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Cinema Addict - 2070 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 10, 2008

Location: Finland

Bio: My movie interests include things such as cars, westerns, samurai stuff, zombies, WW2, werewolves, horror and crime. I don't have a favourite genre, but I watch a lot of action, drama and horror.

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72 63% Minority Report (2002) - Jan 25, 2023
"For all of the futuristic movies I've watched recently, Minority Report does actually feel futuristic. Sure, there are some things that make you amused, watching it in the current day (20 years later!), but it does a pretty good job of building up a world of the future. The plot is very compelling and while I was laughing my ass off at the 'sick stick's that the cops had, or them zooming around on jetpacks, I liked the tension and the characters a lot. Not perfect, but solid."
30 8% Bullitt County (2018) - Jan 19, 2023
"Bullit County really does try to get there. It sets the mood, has an interesting premise, it's well-shot and framed. But as it progresses, it falls apart under its own effort to seem more complicated than it is. At some point, I just lost touch with the characters. Overall the acting is okay, but sometimes the weird dialogue and the first kinda cool but then kind of annoying fast, repeated shots of the characters get in the way of too many things."
60 35% The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017) - Jan 18, 2023
"The Ballad of Lefty Brown is a very beautiful western with loads of interesting, strong characters portrayed by an amazing cast. The imagery is beautiful and the music really gives you a whole flood of Red Dead Redemption 2 -moods. The only problem with this movie to me was that it lost steam somewhere towards 3/4th of the movie. The conspiracy is far less interesting than the other parts of the movie are and in the end the way the movie concludes is left kind of lukewarm, as well."
77 75% Dark Waters (2019) - Jan 17, 2023
"Wasn't expecting a courtroom drama to be this captivating, but it really is one crazy, desperate story. People know that corporations work for their own interest only and not that of common good, but to truly understand how rotten, harmful and horrible that all can be, we're only scratching the surface. Mark Ruffalo fits the role perfectly, radiating just the right amount of desperation and determination while showing sympathy. Subdued works best for the story here."
20 5% Barb Wire (1996) - Jan 13, 2023
"As expected, this movie is pretty horribad. It manages to remain mildly interesting and entertaining in some parts, but whenever it tries to build up drama, it becomes utterly cringeworthy. The world-building is so lazy, nothing about this world is actually futuristic, not even for 90's standards. The bad guys are laughable with their Nazi outfits and the constant evil laughing. The one-liners are wooden, though one or two lines did get a mild bit of laughter from me. It was... an experience!"
75 70% Horns (2014) - Jan 11, 2023
"Oh yeah, I really enjoyed this one. I haven't read the book yet so I don't know how it compares, but going into this completely blind (I just knew the dude grows horns) and it kept me interested in seeing just what will unfold next, and I couldn't guess all the things that were coming. Great performances here from an interesting cast. Just a good, twisted little story."
59 30% The Good Son (1993) - Jan 10, 2023
"This movie feels kind of confusing, like it's trying to tell a different story than it's actually showing. There are some interesting elements here, because yes, it is always very creepy when kids are evil. It's just that Culkin plays a very stereotypic, 'just evil', type of a character and you're just kind of left waiting for the movie to shed some more light into his story. Weird 90's comedy soundtrack. Mediocre, but entertaining."
65 46% Dragonslayer (1981) - Jan 09, 2023
"This was just such a fun adventure. Very straightforward, classic story, with some pretty cool special effects for it's time. The dragon here looks and acts awesome and I can see how Vermithrax Pejorative would have been inspirational to folks like George R. R. Martin for A Song of Ice and Fire. It's nice that the apprentice at the center of the story is not immediately all-powerful and has some flaws of his own."
40 13% The Lure (2015) - Jan 08, 2023
"The music parts were just... not that good. Very much a mish-mash of things, sometimes with some great shots but not the kind of music I would listen to (except for the first song of the movie). Also, I don't like musicals to begin with and I'd like the songs to contribute to the story. The story could have been better if there'd just been more dialogue between the characters and less musical parts, but overall the movie just felt quite thin. Loved the lore, but this one just wasn't for me."
65 46% 48 Hrs. (1982) - Jan 08, 2023
"It's really a stock 80's buddy cop (kinda) film that's mostly given life by Nolte and Murphy. Otherwise the plot is not that interesting or new. You get your bad guys and the angry police chief who yells, a pair of people who do not want to be stuck with each other and the other one gives shit to the other dude over his car. It's still very entertaining, though, with some great shots especially in China Town. Not a lot of laughs here but that scene with Murphy in the redneck bar was the best."