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77 78% 1917 (2019) - Jan 28, 2022
"This Deakins guy kinda knows how to shoot a film, eh? I skipped it in cinema since I never liked Mendes' style or writing, but now I regret it. Especially for that scene where Deakins brought together Jesse James and Skyfall. Pretty sure it would have been mind blowing to see it on the big screen and in surround sound. Worth it only for those few minutes of sheer inferno. "
81 90% The Way of All Flesh (1997) - Jan 27, 2022
"HeLa complicated subject (I will show myself out now), but Curtis does his usual analysis of power and finds another elite in the wrong. Who would've thought of that?! "
84 95% Can't Get You Out of My Head (2021) - Jan 15, 2022
"We are living in the post ideology world for a while now and it's time for Curtis to finally accept it. Past and future are just human mental constructs while the present is all that we have. The irony is that people can't live in the present without the stories of past and future being here for us to use as crutches for what we don't like. Also, where's my Burial, Adam? "
35 3% Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016) - Dec 20, 2021
"When nostalgia meets bad taste an fan service, you get this. "
66 37% House of Gucci (2021) - Dec 04, 2021
"Stale high end trash is still trash. "
79 85% Kapitalism: Our Improved Formula (2010) - Nov 27, 2021
"La vremuri noi, tot noi! "
86 97% Colectiv (2020) - Nov 25, 2021
"I was often wondering when reading in the history books about people going through incredible events but they were simply locked inside - how did they put up with that? Now that I know people who were in that night club and survived and also was shocked like everybody else when this happened, I can only imagine what the people in the future will think about us: why were we ok with something like this? "
82 92% Last Night in Soho (2021) - Nov 21, 2021
"I wasn't sure if Anya would be suited for this movie, but I'm so glad she got the half main role. As usual, Wright's excellent rigor for well chosen shots and fast paced editing brings you through most of the movie. Just like the other movies of his, this one has no clear idea how to close the story elegantly, but it finds a wobbling way out of it somehow. I'm not going to mention the soundtrack since it's exquisite just all his other movies but not as good Baby Driver. "
82 92% Bitter Lake (2015) - Nov 13, 2021
"Seeing this after the US retreat from Kabul makes it even more compelling. I found the chaotic atmosphere of the editing and the script to be a perfect mirror of the entire political situation in a county constantly in war. The choice of Burial for the credits was just the icing on the cake. "
40 5% No Good Deed (2014) - Nov 08, 2021
"I'm pretty sure Idris had a mortgage in danger and had to take the first contract on the table after a hard night of partying which might also had some compromising photos involved, otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever. "