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70% Take the Money and Run (1969) - Rated 04 Jan 2024
"I like the more blatantly incoherent vibe of something like Bananas a little more, but I mean, you can't lose when you've still got a 5/5 joke every minute. The chain gang stuff is a little slower than I remembered, but everything before that is red hot. Really like Marvin Hamlisch's music (which he composed at only 24... sheesh) and it makes me sad other Woodman films don't have such epic theme tunes."
70% Play It Again, Sam (1972) - Rated 26 Jun 2023
"Very funny. Contains many good scenes of Woody Allen accidentally smashing shit and/or making a mess. Jerry Lacy should've won the Oscar for playing Bogart. Many say that Herbert Ross' direction is indistinguishable from Woody's typical style, but I was able to appreciate the score during the frenzied airport scene at the end as something the Woodman himself would probably never do."
70% Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) - Rated 16 Jun 2023
"Good movie. Woody attacking a hotel maid with a lamp is a very funny visual. Jerry Adler rules and it's too bad he was never in anything before the 1990s. Wendell Pierce's extremely brief appearance is more shocking than Zach Braff's."
17% Magic in the Moonlight (2014) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
"Pretty bland stuff with no real wacky late-era Woody eccentricities to grab onto. Firth and Stone have negative chemistry, and this is probably one of the least substantial explorations of the Allen worldview - what if there was an atheist and he was a jerk, but also he gets vindicated and gets the girl? Zzzz. I enjoyed briefly seeing Erica Leerhsen, who apparently has vanished off the face of the planet in the ten years since this movie."
50% Alice (1990) - Rated 05 Jun 2023
"This movie LOOKS really good. The red lights in the doctor's office, the scene with Mantegna and Judy Davis and the TVs, the night scenes with Baldwin, the circus scene, the scene in Mantegna's apartment etc. There's a lot of flair here not present in something like H&W or Aphrodite, which is surprising given this is one of the least-viewed Woodys. Anyway the movie is OK, cribs a lot from Another Woman and is overlong but well-acted and occasionally funny. That's about all there is to say here."
17% What's Up, Tiger Lily? (1966) - Rated 26 May 2023
"Obviously bad, but there's only really like 50-60 actual minutes of content here, so like, whatever. The biggest problem is that the original movie, which seems to be a modestly competent Bond knockoff, really doesn't give Allen much to mine for yuks. The egg salad thing is a little amusing, but for the most part this is just wacky voices and non-sequiturs, so the novelty wears off pretty rapidly. The plane gag at the end and Woody's brief scene at the halfway mark are legitimate LOLs though"
70% Interiors (1978) - Rated 22 May 2023
"You gotta admit it's funny that, for a movie intended to "prove" the Woodman as a serious dramatist worthy of Bergman-level respect, it's not nearly as potent as a black comedy like Crimes and Misdemeanors. See? Nothing wrong with having a little yuk here and there! But I mean, when you have a fairly quick runtime, 10/10 Gordon Willis cinematography and a genuinely striking climax, you at least have to respect the attempt. Oh yeah and Joel Schumacher is in the opening credits. Awesome."
87% Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) - Rated 21 May 2023
"Everyone agrees this is the best Michael Caine movie, right? Also, it may be Woody's best performance, especially the scenes he has with Kavner. IMO this one perfectly demonstrates how much Woody disintegrated over the years. Very easy to imagine a 21st century version of Allen making this movie and having Caine be rewarded for his infidelity at the end because... whatever works, right? Seeing Nicole Holofcener in the credits of these 80s ones is a jumpscare every time."
7% Whatever Works (2009) - Rated 18 May 2023
"Pretty poop. David and Wood are probably the two most annoying leads Allen has ever conjured up - one is a stock grouch and the other is a ditzy Southern stereotype. Largely unfunny outside of David - LOL! Mississippians love Christianity and voting Republican! And the rest of the movie teaches us that life is meaningless and infidelity is cool, shopworn themes we all know and love by now. Overall, I imagine this is what Woody Allen is normally like to people who hate him."
87% Bullets Over Broadway (1994) - Rated 18 May 2023
"Really enjoy this one. People say it's the last truly-LOL Woody movie, and while I don't really agree (Deconstructing Harry exists), I can see why it has that reputation. Pretty much non-stop fairly light-hearted goofiness up until the violent climax (which is still pretty funny). Palminteri, for my money, turns in one of the best performances in any Allen movie, but, really, the whole cast is excellent. I mean, look at Jim Broadbent somehow making a "lol he's so fat" character actually funny."