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54% Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (1922) - Rated 16 Nov 2023
71% A Page of Madness (1926) - Rated 24 Oct 2023
"An scattered collage of disturbing images that convey the inner turmoil of mental illness, set to a haunting score by the Alloy Orchestra. Normally, the incompleteness of such a work would be deleterious, but in this case, it fits the theme and tone remarkably well."
84% Stop Making Sense (1984) - Rated 21 Oct 2023
"A concert film that displays just as much mastery of craft as the music it documents. Byrne's spotlight is at times eclipsed by the captured space and time itself."
54% Late Autumn (1960) - Rated 21 Oct 2023
"An enjoyable return to form, with Hara reversing her usual role and playing parent to a marriage-bound daughter. Once again, Ozu invites us to linger within intimate spaces that exude a most understated warmth."
54% October: Ten Days That Shook the World (1928) - Rated 18 Oct 2023
"A one-sided history told through a visual whirlwind. Eisenstein's talents are on full display, but so is his brutish lack of subtlety."
14% Good Morning (1959) - Rated 17 Oct 2023
"Ozu invites viewers into intimate family spaces over an inconsequential 90 minutes of gossip, parenthood, and flatulence. A curious peephole into a different time and place, but without much lasting power."
31% Shrek 2 (2004) - Rated 16 Oct 2023
"Improves on the original in both technical and dramatic aspects. Prior concerns reverse, and new twists emerge, giving way to an even deeper felt connection between the two protagonists."
14% Shrek (2001) - Rated 16 Oct 2023
"Overshadowed by its sequel in both animation quality and writing, the original nonetheless holds up as an enduring love story with unorthodox lovers. Nostalgia may has its sway, but the unfolding drama feels genuinely earned."
10 95% Metropolis (1927) - Rated 16 Oct 2023
"An early yet enduring testament to cinema's power to engage viewers in putting forth a clear thesis about modern man's condition. Larger-than-life characters dance about in a drama of a fully realized if not markedly "other" world, due in no small part to the film's breathtaking set design and Lang's expressionist touches."
31% Our Hospitality (1923) - Rated 12 Oct 2023
"The outlandish premise at times outweighs the suspension of disbelief, making this feel more like a live-action cartoon and less a romantic thriller. Still, Keaton's physical prowess is astounding, and the train shots in particular convey a kineticism unusual to the era."