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50 20% Francofonia (2015) - Aug 09, 2019
"Napoleon and Marianne as mental patients. It is pathetic how Sokurov is helpless here. He uses every cliché of the modern documentary (awkward and uncalled for dramatizations, elegiac long shots, even CGI), but the results he achieves are well below average. Were it made 30 years ago, it could "reinvent" something; today it's just what everybody does by default. Check out Guy Maddin's "My Winnipeg" to see a documentary really reinvented by an artist."
20 7% The OA (2016) - Aug 07, 2019
"Bad writing goes to another dimension. The last three episodes of the 1st season are among the absolutely worst things ever filmed. Will never watch the 2nd season or anything else that has Marling or Batmanglij names on it. "
75 47% Alps (2011) - Jun 10, 2019
60 27% All the Mornings of the World (1991) - May 03, 2019
"The music and Depardieu are the only reasons I watched it to the end, in the first place. But they are absolutely not enough to save this pompous but empty project. Marielle can be very enjoyable in right roles, but he's hopelessly miscast here. And Depardieu just doesn't have enough screen time."
70 37% Loulou (1980) - May 03, 2019
"Perfectly aware of the high artistic value of this work I cannot overcome the strong repulsion towards basically everyone in this movie (despite the fact that Huppert and Depardieu are among my favorite actors), which takes away most of the pleasure. The French excel in depicting love as something less than sex rather than more like nobody else and this film is probably the highest point of this secret art."
85 65% The Rapture (1991) - May 03, 2019
"There are not so many unsung obscure little chefs-d'oeuvres in the cinema history, so if you stumbled upon this one, there is absolutely no reason to not watch it at least once."
95 82% Bez svideteley (1983) - Apr 28, 2019
"A chamber piece of colossal emotional power (don't judge by the beginning, and watch to the end). This is where I said to myself that Mikhalkov is truly the Russian Cassavetes."
85 65% Urga (1991) - Apr 28, 2019
"Not my favorite in Mikhalkov filmography, but still better than 99% of movies that exist."
50 20% Papillon (1973) - Apr 28, 2019
"Does everything on the check list but remains too dietic to be genuinely enjoyable. Didn't watch the second half, because there are better things to do."
90 73% Simon of the Desert (1965) - Apr 28, 2019