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Cinema Addict - 2382 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 20, 2007

Bio: My reviews are a collection of the movies I have seen since 2005. The scores I give mean everything and nothing. Mostly nothing. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to discern the difference between a '75' and '80', so I just pick numbers at random.
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80 76% Summer Interlude (1951) - Apr 12, 2021
"A woman in her late-20s plays a teenager who is wooed by a man around 30, who is playing someone of an undetermined age, while her drunk uncle certainly in his fifties (who is a friend of the family) continually tries to woo her. Sorry, it is not the SNL Drunk Uncle character. Also, there is an animated sequence for reasons only Bergman could explain."
60 36% Notting Hill (1999) - Apr 12, 2021
"This film is incredibly British and I am surprised that they did not have a scene where someone talked about footie. Some of the cast is ugly in a really unique British way, and I love it. Didn't need to have that dude's gross dirty feet in a few shots. There is no reason for this film to be over two hours, but Grant and Roberts are so charming that I will allow it."
90 92% The People Under the Stairs (1991) - Apr 10, 2021
"I had originally watched this in a group setting years ago, and I really think it is better as a solo experience. I was able to lock into this film's groove. This hits my entire checklist of things I want from a horror film: fun, gory, actors from Twin Peaks, wild tonally, social commentary, and being a spiritual sequel to Home Alone. At one part, I was like "this is like a kid's horror film!" and then the next scene McGill was carving up a body. "
90 92% The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) - Apr 06, 2021
"I can't wait until I am 70, when I can lean back in my recliner, and let this film wash over me. For an epic, it is more of a character study, and the film parallels the experiences of two soldiers in Guinness and Holden. It is also neat that the first hour, it has you sympathize with Guinness, but as the film progresses, you realize how much of his plight was from his own ego and not a selfless nationalism that he claims. "
90 92% Smooth Talk (1985) - Apr 05, 2021
"I am glad films like this can be released by Criterion. Laura Dern is wonderful, as this film shows the inner-life of a young girl navigating her burgeoning sexuality. It is structured so oddly, which is not a criticism, and the scene with her and A. Friend, is one of the most tense ~20 minutes I have had watching a film in ages."
70 53% To Joy (1950) - Apr 05, 2021
"Possibly the Worst Husband Ever. Acts as a nice prologue to Wild Strawberries. Is this the first film that introduces being cucked? Sjostrom has a terrible haircut. "
90 92% First Cow (2020) - Apr 05, 2021
"We need more Westerns like this one. This film lulls you in with its beautiful sceneries, then keeps you engaged with its tender look at humanity. "
80 76% Far from Heaven (2002) - Apr 05, 2021
"I am glad I got to watch a few Sirk movies over the past year to really appreciate this film's love letter to him. My partner made the same joke twice, so I would feel remiss if I did not add it here -- "how much was the leaf budget in this film?""
60 36% Moxie (2021) - Apr 05, 2021
"Yes, this film does sand down its edges (odd, for a film that attempts to have a punk spirit), but the underlying message for teens is nice. I did like that, at one point, the white protagonist was called out for her inability to see beyond her own white feminism. A comedy in name only."
85 85% Brief Encounter (1945) - Apr 05, 2021
"David Lean lives up to his last name -- this film is lean, baby. A nuanced portrayal of a housewife in 1940s England, the kind that feels rare even for films that came decades after."