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12 T1 Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) - 15 Oct 2023
"The first 2/3rds of this movie was an awful borefest. And it stole too much plot from the first movie, kinda? How could it be so bad? There were some nice feelings and messages in the last part of the movie and I almost enjoyed it toward the end, but that's nowhere near enough to redeem it."
T1 The Flash (2023) - 14 Oct 2023
"Given the accusations against Miller... I couldn't enjoy/watch this movie. Just too creepy seeing him interact with kids. And everything. Maybe a bit too on the nose. Too real. Uncomfortable."
52 T6 Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - 14 Oct 2023
"This was surprisingly tolerable. I thought the story was generally decent even if some ideas were a bit muddled and possibly the best combat in DCEU."
17 T2 Aquaman (2018) - 12 Oct 2023
"What goes on with these movies? Why is there so much destruction? Why is there so little plot?"
63 T7 Black Adam (2022) - 12 Oct 2023
"I liked this movie. The kid was a bit cheesy, but... well... better than Shazam! And the plot and characters mostly made sense. I felt like... Black Adam's power portfolio and presentation were a bit too similar to Superman and the villain was totally forgettable. The Justice Society was a more notable rival but didn't make a ton of sense or get enough development."
45 T5 Blue Beetle (2023) - 12 Oct 2023
"I think this is better than most DC movies. It did a relatively good job with humor and representing the family and culture and having a different superhero (although he does seem like a bit of a Spiderman ripoff). It was pretty forgettable and generic, like a knock-off superhero movie rather than a flagship movie."
82 T9 Loki (2021) - 10 Oct 2023
81 T9 Nine Queens (2000) - 10 Oct 2023
75 T8 The Portable Door (2023) - 10 Oct 2023
"I just found this movie really fun and fast paced and it left me wanting to see a lot more of the world in the movie and had satisfying character arcs."