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76 19% The A-Team (2010) - Rated 14 Jun 2010
"Loud and ridiculous, but above all: absurdly entertaining. A well-executed modernization of a classic television show. Although, the plot is as predictable as plates spinning due to motion; it succeeds at capturing the spirit and essence of the show. The faces of the characters are different, however, the witty, sarcastic, no-holds-barred and relentless attitude remains the same. Thus, if you don't like this adrenaline fueled film, then in the immortal words of B.A. Baracus: "I' kill you fool!""
89 59% Up (2009) - Rated 23 Jan 2010
"A heartfelt and inspirational film that touches both the heart and the mind. The story captures the ever-growing divide between the narrow-mindedness and cynicism of old age against the excitement and innocence of youthfulness. Yet on their whimsical adventure, both Carl and Russell learn much about themselves, and realize a simple but an all too forgotten truth: life is understood backwards. However, two shortcomings are the predictable, banal villain and rushed feeling towards the climax."
93 72% When Harry Met Sally... (1989) - Rated 14 Jan 2010
"A romantic comedy that transcends the cookie-cutter stereotypes of guy meets girl. This film is smart, charming, heartwarming and hilarious. The characters sleight-of-hand and dripping sardonic remarks are rarely found with such precision in contemporary films. The interplay between Billy Crystals' devil-may-care attitude and Meg Ryan's perfectionist nature reveals the irrationally of a hidden love within a friendship, but shows the irrationality of love is the most rational of all things."
78 23% Youth in Revolt (2010) - Rated 11 Jan 2010
"A very formulaic comedy in many respects: quirky, immature and frivolous teenagers seeking sex from another. The film, however, succeeds at juxtaposing the wild/impulsive nature of the secular world to that of the authoritarian and absolutism of fanatical religious parents. Nonetheless, the sporadic in and out of characters from the narrative deadens its overall pace; but Michael Cera's deadpan humor rescues the failures thereof. All in all, the film underscores that teens will always be teens."
78 23% Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Rated 31 Dec 2009
"A highly fashionable and stylistic detective intrigue. Guy Ritchie has directed his best movie to date by capturing the spirit and heart of the beloved tandem and character of both Holmes and Watson. Moreover, Downey Jr. is charming, misanthropic, pompous and above all: ready to duel even the mightiest of foes with uncanny wit and intelligence. However, the fast-pace filmmaking and blend of preposterous storytelling creates a disjointed, incoherent and very chaotic atmosphere that lacks flow."
73 13% Avatar (2009) - Rated 18 Dec 2009
"A boundless chimeric achievement of visual splendor. The world of Pandora is filled with life, wonder and unforeseen beauty; in many respects it harkens back to the romantic notion of being one with nature. Nevertheless, the clumsy writing, one-dimensional characters, and cliche plot about an embroiled war pitting man versus nature weakens its strong suits. Moreover, the silly pantheistic, environmental and anti-capitalists undertones reduces the overall appeal and effectiveness of the film."
84 46% A Room with a View (1985) - Rated 17 Sep 2009
"Scrumptious, enticing and perfectly orchestrated with all the clamor and superfluousness of the passionate but cold Victorian Age. The cast is depicted as a lovely family that nonetheless lives in a very sexually repressed period, coupled by the authoritarian values of obedience and discipline. In spite of the lush and pristine camera work mirroring the ethos of the age, it however, belabors far too much on the nature of emotional love without separating itself from prior films."
89 59% Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Rated 06 Sep 2009
"Vintage Tarantino: from signature trunk shots and witty monologues to the absurd moments, nothing is left but the audience to savor in cinematic gold. The beginning scenes are reminiscent of Pulp Fiction; the divided five chapters flow seamlessly throughout, and illustrate the power of a drop-dead hilarious climax done right. The entire cast strikes on all cylinders with perfection and goes down as smoothly as a glass of warm milk. However, the slow place degrades the overall impact."
71 12% Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Rated 31 Aug 2009
"A pithy yet complicated love story. The interweaving flashbacks provide an interesting outlook on love. Aside from that, the film flounders from Kaufman's self-revealing neurosis, verging on the same level to that of Nietzsche, screaming emphatically 'Why I am so wise.' Moreover, Kaufman's adulation of Nietzsche is evinced by the story surrounding the concept of eternal recurrence. Peel away the orange of post-modernism; and what the audience discovers is an old kernel of truth: love is hard."
75 16% Quantum of Solace (2008) - Rated 22 Aug 2009
"A lackluster follow-up to a riveting prequel. In spite of that, this is the most unrelenting bond film to date. Craig unleashes an enraged furry on his enemies leaving in the wake nothing but bloodshed and misery for all. However, where the action starts the plot and story ends. Perhaps, the greatest pitfall of this film is the wasted use of its enviro-subterfuge and political gain subtext. Likewise, this bond girl mirrors Craig's unquenchable revenge is as disposable as the antagonist."