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Member Since: Mar 14, 2014

Location: Michigan, USA

Bio: movies are fun

despite what my tiers may say i generally enjoy most movies i see to some extent. 30 and below is when it gets abrasive

i usually don't rate TV shows. i plan to make a separate account for those to avoid clutter. i do, however, rate the TV shows of my favorite directors on this account just to clear those entries off their pages.

i tend to go in and out of movie obsession phases. if i haven't updated for a long time, don't worry, i'll be back.

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70 T5 A Quiet Place (2018) - May 12, 2018
70 T5 Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (2011) - Feb 05, 2018
"Pretty great. The fact they're deciding this based on the NES version cheapens it a bit to anyone who knows their Tetris, but Ecstasy of Order is genuine and features a diverse, likable cast. Focus is divided evenly and the gameplay itself plays a large role. Thor Aackerlund is definitely the highlight of this movie, but the tournament and progression towards it are captivating."
80 T8 Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler (2015) - Feb 04, 2018
"Kind of like a "less bullshit" King of Kong. Man vs Snake is one of the fairest portrayals of gaming I've seen in a movie. That definitely counts for something, as many devolve into reductionist "look at the freakshow" shame reels. Depending on where your priorities lie, King of Kong's more manufactured narrative may result in a better movie. In terms of homage and accuracy, Man vs Snake is clearly the more heartfelt offering. And its own narrative is perfectly gripping as well."
60 T3 Atari: Game Over (2014) - Feb 04, 2018
"Atari: Game Over is a slight watch, recounting an abridged history of Atari inter-cut with an adventure to dig up the Atari landfill. The former isn't particularly detailed and the resolution of the latter is a bit disappointing (they have to stop right before getting to the meat of the landfill). The real reason to watch this is the primary interviews with people actually close to Atari. Those firsthand anecdotes are the real gems."
75 T7 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
70 T5 The Exorcist (1973) - Dec 01, 2017
80 T8 Arrival (2016) - Nov 29, 2017
60 T3 Biohunter (1995) - Nov 24, 2017
80 T8 Sword of the Stranger (2007) - Nov 24, 2017