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Member Since: Jan 19, 2013

Location: Australia

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83 45% The Muppets (2011) - Apr 07, 2013
"This was a pretty funny and enjoyable film, although some of the best parts were the cameos - and even then the fun was mostly in recognizing the actors rather than what they were actually doing."
92 74% Hugo (2011) - Apr 04, 2013
"Although I had some small problems with this film (some glaring continuity problems, the lack of spoken French or even French accents, etc), almost everything else about it is so well done and so beautiful that it definitely earns a high score. The story is great, and a must-watch for Melies fans. Sometimes the child actors don't give the best performances, but overall the casting, acting, and directing is of very high quality. Definitely worth watching. "
59 9% Toys (1992) - Mar 17, 2013
"Pretty much everything that was meant to delight and be whimsical in this film left me feeling very afraid and disturbed - especially the designs of most of the toys, the music, and set designs. The acting and dialogue was often irritating, it felt forced and over the top. The film also seemed to be stuck in that weird not-quite-80s-but-not-quite-90s area. Ergh. The most enjoyable bit for me was the "Klaatu barada nikto" reference. "
73 24% Inside Man (2006) - Mar 17, 2013
"Given how much potential this plot seems to have, the film falls short. The characters feel lacking, it drags on a bit, and the music and cinematography are nothing particularly special. Generally enjoyable, but could have been much better."
67 15% Blade Runner (1982) - Mar 04, 2013
"I was left feeling very underwhelmed and disappointed after watching this film (The Final Cut). Though some of the effects, sets, and acting was great, the story was lacking in many ways. However, that may be because I was expecting it to be more related to the source material. I think I'll give it a couple more tries, and see if my opinion changes..."
80 40% Real Steel (2011) - Feb 25, 2013
"This film feels a bit simplified in regards to story (it's pretty basic, relies on cliches) and some cinematography ('oh, the characters are not getting along/are distant from each other? Wide shot! With them standing far apart!' - every time!), but given the target audience, it makes sense. The mix of prop robots and cgi is very well done and makes a lot of difference. I got a strong feeling that they cast a dancer for the kid and tried to force them to act. Overall, pretty enjoyable though."
88 59% Armageddon (1998) - Feb 25, 2013
"Not a film to take seriously, but a good, cheesy, disaster film. A particularly American one at that (Bruce Willis giving a bit of a speech while standing in front of an American flag is forever burned into my mind). A fun soundtrack, good effects, and fun characters make this a good choice if you're in the mood for such things."
86 51% Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) - Feb 05, 2013
"Amazing editing and effects, good acting (one of Cera's less annoying roles), the story was average."
76 30% Bowfinger (1999) - Feb 05, 2013
"Enjoyable and quite funny, with a weird mix of believability and unbelievability."
94 80% Forgotten Silver (1995) - Feb 05, 2013
"The amount of work and dedication that went into this is incredible. Jackson's love of film is really evident here. Although it's very clever and often amusing, I really still can't believe that I know fellow film students who actually believed this as a real documentary. "