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71 62% Primal Fear (1996) - 16 Dec 2009
"Great twisted performance of Edward Norton in this entertaining courtroom thriller."
77 76% The Hurt Locker (2009) - 16 Dec 2009
"Director Kathryn Bigelow gets most of it right in this compelling film portraying the Iraq war from the perspective of a bomb squad unit in a way that seems more realistic than most films like it. I really enjoy these kind of 'intelligent' action films. Cinematographically it's a great film, and the sound design is awesome, making it even more suspenseful than it already is. It's quite disturbing to see how bomb detonations are part of daily life for the Iraqi people..."
63 45% Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) - 15 Dec 2009
"I'm a Star Wars guy. And this movie certainly ain't changing that."
55 30% The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - 15 Dec 2009
"Great animation, but musicals aren't my thing, and I didn't really care for this story either. I liked Coraline a whole lot more, for example."
81 84% Short Cuts (1993) - 15 Dec 2009
"Wonderfully shot film featuring two dozen people or so, showing how their paths connect and part again over the course of about a week. I always like it when a film maker manages to make quite ordinary lives and daily events fascinating to watch."
65 49% Amistad (1997) - 15 Dec 2009
56 32% Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) - 15 Dec 2009
80 82% Moon (2009) - 09 Dec 2009
"Great minimalistic and intelligent science-fiction touching the human psyche in the form of Sam Rockwell, featuring great special effects, a fitting Clint Mansell score and a plot that reveals itself early on, but still keeps you captivated. Great movie."
52 26% 2012 (2009) - 09 Dec 2009
"Great special effects that I really enjoyed, but the screenplay of this cataclysmic Earth-shattering adventure is mind-numbingly predictable and just generally shamefully bad. This movie is all about the CGI, so if you like that, go for it."
70 60% The Great Debaters (2007) - 09 Dec 2009
"This Denzel Washington-directed film follows the path of a Texan Negro college's debate team's path to victory in the national debating championship. While the script is quite predictable and the concept has been done many times, the solid performances from all actors involved make the story all the more moving."