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Member Since: Apr 4, 2006

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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75 71% Bronson (2009) - Sep 24, 2020
"This wisely eschews a deeper exploration of the causes of his behaviour, instead it repeatedly reinforces how impossible it is to deal with him. As a result, it perhaps isn't very deep. However, Hardy throws everything into the role; it could be entirely bleak, but is really a brutal, surreal, jet black comedy, and is rather entertaining. There is a slight sense of A Clockwork Orange coming from this, perhaps in part due to its style and its music. A wild film. Refn is an interesting filmmaker."
70 58% Coming to America (1988) - Sep 23, 2020
"This one still holds a lot of charm for me, despite it marking the start of the collapse in quality of Murphy's and Landis' output - there's even a marked gulf in quality between this and Trading Places, now that I think about it. Even if it is a bit self-serving, there's lots to enjoy here - that barbershop action nonsense is great to watch. It's funny, warm, has some pretty decent lines and a likeable cast. Slight, but entertaining."
14 2% Fatal Frames (1996) - Sep 23, 2020
"Looks and sounds like a shoddy 80s music video, despite being made in 1996. On paper, the giallo-esque premise might be promising and suitably convoluted, but it really doesn't work on screen. Some horrendous crimes against hair, fashion and acting are committed; the actual wrongdoing in the film feels tame by comparison. All manner of genre stalwarts turn up and are poorly-used in largely pointless scenes. This film also seems to last an eternity. A turd, best avoided."
80 83% Donnie Brasco (1997) - Sep 21, 2020
"This is very decent. I'm not sure how much dramatic license was taken, but the story itself was compelling and told in an involving manner. Pacino is great as a somewhat downtrodden mafia veteran, but Depp really works here; he has some believable magnetism, yet never feels like a hero, or entirely sympathetic. He's also much prettier than the real Joe Pistone (no offence). It feels like it loses a bit of momentum towards the end, but I've seen this a few times and it stands up well."
57 30% Audrey Rose (1977) - Sep 21, 2020
"A promising start and interesting premise eventually gets bogged down in a slow-paced and wordy second half, with a downbeat ending that neither satisfies nor surprises. There are some good performances here; the young girl is decent, and Hopkins once again shows the quality that would start landing him bigger roles. It's watchable enough, but definitely not one of the best from the versatile Wise."
75 71% The Offence (1972) - Sep 17, 2020
"Bleak. Feels like a stage play, but the grimy, brutalist British "new town" setting fits well with the themes. Connery is great here, shifting between raw, bullying, brutal rage and remorseful, beaten vulnerability during three "interrogations" between himself and his wife, his superior and a suspected child molester. Bannen and Merchant also shine in their roles (note: nothing is shiny in this film). This won't be for everyone; it moves slowly and is quite joyless. I was impressed, though."
64 45% Don Jon (2013) - Sep 16, 2020
"A fairly light and entertaining little film, with enjoyable performances by the primary cast, and a very capable directorial debut. Bonus points for uncensored Tony Danza action. I wonder how relatable/accurate the porn addiction is? "
62 42% Demolition Man (1993) - Sep 14, 2020
"Feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure that I don't feel particularly guilty about. There are some enjoyable shenanigans between Stallone and Snipes, and the whole thing is generally light and bouncy and entertaining. Bullock is quite charming here as well. Whether they were looking for something light I don't know, but it never really gets very deep at any point, and as such is very easy to watch. For some reason, I have a lot of time for the burger scene. Daft fun."
92 98% The Cremator (1969) - Sep 10, 2020
"What a bizarrely brilliant film. It started almost as a slightly surreal and very black comedy, and ended up being pretty horrifying; I definitely felt horrified. It is very stylishly made, the editing and transitions really give the film a very peculiar feel, and it is difficult to take your eyes off the decidedly creepy lead character; he was a wrong 'un. I don't imagine that this will be for everyone, but I loved it."
55 26% Rituals (1977) - Sep 09, 2020
"Very much a low-rent Deliverance, with added cantankerousness. It's pretty charmless; although there is some tension generated, I can't say I cared much for the people involved, so I didn't really care if they carked it. The scenery is used well at least. I wouldn't rush to watch this again."