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80 85% Berlin Alexanderplatz (2020) - Rated 17 Jun 2024
"It looks incredibly beautiful all the time; the lighting, the camera, the way shots are framed and sometimes tilted, it looked nothing short of amazing. The entire cast is great but Rheinhold was such a memorable sleazeball psycho of a character. So yeah, I liked it even if some character reactions didn't entirely vibe with me. Some decisions they make or some of the lines they say are just weird, but overall I felt it was very much worth the watch."
60 35% Professor Marston & the Wonder Women (2017) - Rated 16 Jun 2024
"Went into this blind and had no knowledge of the guy who created Wonder Woman, sooo... a bit of a surprise, you might say? I can't really think of many movies with polyamorous relationships, though, so it was refreshing to see that topic in a movie. That being said, I guess I thought it would be a bit more about the creation of the comic book character. In many ways it was that, but in its heart it's just a romance story and I just didn't feel like the story needed this long a runtime."
58 28% Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - Rated 15 Jun 2024
"Cool soundtrack and visuals. Loved all the battles and their sleek choreography. I'm always a sucker for all kinds of cyberpunk-type of stuff,so discovering a new world in that vein was a treat. Plot-wise, it felt very disjointed. Things kept happening and while a story with the whole 'from rags to riches' -thing is usually compelling, the events in this one were just all over the place. Also, Keean Johnson has zero charisma and made me want to go bleurgh. A big hit-and-miss in many ways."
37 10% After Earth (2013) - Rated 14 Jun 2024
"The major issue with this movie is that it was Will Smith, but they make him super serious and boring so he lacks in what he usually is the best at; being funny and charismatic. Throw his utterly boring and untalented son in the mix, and the whole thing is already flat as a pancake. It's too bad. The plot is super predictable and offers zero surprises but the tech design and creatures were pretty cool. A bit too obvious CGI at times, but my points go to the actual creature design."
82 90% Winter Sleep (2014) - Rated 13 Jun 2024
"An incredibly deep character study, this movie has long conversations (and mostly just conversations). It takes time and patience to unwrap, so it's not for everyone. The way it rewards you is by peeling back all these layers of these people and presenting sides to them that feel very real, be those sides either positive or negative. In the end, a moment of introspection. But even if we know better, do we change? Also, Cappadocia looks amazing."
70 56% The Last Emperor (1987) - Rated 12 Jun 2024
"What a loooooong movie. For me, the beginning and the middle part were certainly the best and most interesting ones and then my interest started dropping towards the end. Seeing how the Emperor was living in the Forbidden City was captivating. It is a beautifully shot and arranged movie and there's a lot of beauty, both bold and subtly, to behold here. Beautiful, but long, with some odd choices with the language that lessened my enjoyment of the story by taking me out of it."
62 41% Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) - Rated 10 Jun 2024
"It just wasn't that amazing to me. It's trying to tell a story of... stop and enjoy life? Ferris keeps doing incredibly selfish things and Cameron, his best friend, hanging around being ordered around by Ferris and destroying his father's dream are cool things? I don't know, I could watch it as a comedy with all the super cartoonish and kind of annoying characters but I didn't see much of a life lesson in it. Ferris keeps breezing through troubles, zero issue."
30 7% The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) - Rated 09 Jun 2024
"Blurgh. I just didn't care. I get that it's Vin Diesel's passion project and the D&D feels were certainly there, but not having seen Pitch Black, I just didn't get the lore nor did I care about it. It's just a bit too ambitious with the world-building and the story it wants to tell and in doing so, it alienated me from having any interest in what was happening. Some cool scenes, like the panther things at the prison, and the planet design was nice. But otherwise, just a huge hit-and-miss for me."
62 41% Archive (2020) - Rated 07 Jun 2024
"A movie that follows the life of a total asshole; and once you accept that, it's less annoying to watch. It's got some interesting themes and the robots are certainly the most interesting characters. Great, isolated feel in the middle of the mountains and the markings in the bunker-like building being announced by a Japanese voice. It's not 'Moon', but it is still a decent watch if you're into AI and sci-fi movies at all."
60 35% Mission to Mars (2000) - Rated 06 Jun 2024
"Weirdly paced and has some quite awkward 'emotional' moments that seemed to happen a lot in blockbuster movies of this time. Those things, some weird CGI, and the pacing being weird at times, it's still a solid sci-fi movie. There's plenty of trouble for the crew to solve and some surprisingly gruesome deaths. The middle part lagged, but the ending was daring and different enough to make up for it."