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Member Since: Oct 10, 2013

Location: CA, USA

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50 3% Something Borrowed (2011) - Jul 01, 2020
"Garbage people on garbage island."
80 16% Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) - Jun 24, 2020
"Interesting concept put in the hands of really bad actors and writers."
84 23% Spenser Confidential (2020) - Jun 23, 2020
"More Wahlberg entertaining garbage."
94 76% The Social Network (2010) - Jun 18, 2020
"Nothing special, but well-made across all fronts, a great performances all around, and a needed examination of the false prophets of Silicon Valley and the ideologies that shape their work- and our lives. Also, the East Coast elites suck, including Sorkin, sorry, not sorry (though this script is pretty good.)"
97 89% Paris Is Burning (1990) - Jun 17, 2020
"It's just so right there, full of pain and yearning and hard-won joy. "
90 59% Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (2020) - Jun 15, 2020
"Manipulative of the victims, but the story needs to be told I suppose. Pure evil incarnate and a dark mystery that still hasn't been resolved. Turns out the nefarious, shadowy cabals are real..."
80 16% The Help (2011) - Jun 10, 2020
"Dear Lord, what a dishonest film. Like Schindler's List: who knew that Jim Crow's true story was comic redemption? Gag me. Its perspective would have been regressive in 1963! '63 might have been the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, and yet some background references to Medgar Evers and the March on Washington are all the film really has to say...because it wants to focus on a white manners and maids (in 2011 no less.)"
83 20% Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) - Jun 08, 2020
86 33% Insidious (2010) - Jun 08, 2020
95 82% Jackie Brown (1997) - Jun 08, 2020
"Weak for Tarantino, but something different from him. It fails in large part because Tarantino, trying his best, can't make more than a good, but thin mimicry of black film. Sorry, white boy. More black noir than blaxploitation. Still, a good ride and a fine film."