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I've been writing film reviews for three years now. I try to watch at least one movie a day if I can, sometimes I catch myself watching 4 or 5. I hope you enjoy my reviews and also check out my site reelryan.com

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50 8% The Room (2003) - Rated 08 Jun 2017
"Oh hai Readers! Wow, this movie is terrible. I can't wait to see the Rifftrax for it making fun of this movie. I watched it the normal way and it was a terrible thing to go through. The only way to watch it is as a comedy. It seems like it should be a late-night Cinemax movie with its cheesy lines and bad romance. Tommy Wiseau is a genius as Pewdie Pie would say. He seems so bored but under that somber veneer he's coming up with more great lines using every character's first name within them... [Read Full Review]"
0% 20th Century Women (2016) - Rated 08 Jun 2017
"I wish this was a film made before film was even invented. This movie was as fast moving as a stalled-out car. None of the characters had moved forward in their lives and the relationships were really awkward and dumb. I hated the Gerwig & Crudup relationship and don't even get me started on the main boy's relationship with Elle Fanning. Talk about being a giant cuckold. The movie isn't incredibly long, but it felt like it took centuries to go through... [Read Full Review]"
62 18% Detachment (2011) - Rated 26 May 2017
"I kind of wish Adrien Brody would detach himself from Hollywood. I've never really liked him as an actor. The thing is, I think he whispers his lines too much and then calls that acting. This movie was depressing. First of all it was almost a giant ad for "WE HATE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" and this movie doesn't let you forget that. Then Brody has unhealthy attachments to underage girls (living with a prostitute for most of the movie)... [Read Full Review]"
68 26% The Brand New Testament (2015) - Rated 26 May 2017
"Sorry, I don't think God or anyone would choose to make Brussels the first ever city. This movie starts off on the wrong foot at the very start of Genesis. I don't really like how they depicted God in this film. A drunken, abusive and perverted pedophile of a father. It's almost like this movie wanted to be shocking and disgusting right from the start. The movie gets a lot better when it focuses on God's daughter Ea who is super cute and likable. Also the collection of the 6 Apostles... [Read Full Review]"
88 81% Senna (2010) - Rated 26 May 2017
"An artist of racing in the rain. I'm not much of a racing fan, in fact I used to make fun of it a lot. I'll never be a Nascar fan but I do have a newfound appreciation for Formula One racers. Ayrton Senna was incredible on a track. This documentary about his racing career was full of victory and drama. Senna was handsome and really talented. He represented his country of Brazil really well. I loved the rivalry he had with that mean ol' Frenchman Prost. An inspiring and sad story... [Read Full Review]"
81 60% Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) - Rated 26 May 2017
"This is an interview where I wouldn't accept the invitation. These Vamps are not the wussy sparkly kind that you see today. These will burn in sunlight and drain you like a juice box. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt work excellently with each other. Kirsten Dunst steals the show as the bloodthirsty killer girl with killer curls. Christian Slater doesn't have a huge role, but an important one. Plus I think he's awesome. It was nice to see Thandie Newton in this... [Read Full Review]"
77 47% Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015) - Rated 26 May 2017
"As cool as a black cutoff t-shirt. Samurai Cop 2 was a Kickstarter dream to make a sequel to a horrible movie made in the 90's. This movie takes the funny route for the most part. It really embraces the smarmy Joe Marshall and then brings back a lot of old and beloved faces from the original movie. Add a list of adult film stars and some purposeful bad writing and some troma-esque gore and you have this fun movie. I like this a lot better than the original... [Read Full Review]"
65 22% Samurai Cop (1991) - Rated 26 May 2017
"Samurai Cop. The Cop that knows how to chop. This movie seems a lot older than a 90's film. It has a really dated feel to it, I'm not sure if it was purposeful or not or if it was just bad film equipment and editing that went into this project. One thing I will say about this movie is that it is pretty dang funny. It has some really dumb gory scenes that look really fake, hilarious editing like the guy getting run over by the car or falling down the stairs... [Read Full Review]"
88 81% Hell or High Water (2016) - Rated 21 May 2017
"It wasn't hell to watch this and instead of high water, it had some high-larity all around! The writing was my favorite part of this movie Taylor Sheridan did a great job and gave the actors some really good dialogue that made you connect with all types of characters. I loved the setting of Texas with its wide open vistas and muted color palate. When there was action, it was really good and some shocking moments came out of those scenes. Jeff Bridges stole the show of course... [Read Full Review]"
62 18% Das Boot (1981) - Rated 20 May 2017
"I'd like to stick my Das Boot up Wolfgang Petersen's... um, nevermind. I know this is a classic film that a lot of people loved, but I have to say that I think it gets really boring and repetitive after two hours. The 3 and half hour director's cut is super hard to get through in one sitting. I did it, but I never want to do it again. There is some good acting, except for that stupid ginger guy who had some really terrible hammy acting... [Read Full Review]"