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Cinema Addict - 2465 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 20, 2007

Bio: My reviews are a collection of the movies I have seen since 2005. The scores I give mean everything and nothing. Mostly nothing. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to discern the difference between a '75' and '80', so I just pick numbers at random.
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60 37% Piranha (1978) - Sep 19, 2021
"They filmed this in the grossest lake they could find. As a kid, one of my biggest fears was piranhas, despite them not living on my continent. Piranhas and quicksand were both things I thought would be issues at some point in my life. The biggest laugh in this film is two girls discussing skinny-dipping, one lifting her shirt up halfway, then getting interrupted, and then deciding they'd swim the following day. Perfect."
25 10% CKY2K (2000) - Sep 18, 2021
"Like most nostalgic trips, some things are just better left in the past. Thank you entertaining me at 14, cKy2K. "
20 8% Landspeed: CKY (1999) - Sep 16, 2021
"As someone who grew up before YouTube and TikTok, this is what we had to entertain ourselves with as teenagers. I remember my brother buying this for $40 on VHS at a skate shop. Forty dollars! in early-00s money! For a 50-minute video! This is basically just a skate film with some pranks/skits. The latter part is Jackass, but if you didn't like any of the performers. Also, I wonder if any of the non-Jackass people in this get jealous. "
90 92% A Face in the Crowd (1957) - Sep 13, 2021
"While this does still feel highly relevant to our times, oddly, the film never imagined a scenario where Lonesome Roads would still see intense fandom despite the reveal. I feel like that moment would be a talking point for two days and then forgotten quickly. Also, Griffith sort of resembles Bobby Flay. That doesn't really matter, but I had to say it. Had to."
40 19% Orca: The Killer Whale (1977) - Sep 11, 2021
"I enjoyed this goofy film. This dares to ask the question "what if Orcas were really smart and also hungry for revenge?""
60 37% When a Stranger Calls (1979) - Sep 09, 2021
"A great 30 minutes, followed by a tedious 30 minutes, followed then again by a great 20 minutes. This film wouldn't work today because we have been trained to not pick up our phones. *Jay Leno voice*: "its new title is When a Stranger Texts.""
90 92% Metropolitan (1990) - Sep 09, 2021
"Your enjoyment of this will hinge on how much you enjoy watching rich people talk to each other in a humorous manner that leads to a smirk. There is no belly laughs here. Maybe try Borat if you want that."
75 66% The Daytrippers (1996) - Sep 06, 2021
"It is no exaggeration that Parker Posey was in every independent film of the nineties. Stanley Tucci is on the list of men who look even better when they shaved their heads. Unfortunately for me, my skull resembles Sloth's, so I am forced to keep the dream of hair alive. "
70 53% Untold: Malice at the Palace (2021) - Sep 05, 2021
"I have read people questioning why this doc only focused on Pacers players. I think the reason for that is because the doc is about the squandered potential of that team because of this event. The Pistons were fine. They had just won the Championship, and then they lost a close match-up to the Spurs in 2005. I don't think their perspective was necessarily needed in this shorter doc."
50 27% The Meg (2018) - Sep 05, 2021
"This just barely held my attention long enough for me to think, "it's okay". I did like that Rainn Wilson delivered every line with a half-laugh."