. Not the best Baumbach sript, but definetely worth to see! Good to see Stiller into a serious role."
100 99% Amélie Amélie (2001) - 01 Dec 2008
"The best movie I've seen in years. Touched my heart in a way only a few others did before. Audrey Tautou plays brilliant and counts with her charme to the best european actors. Amelie will left a smile upon your face long after you switched of your TV."
97 96% Paris, Texas Paris, Texas (1984) - 12 Apr 2009
"leaving the past behind often means making a hard cut. getting confronted with things from yesterday can hurt so much and it does take time to be back with your mind. some things might never be the same again.hard for yourself and even harder for your fellow men. wenders best work with awesome cinematographic moments enhanced through wonderful sounds by Cooder.some shots really left me breathless."
90 79% Hard Eight Hard Eight (1996) - 12 Jul 2009
"Hard Eight is a visually great movie. Anderson's first work offers a great cast up ahead Philip Baker Hall. Even the secondary charakters like Philip Seymour Hoffman's short tryst is brilliant too. It's not the plot that stands in the's the whole schmear that creates a special atmosphere. Slow & patient..but never boring. Great"
96 95% Seven Samurai Seven Samurai (1954) - 21 Dec 2009
"Kurosawa invented the action cinema with "Seven Samurai" and created a brand new genre. A vast number of followers were the result. And even half a century later, this movie don't have to hide behind modern movies. This movie is magic. Story telling, acting, cinematography, sound. Just epic !!"
99 99% A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - 12 Sep 2008
"N.o.E.S. was Craven's big shot, and in my opinion his best work ever. Robert Englund reached cult status in the 80's, and rose to the top of nightmare creatures like Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees or Leatherface."