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Cinema Addict - 1138 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 25, 2012

Location: Tampa, FL, USA

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42 39% Leap! (2016) - Jul 09, 2018
"I think it tried a bit to be too adult for a kids movie and wasn't quite fun enough... but I enjoyed it."
39 34% Paddington 2 (2017) - Jul 09, 2018
"This movie got even more glowing reviews than the original. And I guess... there was a bit less to be conflicted about. But I just found it boring."
15 9% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Jul 08, 2018
"I did almost have fun laughing at this movie. The graphics were fine. The acting was fine. But... no... the only appropriate thing to do with this movie is laugh at how bad it is. If you abandon all logic going in... well... maybe you'll fall asleep?"
62 63% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Jul 08, 2018
"I really quite enjoyed this light, fun entry into the Marvel Universe. It was... adorable. And it was the first MCU movie with a female title character. (Elektra I think it the only other Marvel movie with a female title character)."
65 65% Pope Francis: A Man of His Word (2018) - Jun 10, 2018
"As an atheist, I thought this movie did a good job showing the role of the Pope as a politician. It did have religious elements, but it was generally well put together and interesting, although it did drag a bit despite being quite short."
51 50% RBG (2018) - Jun 10, 2018
71 72% Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - May 07, 2018
87 82% House M.D. (2004) - May 07, 2018
65 65% Dexter (2006) - May 07, 2018
"If I were rating the first couple of seasons, it would be higher. The last few, likely lower. There is 3.5 days of content here and it's definitely uneven"