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75 77% Black Swan (2010) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"If Nina hadn't killed herself by the end of the film, I might just have. The only thing saving the movie from her incessant self-pitying was the aesthetic grittiness and polished cinematography."
69 54% The Kids Are All Right (2010) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
65 40% Deutschland bleiche Mutter (1980) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"Depressingly bleak and hopeless - but I'm sure that was the effect Sanders-Brahms was going for..."
70 63% Run Lola Run (1998) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"This is the sort of movie I watch and can't help but scream at the screen. But here it works perfectly to illustrate the power of seconds, the small events in our lives which have the greatest impact. Superimposed by a fitting soundtrack, the movie pulses like a racing heartbeat."
72 71% The Hurt Locker (2009) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"Intense and definitely holding-your-breath sort of movie. Was upset when both Guy Pearce and Ralph Fiennes died after a short stint..."
77 81% The Town (2010) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"A surprisingly enjoyable action/thriller with genuinely nail-biting moments. Affleck can be hit-and-miss, but The Town is definitely a solid film with gritty performances, especially from Jeremy Renner."
87 94% 12 Angry Men (1957) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"The level of acting awesomeness in this movie is astounding."
60 26% One Day (2011) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"Unfortunately I was disappointed by a wish washy chick flick. I understand the premise of the whole film was for the audience to see every July 15th, but it really hurt the pacing of the film. It felt broken and it was confusing to understand the narrative at times. It probably would have helped in Anne Hathaway could actually speak in an articulate English accent..."
50 12% The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"This was a really great comedy. My friend and I enjoyed it immensely - especially when their bed breaks during the sex scene. Laughs all round! Only thing better: the end of this ridiculous saga."
75 77% Rear Window (1954) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"You've got to give it to Hitchcock: who else could shove somebody in an apartment and create so much tension and suspense from only peeping out the window?"