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60 6% Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla (1994) - Rated 18 Jun 2024
"Space Force: The Movie. Passes the Bechdel test. Way too long and stupid."
80 17% Godzilla 2000 (1999) - Rated 18 Jun 2024
"Gojira: The Lost World/Independence Day. One of the weirdest and wackiest of the franchise."
97 89% Jacob's Ladder (1990) - Rated 17 Jun 2024
"The better version of Enter the Void. Remember to release all attachments. You will, after all, one day die. And there is no escape. The real mystery, however, is did the U.S. use BZ in combat in Vietnam? Do a little paranoid digging and the lack of an answer might trouble you... And for the record, if Elizabeth Peña's demon keeps me trapped in the Matrix/Hell of existence, I'm fucking staying."
93 69% Godzilla Raids Again (1955) - Rated 17 Jun 2024
"Godzilla VS A Cute Armadillo. Finally getting into the groove of things here, though, figuring out the basic elements of what makes a Godzilla movie tick. Some great fights and some high stakes."
90 56% The War Room (1993) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"An interesting historical document, but it refrains from making much political critique, making it a more toothless version of Tanner '88 which only a few years earlier, and despite being fictional, said far more about American politics of the era."
95 80% Crystal Voyager (1973) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
""A million bright ambassadors of morning..." The first hour is decent, an interesting surf movie. "Echoes" is something else..."
90 56% Smokey and the Bandit (1977) - Rated 27 May 2024
""EASTbOuND AnD dOwn lOadED uP anD TrUCkin'..." When did AMERIKA stop meanin' Coors, gettin' rich smugglin', hitchhikin', hangin' with the boys and a dog, gettin' ass, cigarettes, fast cars, and shittin' on dumbass cops? All on the Fourth of jUlY. Ronald REAGAN was a goddamn COMMUNIST! Six minutes in and they give you the plot and it's barely 90 minutes. Just enough time for a bathroom beer."
98 93% Repo Man (1984) - Rated 14 May 2024
"Repo Man has no business being as good as it is. It's a breath of foul air we could all use. The ultimate anti-1980s movie. Make Amerika Weird Again. White suburban middle class punk =/= the Second and Third World struggles against Empire. Queerphobic or at least queerly troubled in odd ways that haven't always aged well."
90 56% Permanent Vacation (1980) - Rated 17 Apr 2024
"Painfully art school, clearly a trial run for Stranger Than Paradise, and frightening that most American cities look more bombed out today than 1980s Lower Manhattan. It has its charms and high points, though, and the struggle for the strangers in a strange land continues today."
90 56% Free Fire (2017) - Rated 05 Apr 2024
"A Tarantino knockoff with less wit and more violence. Gritty. Buoyed by strong performances, but it drags at times and is less nihilistic, more boring."