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Cinema Addict - 1980 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 4, 2006

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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70 58% The Haunted Palace (1963) - Jun 10, 2021
"The Corman/Price films have a similar feel and style, and I like them. Price is great value for money again in a sort-of dual role, and the supporting cast and music really help up the melodrama. There are creepy moments in here, and the hints at the existence of broader evils and horrors that we don't see lends weight to the atmosphere. Even the clearly studio-based and painted sets seem to work; perhaps I'm just used to them now. If you like the other Price/Corman flicks, you'll like this."
75 71% Saint Maud (2020) - Jun 09, 2021
"A tight little psychological drama with flashes of horror that feels very grounded in reality. A very promising debut from Glass, and some really nice work from Clark and Ehle. As character pieces go, the backstory isn't really fleshed out; instead, Maud's past is merely hinted at, and I think this adds to the sense of dread pervading the film. Taken as a whole, it is probably more straightforward than the individual scenes might suggest. A solid and likeable effort."
80 83% Nomadland (2020) - Jun 08, 2021
"Very human, affecting, and rather captivating."
70 58% Tremors (1990) - Jun 08, 2021
"A rather entertaining cheapy that benefits from the likeable cast committing fully, and looking like they're having a good time. It's scary without being unpleasant, funny without being too silly, and the characters are likeable enough to make us want to see them survive. Pretty well made, and good fun."
74 68% The Game (1997) - Jun 07, 2021
"A great performance from Douglas (he generally doesn't play likeable characters, but he always makes them compelling) and some very fine filmmaking elevate the interesting premise, and probably help overcome the increasing implausibility of events. It is plenty of fun, though. "
71 61% Shazam! (2019) - Jun 04, 2021
"This was rather charming, and a lot of fun. It's a bit forgettable, though. Could just be my memory going, of course."
70 58% Brightburn (2019) - Jun 04, 2021
"This one seems to divide opinion. It must have found me in a good mood, because I rather enjoyed it. I liked the premise and the somewhat bleak execution of it, and there was something quite satisfying about some of the gory moments. I suspect I won't feel a great urge to go back to it, and I don't think it would withstand much scrutiny, but I enjoyed the diversion and the take on the Superman story that it brought."
75 71% Possessor (2020) - May 19, 2021
"Interesting, high-concept horror with some great ideas, made with a nice sense of style. Not wholly successful, but there was a lot going on under the surface, and even without that it was very watchable. It's very violent. I kind of wish I hadn't known who the director was before I watched it, because I ended up looking for comparisons in style and ideas throughout. Didn't really harm my enjoyment of the film, though. Worth a look."
75 71% The Place Beyond the Pines (2013) - Apr 22, 2021
"Very moody, well acted and involving, if a little contrived in places. It did head in directions I didn't expect, and the three story format worked reasonably well even if the last segment wasn't as compelling as the first two. Liotta is a very reliable bastard in films like these, and Mendelsohn was practically unrecognisable from other things I've seen him in. The score was by Mike Patton? I used to love Faith No More back in the day. Worth a look, this."
68 51% Scanners (1981) - Apr 21, 2021
"A weird film with weird people doing weird things to each other, culminating in a gurn-filled weird-off. Gotta love some Michael Ironside. An odd, but rather fine and occasionally smart sci-fi, with some nice Cronenberg flourishes."