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74 55% Get Out (2017) - Apr 08, 2017
80 72% Logan (2017) - Apr 08, 2017
"This is a game changer in the comic book movie genre, and it's al lot more like the kinds of comics I actually like to read than the vast majority of other comic book movies being made. I expected it to be violent, I did not expect it to be so bleak. The story here is smaller in a very good way - no one trying to blow up the planet or galaxy, just some characters trying to help a young girl. This allows for character development and the best performances in an x-men movie yet."
51 19% Life (2017) - Apr 08, 2017
"I wanted to like this movie more than I did. I'm a big fan of horror and I liked the cast, but something is off about this movie. The pacing is odd and the creature at its center doesn't make much sense. It seems to know things it shouldn't and the information we are given at the beginning doesn't really follow through to what we see later on. To it's credit this alien did sometimes make my skin crawl, but you can tell the actors aren't in the room with it so it doesn't feel real."
68 41% Power Rangers (2017) - Apr 08, 2017
"I give this movie a lot of credit for how well it is handled. The idea behind this movie is stupid, but it puts together a diverse cast of young actors who I've never seen before and they give really good performances. The screenplay is good and it doesn't overload the film with action, though there is plenty of that in the last act. I think this move works for a broad audience, kids can enjoy it, young adults who loved the original show can have fun, but it is most directly geared for teens"
57 24% Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Apr 08, 2017
"This movie works for me on some levels, but I think most of the credit for that belongs to my love for the animated original. Emma Watson is a flat and unresponsive Belle and the screenplay is beefed up with some moments that are unnecessary and a bit odd (like a magic teleportation device), and others that spoil the emotional impact of the story (the added song for the beast). On the plus side Luke Evans is a great antagonist who deserved a better death scene."
35 7% The Hateful Eight (2015) - Feb 27, 2017
"This movie is way too long for its own good, and it feels much longer than it is. As much fun as Samuel L. Jackson's speech to Bruce Dern is about what he may or may not have done to his son I cannot recommend this movie to anyone. But definitely find that bit on youtube, it's Tarantino on his twisted A-game."
70 45% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Feb 27, 2017
"While Disney's animated films are frequently very high quality the Marvel and Star Wars movies they are putting out lately are becoming quite disposable - fun for one viewing, but not something to be re-watched over and over again. Rogue One does a lot right, I especially like the moral ambiguity it plays with and the allusions to our modern war on terror, but much of this movie is surface level and I'm not likely to watch it again. I enjoyed the freedom this movie had to be different. "
78 67% Silence (2016) - Feb 27, 2017
"It's hard to rate this movie because my feelings about it are all over the place. The beginning of the film is beautiful, but as it drags on it becomes tedious and painful to sit through. I heard many snores in the theater and more than a few people left. That being said I found myself thinking about this movie for weeks after I saw it. And the visuals are some the most beautiful I've seen in a long time. "
67 39% Split (2017) - Feb 27, 2017
"I think I would have liked this movie a lot more if it had an R-rating and could have really been the horror movie it seemed to want to be. James McAvoy's performance is the highlight and it delivers, though it is played broadly and the marketing had me expecting to see more personalities on display than the film delivers. Anya Taylor-Joy is a pleasant surprise - her performance really shines and she's nice to look at too. The ending of this movie gets a bit odd, but it's fun. "
68 41% Hidden Figures (2016) - Feb 27, 2017
"This is a better, more interesting movie than I expected given that it's a biopic about mathematicians. It gives more or less what you expect based on the marketing, but the performances are strong and it hits pleasant enough notes throughout. "