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65 37% Don't Look Up (2021) - Sep 03, 2023
"A strange one. I don't really know what this movie wanted to be? A comedy? A farce? A drama? Did it want to say something? Or only entertain? It doesn't really say much and it's more cringe-inducing and over-the-top than entertaining. It's a product of a culture it wants to criticize. It's making fun of it and embracing it at the same time. It's a somewhat coherently and somewhat campy looking mess."
75 57% Top Gun: Maverick (2022) - Aug 27, 2023
"Stealing a line from another reviewer: I liked the parts with airplanes :). Don't get me wrong, the rest was not particularly bad. But, the emotional parts were overly melodramatic (and made it look padded with too much filler), and you better don't engage your rational qualities at some plot points (especially during the last segment) - you won't see much sense there. This movie was totally in tune with it's hero - a dying breed. A proper blockbuster focusing on delivering fun and action."
60 30% Into The Night (2020) - Aug 27, 2023
"Could be so much more...I had a feeling that the cast was better than the stuff they got from writers to work with. This is an apocalypse story that fails to evoke any sense of serious drama or even that of a real urgency. But, the premise is strong and it kinda carries the plot to the Season 1's finale (I'm not gonna go any further with this)."
60 30% Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) - May 17, 2023
"A Hollywood's fan service to nerds. More an assumption Hollywood has what a nerd would like to see than what an actual nerd would like to see. I give a bigger score than it deserves, because at least they try. They still don't seem to grasp though why GoT (sans the last season) was such a massive success. You have to be serious about fantasy. Not try to wink-wink audience into your belief that it's all utter bollocks so let's better get it on with it."
75 57% Gomorrah (2014) - Nov 16, 2021
"[S01] Solid and different (especially in pace) from your usual Hollywood fluff. Narration is slow and elaborate and the aesthetics show with equally elaborate, naturalistic precision all the dirt and the ugliness of Naples suburbs (which is to stress the moral dirt and ugliness of their inhabitants). I don't buy everything that happens plot-wise though (i.e. one central character twist in the middle) and it was both too slow and violent for my linking."
90 87% Dune (2021) - Oct 22, 2021
"Villeneuve'a strong suit (esthetics, building up the atmoshpere, sensuality) has found enough room to shine at last. Woke accents are, mercifully, barely noticeable, and if present, they manage to defend themselves. Casting is top-notch as, in such a heavily theatrical movie, has to. There are things to nit-pick but they shan't obscure the big picture and the big picture is glorious."
80 70% Network (1976) - May 03, 2021
"A tough nut to crack. Great dialogues (and even better monologues!) and acting. Seemingly, it's daringly revealing. Some points it rises hit eerily close to home (esp. during this covid craze). But, it's still programming. And I've a feeling I missed the gist of it (apart from the usual: spreading despair, nihilism, atheism and moral rot). The melodrama arc is not believable and way too meta. The movie's focal point, the Howard Beale character, feels an artificial stooge. Strange one, for sure."
70 45% Oldboy (2003) - May 02, 2021
"Good cinema, but I didn't like the perversely decadent theme. Original and competent (great use of classical music to amplify the emotional effect of violence), but way too over the top. And, the director had overdone the ambiguity schtick for the ending. Also, it's quite funny how there's so many people praising this movie to high heaven with no reservations. Either they have no clue about its message or they endorse glorifying incest through violence."
90 87% The Celebration (1998) - Mar 27, 2021
"A real drama. Or even classical tragedy and more of a theater play than a movie. I may not like the creeping leftist undertones, but I have to bow down before the quality of writing."
60 30% Joker (2019) - Mar 20, 2021
"Americans and their pathetic attempts at building a mythology. Apart from the "twist" with the black girl, thanks to the unreliable narrator schtick, nothing resembling any sense whatsoever ever happens in this movie and all this convoluted drama doesn't work on me, at all. And don't think the programming is off here. You see, violence is fun. It will make all of your problems go away. Also, aren't people crazy? Unhappy for no reason. And life is a failed comedian stage. And you're the comedian."