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58 9% A Simple Favor (2018) - Sep 27, 2018
"A good movie, however it had a poor ending. Blake Lively pulls of an amazing performance, as well as Henry Golding, however Anna Kendrick's performance was a bit of a damper on the movie and at times distracting."
68 39% Operation Finale (2018) - Sep 09, 2018
"Oscar Isaac does it again, in a stellar performance. Nick Kroll manages to escape is comfort zone with this one and I'm glad he did. Though his performance wasn't fantastic, I appreciate the effort he made in a very important movie. "
35 2% Crazy Rich Asians (2018) - Sep 09, 2018
"This was just a really poor movie. From the story, to the acting. It was just awful."
65 28% Papillon (2018) - Aug 26, 2018
"The movie itself was very good and recommended. Ultimately I would like to read the memoirs & the book to see how the to two compare."
55 7% Tag (2018) - Aug 19, 2018
"The ending made up for how cheesy this movie really was. I think if the producers focused more on autencity and replicating the real life story, it would have been better as opposed to making it mainstream, with doubles & action scenes."
82 87% Death of a Nation (2018) - Aug 12, 2018
"A solid documentary backed with hard facts and sources. The movie goes into great effort, picking out common misconceptions in today's world. A must watch regardless of what party you belong to."
54 6% The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) - Aug 08, 2018
"Anything that Mila Kunis does is gold. The movie was moderately funny, and the action was great. There were some scenes that almost derailed the movie, but overall the movie held its own. The end of the film indicates there will be Pt. 2. Though I don't think I will watch it as it doesn't seem to be too interesting."
68 39% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - Jul 23, 2018
"Is it the best Star Wars film? No. Is it the worst Star Wars film? Certainly not. Solo: A Star Wars Story had its good parts & bad (mostly around Donald Glover & his robot). But overall it delivers an average performance and is better then the last two which isn't saying much."
67 34% The Equalizer 2 (2018) - Jul 23, 2018
"Denzel has a superb performance as always and the movie is solid. Not that it bothered me, but Lyft must have paid a large amount of advertising in this film."
55 7% Leave No Trace (2018) - Jul 17, 2018
"The two leads did a fantastic job in a fantastic film. The movie was emotional, beauitful, and had depth. The only issue I had was the ending, I think the ending was a bit abrupt, and sudden considering it was a slow movie. "