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Member Since: May 19, 2015

Location: Romania

Age: 34

Gender: Male

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70 51% Sixteen Candles (1984) - Mar 16, 2019
"It works despite lack of chemistry between him and her, some cheesy moments and forced character actions just to make it to the final shot (which is satisfying, but not that iconic). The casting is great and the music is 80s classics. "
65 36% Isn't It Romantic (2019) - Mar 06, 2019
"Rom coms have gone full circle "
64 33% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Mar 02, 2019
"So everybody is saying that Rami did a great job, right? But then you see the credits and there's Freddy singing some random song and it has more passion than Rami's Live Aid concert impersonation. Also, never speak ill of the living Queen members, eh? I mean, if I had invested some money into a biopic about me, I would at least given me a shiny-no-wrong-doer image. Yup, that's exactly what they did - what would Freddie say?"
65 36% Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) - Mar 01, 2019
"So much effort to produce a mediocre story - watch this only if you're a fan of the first film."
87 97% The Favourite (2018) - Feb 24, 2019
"Can't take it seriously since you will miss the fun, can't take it lightly since you will miss the humanity in it - just enjoy the dying genre of black comedy this movie wonderfully represents. They don't write them as they used to. "
77 80% Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - Feb 16, 2019
"Ricky town, population... Ricky."
78 83% Gone Girl (2014) - Feb 16, 2019
"Great casting as usual, but why all Fincher's movies have basically the same look and feel? I get it, he wants to control as much as he can. But if you watch some of his films back to back it feels way too much."
79 88% Prisoners (2013) - Feb 16, 2019
"Second viewing made it better, I was clearly focusing too much on the story the first time. It is baffling how good Villeneuve and Deakins can be, especially together. It also felt somehow miscast, but it's just a gut feeling."
58 20% Bird Box (2018) - Jan 06, 2019
"Why bother writing a review for something this mediocre"
55 17% Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018) - Jan 04, 2019
"So I just saw Count Dracula browsing Tinder for monsters on his Sony Xperia smartphone. So... yeah ???? "