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65 47% Alison's Birthday (1979) - May 11, 2022
"I felt quite well-disposed towards this one. There was a bit of a sinister air which put me in mind of Rosemary’s Baby, and I thought the ending was enjoyably bleak. Some of it was a bit slight, but I rather enjoyed it."
65 47% Candyman (2021) - May 09, 2022
"Decent, but I felt it lost its shape a bit towards the end; maybe the focus on nicely violent set pieces was at the expense of credibility and the power of the mythology. Definitely worth a look, though."
70 58% Celia (1989) - Apr 28, 2022
"What a weird film. I'm not quite sure what it was. It probably worked as a stand-alone childrens' drama, but came with added supernatural and political stuff that kept changing the tone and feel of the piece. It helped that it was largely seen from the point of view of "Celia", so we got a feel for the world of this imaginative little girl, but there was a lot going on here. Worth a look."
40 10% Land of the Minotaur (1976) - Apr 07, 2022
"For reason’s best known to themselves, because I have no idea why, Peter Cushing and some Greek folk sacrifice tourists to a big stone Minotaur with blowtorches for nostrils. Cushing and Pleasance get plenty of close-ups, and ol’ Donald initiates his tour of Celtic accents, going Irish here in advance of his mad Scottish turn in Phenomena. On the subject of Irish, One of the goodies looked a bit like Father Ted. There’s a barely noticeable Brian Eno score. This is all a bit dull, really."
50 19% Kadaicha (1988) - Mar 31, 2022
"Ah, the ol' ancient burial ground shenanigans, Australia-flavoured this time. It has some vibes from previous, superior horror films (think Poltergeist or A Nightmare on Elm Street), but it comes off as quite by-the-numbers and a bit daft. All the schoolkids look about thirty-odd as well. The Aboriginal mythology and folklore underpinning the events could have been explored a bit more imaginatively I think. Bit of a tame straight-to-video effort, this."
70 58% The Dreaming (1988) - Mar 25, 2022
"A bit weird and a bit formless, but entertaining and interesting nonetheless. It's clear there was studio interference here, as it does feel like an argument between different sets of ideas at points. There's a great moment with an X-ray early on that stuck with me, and some decent craft behind the camera generally."
74 68% De Dødes tjern (1958) - Mar 23, 2022
"This was very well made, atmospheric and pretty intelligent. There was something slightly otherworldly about the rural setting, draped in "night as day" lighting, reflections on the water giving life to the titular lake. It would have worked as a pre-"Bay of Blood" slasher setting, but went in a pleasingly different direction, melding myth and reality quite effectively. There was some nice character work here, which really helped me become invested. Worth a look."
70 58% Tilbury (1987) - Mar 22, 2022
"Working through a Severin boxset of "folk horror" films called "All These Haunts Be Ours". Brilliant set, filled with mad films like this. It takes an old Icelandic folk monster tale and transplants it to WWII Iceland while British and US troops are occupying, and it largely works. It's very weird, occasionally surreal, and quite compelling. MartinTeller gave this 87; I miss his reviews - would have been good to read his thoughts on this. I think he's doing the same boxset. Anyway, I liked this."
65 47% Leptirica (1973) - Mar 21, 2022
"Slight but largely enjoyable folk horror effort from what was Yugoslavia. Some of the scenes with the somewhat bumbling townsfolk are a bit wearying, but there is plenty to like here. Charming."
70 58% Eyes of Fire (1983) - Mar 17, 2022
"I rather enjoyed this, as I tend to enjoy films of the "folk horror" genre. There are moments of psychedelia (almost), and some genuinely creepy scenes. I watched the theatrical version - there's a longer version that might add a bit of understanding to some of the more opaque moments, so I'm tempted to check that out. It perhaps suffers slightly due to what I expect are budgetary limitations, but this is definitely worth a look."