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Cinema Addict - 2083 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 19, 2007

Bio: My reviews are a collection of the movies I have seen since 2005. The scores I give mean everything and nothing. Mostly nothing. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to discern the difference between a '75' and '80', so I just pick numbers at random.
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80 77% Some Like It Hot (1959) - Oct 14, 2019
"This film's horniness levels are off the charts."
75 67% El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Oct 14, 2019
"I used to wonder why people got so excited about the MCU, but now I understand because I am all for a Breaking Bad expanded universe. Better be getting a movie about Huell escaping the safe room. "
60 38% The Nun (2018) - Oct 11, 2019
"Fine, I will be the only one BRAVE enough to admit it. I got spooked. "
55 32% Spartacus (1960) - Oct 09, 2019
"Kirk Douglas' ponytail is an abomination. "
70 54% Almost Famous (2000) - Oct 09, 2019
"It's a fun hangout film. Billy Crudup is too handsome. It shouldn't be allowed."
15 6% Joker (2019) - Oct 03, 2019
"Unbelievably bad. It’s an incoherent mess of a film that has no point of view. Well, I guess you learn that Joker doesn’t like to ash his cigarettes."
85 86% John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) - Oct 01, 2019
"If I saw this at 15, I'd have a John Wick tattoo, probably."
75 67% The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) - Oct 01, 2019
"I chef kissed my fingers after every scene. It's beautiful to look at."
70 54% Rocketman (2019) - Oct 01, 2019
"As someone who isn't much of a fan, I didn't realize how many Elton John songs I actually know. More music biopics should be "musical fantasies"."
70 54% Little Women (1994) - Sep 27, 2019
"The 1800s looked uncomfortable. Christian Bale radiates this odd sexual energy in this film. "