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Cinema Addict - 1835 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 4, 2006

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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84 91% The Player (1992) - Mar 25, 2020
"Saw this when I was a lot younger; like it, but really didn't engage with it. Enjoyed it much more this time - perhaps I just needed a bit more patience. I can't comment on how accurate the Hollywood biz setting is, but it makes for compelling and entertaining viewing. There are many, many cameos in here - I lap that nonsense up. STEVE JAMES!"
76 74% The Most Dangerous Game (1932) - Mar 25, 2020
"Although it is very dated (Fay Wray's character - good lord), and there is some very hammy acting on show, this remains rather enjoyable, with some genuinely tense moments towards the end. Worth an hour or so of your time."
90 97% Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Mar 18, 2020
"Slick and stylish, bleak and harrowing. This could easily just have focused on Sara's story which is easily the most tragic, yet somehow the most relatable. Such is the power of Burstyn's performance, the stories of the other three characters seem slighter, less engaging, by comparison, even though the performances were good and the fates of the characters tragic. It isn't smotheringly grim, but it's close, and must surely serve as a cautionary tale. Very good indeed."
60 37% It Chapter Two (2019) - Mar 13, 2020
"Maybe need to give this one another try, and for all its slick visuals and great cast, it just felt disjointed and unengaging far too often. It's not bad, in fact it feels very well made, but perhaps the source material just doesn't translate to film well."
75 71% Joker (2019) - Mar 11, 2020
"This was decent. I really like Phoenix's mad, physical performances, and this is another fine example, even though it was hard to sympathise with the character. Hildur Guðnadóttir's score was sublime; probably the thing I liked the most about the film. The look of Gotham, the filming and style worked for me. I don't think the other themes and setting really connected with me, though; just felt a bit superficial and farfetched. Well worth seeing, although Cesar Romero remains the king."
67 50% Dracula (1973) - Mar 05, 2020
"Likeable and makes a reasonable attempt at dealing faithfully with the source material. Palance is very watchable in the role, and the story moves along at a nice pace. Perhaps undone somewhat by its budget, but this is a decent diversion."
81 86% Zodiac (2007) - Mar 05, 2020
"An impeccably made and cast procedural drama, with a couple of nasty moments to pique the interest. It was long, but didn't feel overlong. Probably raised more questions than answers for me, and it really reminded me of another similar film about the Zodiac I'd seen a while ago (can't remember which one), but I'd probably watch this one again. Recommended."
44 14% Running with the Devil (2019) - Feb 15, 2020
"There are far, far better films about the drugs trade. The story about the journey of the drugs was fine, and I thought the cast was okay (Cage really kept a lid on it, which may be a good or bad thing). It really just lacked any real style, tension or impact, and the ending wasn’t really engaging. Might pass the time if you’re bored. "
75 71% Snowpiercer (2014) - Feb 12, 2020
"A rather odd but very enjoyable sci-fi. It crams a lot in, and the tone changes as often as the setting, I was getting flavours of The Hunger Games, Mad Max, Roald Dahl and The Raid as it went on, and those weird 80s sci-fi efforts that I can't really remember. Brazil, probably. The cast was great, but felt a bit underused somehow. Mind you, ol' Tilda was a riot here. A film full of imagination and invention and madness. I must see Parasite."
75 71% Booksmart (2019) - Feb 09, 2020
"A quite funny and endearing comedy, driven along by the chemistry between the two likeable leads. A really promising debut from Wilde."