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65 32% Perceval le Gallois (1978) - Apr 01, 2020
"Sure, I respect the experiment, but once you get the point I just don't feel motivated to watch it to the end. It's way too long, to tell the truth. I guess I'm just not a 12th century guy. Also Fabrice Luchini seems to be the only one actually acting in this movie, and he must be quite effective because only 40 min into the film I could not think of anything else except slapping hard this dumbhead (pardon my Old French). I don't think I have ever hated a movie character so much."
55 23% Kanashimi no Beradona (1973) - Mar 20, 2020
"First and foremost, it looks very much like an early working version intended for producers who might finance the final project if they like it. There is very little animation, it's mostly stills or camera panning over still images, and NO, it doesn't work as a technique in this case. There are a few psychedelic animated sequences somewhere in the middle and second half that are really top notch, but the rest is simply inflicting. Well, I'll give it some points for the kinkiness."
55 23% Okasareta hakui (1967) - Mar 14, 2020
"There's nothing too provocative, really. A very, very soft and unimaginative BDSM pretending to be an art film. Its only merit is the short running time."
55 23% Yi Yi (2000) - Mar 04, 2020
"A bit too subtle for me, could not see a masterpiece here hard as I looked. One must be a big family drama lover to be able to finish this one."
80 57% Chernobyl (2019) - Mar 04, 2020
"It's main merit is in taking the focus from the tragedy to the crisis management. We still get to watch some tough men shoot puppies, and all that, but those scenes are reasonably short and are not the core of the series. The causes of the accident are explained in a clear manner and will stay in the minds of the viewers. It's a bit of a shame that most of the planet population remained ignorant about the real cause of the biggest technological disaster in history (me included)."
55 23% The New Pope (2019) - Mar 04, 2020
"Everything I liked about The Young Pope is torn up, thrown to the ground, and stepped upon in this "second season". It's one big crisis of ideas, and it makes random plot moves (like the nuns during the opening credits) hoping that it will look good. Sorrentino drags most of the characters from the first part into this one, but decidedly doesn't not know what to do with them this time (so he strips down the female characters randomly). I liked the crowd surfing pope in the end, that's about it "
65 32% Loveless (2017) - Mar 04, 2020
"Before you praise Zvyagintsev unabashedly and let him crowd surf on your hands, just think about how easy it is to make a movie like Loveless. Zvyagintsev does not make mistakes because he smartly avoids here everything that could show his limited directorial abilities. Stunning acting? But how difficult it is to play total indifference then burst occasionally into tears, impersonate characters that barely interact? And, frankly, couldn't YOU write a script like this one?"
75 47% Raba lyubvi (1976) - Mar 04, 2020
"Mikhalkov's second feature film is still not quite THAT. It's somewhat transitional: less showy and adolescent than his debut feature film, and I can really see a more mature director though its mise-en-scene, but there will be quite an artistic leap between this and his next film. Elena Solovey deserves a special mention here: a totally unworldly creature, you can hardly believe she's human. "
75 47% The Major (2013) - Mar 04, 2020
"Unlike Zvyagintsev, Yuriy Bykov always throws in a positive active character (well not entirely positive in this particular case, but rather hesitant) that the audience can sympathize with. The result is thus closer to a western or a mob film than to the usual insipid Russian festival stuff about the diseases of the modern Russian society, etc, etc. Nevertheless, it does loose the ground under its feet closer to the end, becoming somewhat ridiculous."
90 74% Oblomov (1980) - Jan 11, 2020