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Member Since: Jan 28, 2009

Location: Helsinki, Etelä-Suomen lääni, Finland

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75 39% The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) - Mar 27, 2023
"A ballsy premise turned tame, despite delivering decent laughs in moments."
76 46% Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) - Mar 27, 2023
"Gets too frivolous on the final third, but overall the comedy is contained enough. Demarest makes the film worthwhile, while Bracken almost makes it painful to watch."
74 32% The Bridge (1929) - Mar 27, 2023
"A showcase of eagerness to make good cinema."
75 39% Lady on a Train (1945) - Mar 22, 2023
"Almost reads as a parody of murder mysteries. An over-simplified farce delivering clichés and self-gratuitous twists. Something to call both enjoyable and annoying."
78 63% The Woman in Question (1950) - Mar 21, 2023
"Makes most of its simple script and modest production value with innovative narration and a commendable cast"
76 46% The Burglar (1957) - Mar 19, 2023
"A raw, plain noir of the late 1950s where characters look aged and visual gloss is reduced. Anxiety defines the atmosphere, leaving room for sympathy towards Duryea's character. Didn't find the film that gripping, but it sets a mood that feels honest and natural for the story."
74 32% Barnacle Bill (1930) - Mar 09, 2023
84 90% Tár (2022) - Mar 09, 2023
"An excellent account of both individual and institutionalised power that feed on each other. The chaotic and imbalanced nature of artistic mastery is aptly juxtaposed with the cold politics of status/reputation management, showing how time and has caught up with the immunity of the unfaltering genius. The fall of a maestro is also depicted through symbolic touches that provide enjoyment for multiple viewings. Oscars for directing and leading actress would be well deserved."
79 69% Sleuth (1972) - Mar 09, 2023
"As a lover of games I found this slightly underwhelming. Olivier and Caine are perfectly cast and the dialogue works, but part of the fun feels senseless and loses potency as the film progresses."
80 73% The Stepford Wives (1975) - Mar 08, 2023
"Graceful and stylish. Various touches build and consolidate the mood makes us see through the eyes of the main character. Subtle feminism at its best."