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72 59% White Boy Rick (2018) - Feb 03, 2019
"I went into the movie not sure what to expect. But the fact the movie was a true story was interesting. I think it shows the struggles in Detroit, even for a white family. It shows the life of Rick Jr, which happens to be a roller coaster. I think mainly because there is no true father figure or family support here available to him, and it is also clear that the politicians can't create such a government that allows the low class in these urban places to rise. "
63 24% You Were Never Really Here (2017) - Feb 03, 2019
"I understand the movie was artsy; scenes were shot specifically to fulfill these goals. *spoiler* One that strikes out was when Joe was in the lake and he decided to not kill himself to save Nina, you can see Nina also swimming up. Because if he would die, it would only mean Nina would die with him. Despite all these creative and masterfully done scenes, the movie itself was quite dull, and at times left me drowsy. I can see why people would appreciate this movie but I'm not one of those people"
67 36% The Favourite (2018) - Feb 03, 2019
"I like the idea that it was based off a true story. It makes a part of history come alive again, though the only issue I have was that there were sexual scenes, when in reality, these scenes never happened. And it paints a falsified narrative in the story, for the sake to express homosexuality. I think the movie would have been fine just without it, The film completely dismissed some historical facts in the story in order to pursue this agenda. The film was good, but could have been better."
20 1% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Jan 27, 2019
"Not the humor I'm used to. Strange and odd."
60 15% Serenity (2019) - Jan 27, 2019
"I'm not too sure how great this was. Though initially it seemed like the movie was off to a strong start, backed by great actors and actresses, towards the end of the movie it seemed as if things were getting lost. With some corny lines, and scenes. I can't help to laugh during the film as it was nonsense. The way the film ended seemed like they really could have done more with it. "
30 2% Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) - Jan 27, 2019
"I liked the idea of it, but it was just bad. The writers I think get too focused on the interactive element that it loses the overall picture of being a movie first. 2.5 stars."
75 72% The Upside (2019) - Jan 21, 2019
"A solid movie, I do prefer the Intouchables better. A French film based off the real lives of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel Sellou in 2011. But I think Kevin Hart brought the movie to more of a comedy then the original. Bryan Cranston also did a fantastic job. Also, wish the part of Kevin Hart was played by a muslim, just like the real life story. But, I think Kevin Harts performance is unbeatable."
58 10% The Gift (2015) - Jan 09, 2019
"A bit disappointing as Jason Bateman is such a talented actor, and was completely let down by Joel Edgerton's writing and directing. I can't comprehend the writing. It's just odd, and unrealistic. I think he should have spent more time focusing on the writing, and development of his own and Rebecca Hall's characters as they could have been elevated."
62 21% Baywatch (2017) - Jan 09, 2019
"Zac Efron does his best to save this movie, but just like the original. A very simplistic movie, with simple characters, and a simple plot."
65 30% Central Intelligence (2016) - Jan 09, 2019
"There's something about Kevin Hart, that makes him funny no matter the movie. The Rock is fairly decent, but to say Kevin Hart completely elevates The Rock is an understatement."